Weekly Head’s Update 24.04.2020

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24th April 2020

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for sharing your top tips for virtual school this week. The marketing team is pulling them together and will be sharing these in the weeks to come!

This week, our Primary and Secondary students celebrated World Book Day. It was fantastic to see so many students coming to school dressed as their favourite book characters. Thank you also to visiting authors and illustrators Sandra Sànchez, Laura Dìaz and Josè Antonio Carracao who led some inspiring sessions for our Lengua A classes for P1-P5 and to our Spanish Team who adapted the lessons and resources for our Lengua B classes.

I would like to congratulate our M5 students this week, who have been creating videos for their virtual personal project fair. Normally, this event, set out in the gym, allows students, staff and parents to walk around and discuss the journey, experiences and learnings of the M5 students. This year, we have managed to capture this same experience, albeit virtually. We are trying really hard to make sure that all GDPR forms are completed, so we can share these with you. So, if you haven’t already completed the form please take a moment to do so. (GDPR FORM)

We are extremely proud of our M1, M2 and M3 arts students this week as they have shared and celebrated their work that has been developed over the past 9 weeks. This was presented in an online showcase for whole year groups and we thoroughly enjoyed their display of skill and technique in all of the four arts areas. Some examples of this include the fabulously entertaining radio plays by M1 drama students, the complex and abstract cubist paintings from our M2 artists, the clever and hilarious use of foley sounds to add a ´soundtrack´ for much-loved cartoons and the funky rhythm and beats of our M3 musicians.

Irrespective of where we are, creativity, experiential learning and joy follow us!

As part of the ‘Inspired by Berklee’ initiative, we are delighted to announce our first bespoke workshops with world-class musicians. Next week, two professors from Berklee College, Boston, will deliver realtime workshops to some of our ‘gifted and talented’ music elective students and first-year diploma students. There will be opportunities to ask questions, extend knowledge and share ideas. Below are the artists and their workshops;

Erin Barra – Music production Masterclass

Mar Fayos – Songwriting techniques

Look out next week for details of how the workshops went!

We have received a number of queries regarding the virtual learning fee adjustment and D2 exam credit process. You will find full details of the process in this letter.

I would like to remind you that next week is a short week, with a public holiday being held on May 1st. Therefore, the week will finish on Thursday. Additionally, please do take the time to look through the photos shared so far in our Photography Competition. Your challenge next week is to contribute!

Thank you for continuing to support our community through these difficult times. I wish you a safe and relaxing weekend.

Best wishes

Jak Kearney

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