Weekly Head’s Update 30.04.2020

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30th April 2020

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

This week, we have been discussing the plans for the new building with interior designers. During discussions, we shared Olivia’s (M5), Personal Project proposal. The company was blown away by her approach and have invited her to come onboard with the design company, to help experience the process at Sotogrande. Congratulations to Olivia!

Last week, successful actor Nicholas Pinnock was workshopping with our MYP4 and DP Theatre students. He is currently starring as the lead in the ABC series “For Life” and talked to our students about creating authentic characterisations, a creative interpretation of the true story of this wrongly accused and convicted protagonist and even shared some sneaky insights into his rise to fame and the famous he has worked with. His workshop really helped students grasp the sense of significance and deeper understanding for their current study unit of Verbatim theatre and the key concept of presenting ´truth through artistic expression. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will be back online with us again and wish him luck whilst all production work for the industry is currently on hold.

In Individuals and societies, M5 students have been working collaboratively to create their own political parties with a clear ideology that matches a predetermined position on the political spectrum. Each party delegated and assigned roles to party members and individually students created a section of the party manifesto. Websites were also collaboratively created along with logos and campaign videos.  This was a great opportunity for the M5 students to develop their knowledge and understanding of political systems and ideologies and also to consider the importance of the way messages are communicated through video, speeches, symbolism and websites. Congratulations to these M5 students, a thank you to the great job M4 students did in reviewing this work and voting and of course thank you to the M5 I&S teachers that guided and supported the students through this whole process.

Stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing a new opportunity, Isobel (M4),  was selected to represent SIS at the first online MUN conference organised by the American School in Warsaw. Participating as one of the youngest delegates and working with over 150 students from around the world the 2-day event debated UN Sustainable Development Goal 3.

On Tuesday 28 April 2020, the Spanish government shared further plans for the de-escalation of coronavirus confinement measures in Spain. Further clarification is still required on a number of points regarding education and the reopening of schools. The key aim remains for us to serve the best interests (short and long term) of our students. During this unprecedented situation, our students’ well-being and their progress remain at the forefront of our decision-making. I would like to share with you an important communication for parents of secondary school students regarding Secondary School Assessments and Reports. Link here

Congratulations also go to Mr Luis and the Primary Choir, who starred in Wednesday’s primary focused welcome message.  The creativity, vision and dedication of our teaching team is providing many wonderful, new, and inspiring opportunities for our community to stay connected. Song two is on its way so watch this space!

This week P4 and P5 Spanish Lengua students enjoyed a lesson led by a guest magician! The students worked hard to understand some of the new words he introduced them to and demonstrated great listening skills as they followed his instructions as he taught them tricks.

Students and teachers across the school continue to amaze me every day with their creativity and passion for learning. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them and to share a few videos demonstrating the outstanding work being produced by our students.

Finally, as we move into the long weekend, I remind you that there will be no virtual school tomorrow. Enjoy the lie in and we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday! 

Jak Kearney

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