Weekly Head’s Update 24.01.2020

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24th January 2020

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School Calendar

Wednesday 29th January

Wednesday 5th February – D2 Mock exams

Thursday 30th

Rice Day

Friday 31st

Send a Child to School 

Friday 31st

Climate Change Awareness Day – Travel to School in a Green Way

Monday 3rd February

P6 into M1 meeting with parents (4.10pm-5.00pm)

Monday 3rd

Wednesday 5th February D1 mid-year exams

Wednesday 5th February        

Primary Inter-School Cross Country Event

Wednesday 12th

U9 Inter-School Football Tournament

Thursday 13th

SotoRox 2020

Friday 14th

SotoSmash 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Next Friday is our monthly Climate Change Awareness Day; this is a day when we encourage you as families to travel to School in a Green Way. Please join us on bikes, scooters, walking or car-pooling and help to reduce emissions for the day. In addition to walking to school, Climate Change Awareness Day means the school cantina will serve a sustainable meal for all students to enjoy at lunchtime. On the subject of Climate Change, I would also like to draw your attention to a great project led by our M5 GCP students, who have entered a competition and are working on ways to reduce food waste. Learn more about their inspiring project here.

During the last month, we have been working with our M5 students and parents, providing them with the information and support needed to make the important decisions about their IB subject choices. This week, we worked with M3 students as they move to select their subjects for M4. This is such a critical point of the year for these students, reviewing the options available and deciding on their electives for the next few years. These choices link with the launch of the university process, as students start to imagine what types of careers they want to pursue. After all, the subjects required to study to become an engineer are very different from those needed to be an architect or a doctor.

Our P6 students and parents are at the start of this process, and in the coming weeks will look at the options available to them as they transition into M1. One of the key decisions here for our native Spanish speakers is to consider if they will follow the LOMCE (Language A Spanish, Individuals and Societies in Spanish) programme, in conjunction with the MYP. The LOMCE qualification is required to obtain the Diploma ESO and is a requirement for admission to some of the Spanish universities.

Our D1 and D2 students are exploring their university and career options this week with workshops from both Dutch and UK universities. On February 17th there will be a Morrisby Career Assessment if your child would like to participate please sign up in this link. DEADLINE: January 31st

We would like to invite all businesses to participate in the annual SIS Career Convention on March 30th. These events are excellent gateways for students into the world of work, and your business experience and advice is much appreciated. Sign up here LINK

The rest of this newsletter will be passed over to the two nominees for the Advisory Panel, Mr Daniel Tovar and Mr Jon Hodgeson. I want to thank both Daniel and Jon for stepping up to offer their time to the school community. To find out more about them, their experiences and their vision for being Advisory Panel members, read below.


My name is Jon, I live in Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro with my wife Helen and son Luca who is in M3. I have two older children who were both privately educated in the UK; Jamie-Lee my daughter is 28 and a teacher in Manchester, and Christian my eldest son who is 20 and studying history at University in Liverpool. I would like to be elected on to the Advisory Panel because I am eager to help and support the school as it continues to grow and develop and I believe that taking account of the views of the whole school community and all of its stakeholders is a really important part of this. My background is working in the pharmaceutical industry where I have held posts in sales, marketing and general management- I have worked internationally and so bring with me experience of working with people from different cultures, with different nationalities and with a diverse range of views. I am open, honest and approachable and I think these qualities along with a desire to represent the views of others rather than just to put forward my own ideas will allow me to serve the whole school community well should I be elected onto the Advisory Panel.


Dear parents, teachers and students, I am writing to you to communicate my desire to present my candidacy for the vacant position of the SIS Advisory Council. I studied Law and Business at ICADE and later obtained my CUM LAUDE PhD in Economics. I have worked in investment banking and created and managed several companies, some of them already sold. I believe this professional and business experience will help this organization to choose the best decisions for the good of its community, but, like many of you, first of all I am a father. As such, I only want the best for my children. During my years at SIS I have been able to meet many of you and have commented on various ideas and concerns that, through this position, I think they can be properly transmitted. Those who know me well know that I am a very accessible, open-minded person and that my motivation is none other than helping to build an even better school. Those who wish to know more about me, I will be, as usual during the last years, next to our famous tree near the entrance, before and after school. Thank you very much in advance for your time.

The vote is now open and is over to each of you to select the person you would like to represent the views of the parents on the Advisory Panel by clicking here.

Please note that the vote will close on Friday 31st in the morning and we will announce the successful candidate in the afternoon. Please note, each person is allowed just one vote. 

I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

Jak Kearney

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