Weekly Head’s Update 20.09.2019

We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

20th September 2019

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School Calendar: Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 24th SeptemberP6 Unit Based Trip
Tuesday 24th September 3:45 – 4:45pmP2-P5 Primary Parent Session: Supporting your child at home: maths and IXL (in English)
Tuesday 24th September 4:00-4:30pmBody Image Workshop for M3-D2 Secondary parents
Thursday 26th September 4:00 – 5:00pmP2-P6 Primary Parent Session: Supporting your child at home: reading and Reading eggs session (in English and Spanish)
Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th SeptemberSotoMUN 2019
Friday 27thSeptemberSend a Child to School Day
Friday 27th SeptemberEnvironmental awareness day – Walk to school
Friday 27th September 7:00pmBack to School Party

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As an Inspired school, we strongly believe in the development of outstanding facilities that really enhance learning. Over the summer we have invested in a top of the range new surface for the football pitch, which has already been enjoyed by students. Additionally, we developed new shared spaces in the primary first building. These changes have enabled our students to learn in outstanding environments that complement the dedication and inspiration of our staff.

 I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the exciting areas for development over the next year that are being supported by Inspired.

  1. Facility development
  2. Development of Competitive Sports
  3. Connections Between Schools
  4.  Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

Facility Development

I am delighted to share the first 3D designs of the new secondary building with you. As I previously mentioned, this will be a 3 story environmentally sustainable build, with minimal use of concrete using a structural design of steel and glass. In line with our Eco School values, we will have solar-powered hot water throughout the entire building. The entrance to the building from the road will be on the 3rd floor, leading to new offices and classrooms to the ground floor. Outside of the building, there will be a new 5-a-side football pitch and multi-surface sports and recreational area. The intention is for this to be completed for the next academic year.

Development of Competitive Sports

 Throughout last year, we worked with a group of schools to join an International Schools Competitive Sports Programme. This year we will be sending teams to represent SIS in football, swimming, tennis and golf. We hope to use this year as an opportunity to further increase our range of sports provision for all students at SIS. With the support of Inspired, we have invested in a new swim coach and a basketball coach. These two sports sit as critical areas for development with us over the next couple of years.

 As mentioned above, the development of the secondary building will include more sports facilities, which will further increase opportunities for students.

Connections Between Schools

There are now 53 schools in the Inspired Education Group and we are working hard to find opportunities to bring our students together. Just this week we hosted 32 students from Reddam House, Berkshire. I hope that this is the start of many connections for all students across the family of schools. Another opportunity is the Inspired School Exchange Programme, which will allow students to experience stays in other schools around the globe. Details of which will be coming very soon.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

We have been using the Eco Schools green flag award as a driver for change within our school and community, starting with the creation of a more sustainable new building.

We will be moving forward with our environmental awareness days, the first being next Friday 27th September with the first ‘Walk to School’ day of the year. During these days, which we hope will become a monthly occurrence, we will encourage students, staff and parents to travel to school in greener ways. We will theme lessons, where appropriate, around environmental issues and we will be serving an environmentally friendly lunch.

With the support of the PTA, we have made steps towards facilitating car-pooling. I hope that you use this opportunity to connect with families who live near you, building community spirit, reducing traffic and having a positive impact on the environment. You will find the questionnaire here.  If you have any questions, please email us at pta@sis.gl.

Student Numbers

Following the recent edition of El Periodico, I would like to clarify the context of the quoted student numbers. The figure stated of 1080 students is our end of year expected number, including both Sotogrande International School and Fundamentals Nursery.

As I mentioned last week, at the beginning of this academic year we have 1020 students enrolled in school and a further 46 enrolled in Fundamentals. Fundamentals usually sees growth of between 15 and 20 students over the year, hence our total prediction of 1080.

The student number quoted by El Periodico for September 2018, of 990, was for students enrolled at SIS and excluded Fundamentals Nursery.

The growth of our regional population is considered by many to be an extremely positive trend for our school community in terms of opportunities, services and sustainability.

Back to School Party

Finally, I would like to invite you to come to the annual Back to School Party on Friday 27th at 7pm. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get together and connect with our community while enjoying the food, entertainment and musical performances of our students.

Can I please also remind everyone that students in M2 and under must be supervised at all times.

Best wishes,

Jak Kearney

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