Weekly Head’s Update 17.04.2020

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17th April 2020

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Wow, what a fast week! It was really lovely to hear from staff about the happy, energised children logging onto lessons on the first day back. Their positivity and openness is a real credit to you. Please thank all students for their enthusiasm and engagement.

This week, we are looking at the many ways we have all been supporting the local and global community. Valentina Stirling, The Kindred Project Coordinator, has provided an update on their activities.

“Making sure our local and global partners are supported during the COVID-19 pandemic is essential for us. Our partners are an integral part of the SIS community and therefore, through KP, we have made sure to keep in regular contact and have offered to assist in every way possible, financial and emotionally. As you may imagine, lockdown in small rural communities like Asni, Nabugabo and Bua, is proving to be extremely difficult, as access to food and basic needs has become even more challenging than before, and only worsen by the lack of income due to confinement. Locally, we have so far supported Hogar Betania with a first €1.000 donation towards their COVID-19 Emergency Programme, and another €600 towards Apoyo Mutuo San Roque’s Emergency Food Programme. Adrián Mateos, our committed IT technician, has been hard at work producing face-shield screens with the school’s 3D printers and distributing them through Campo de Gibraltar 3D Association. Financial support, €4.500, is also on its way for Association Tiwizi in Asni, Morocco, to guarantee basic food provision for 93 families in desperate need. We have also made sure to provide emotional support through messages of encouragement via videos, WhatsApps and emails. The concern from our partners in regards to the situation in Spain has been heartwarming; so many beautiful messages received! If you wish to support our partners and their emergency programmes, please get in touch via info@thekindredproject.gl As we always say, every little helps!” Valentina Stirling, The Kindred Project Coordinator

For many, being part of a community means getting involved, and we have been asked for details of projects you can help with, we have reached out and here are a few suggestions:

  1. Adrian, our IT technician, is using the school 3D printers for manufacturing parts for visors to be used in hospitals locally. If you have a 3D printer, or have access to one and want to support him, contact info@sis.gl
  2. Volunteer with Hogar Betania phone call programme: share your positive energy and love by calling elderly people that live alone (+65yrs). To offer yourself as a volunteer, you may call Hogar Betania directly on: 956 172 380 or 626 826 866. Only Spanish speakers please. 
  3. Translate Shino Pi Bolón’s (KP’s Ecuadorian partners) new website from Spanish to English: if interested, please contact Valentina on info@thekindredproject.gl

4. The mother of one of our Spanish team, Sara Lopez, is sewing masks for use in hospitals. If you have access to a sewing machine or can hand sew and wish to support, contact info@sis.gl
Audio-books/storytelling videos for Primary years at the Nabugabo Community Learning Centre. For full information, please contact Valentina on info@thekindredproject.gl
6. If you live in San Roque town, you may wish to support Apoyo Mutuo San Roque’s Emergency Food Programme by preparing home-made cakes or desserts for their Wednesday food distribution. To receive full details and volunteer, call Monse at Apoyo Mutuo San Roque: 685 24 34 72.
7. Do you have an old laptop, ipad or mobile phone that is still in working order but no longer used? If so, Fundación Tomillo, a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of different educational programs for children, adolescents and families in need, will arrange for it to be collected and reused. More info here

If you want to help with service learning, please do reach out to the Kindred Project, who are in touch with great initiatives locally and globally. info@thekindredproject.gl

We are delighted to welcome back Daniel Hoddinot, who was with us last year as an Intern, working in learning support and in the boarding house. I would like to congratulate Daniel on completing his university course, and thank him, as he has voluntarily reached out to offer help and support to members of our community.

From next week, our school nurse, Lynnette Hillman, will be providing a ‘virtual clinic’ for the SIS community. Offering practical advice and information in a range of areas. Full details of the clinic and how to book an appointment can be found here.

Finally, many of you will know our Dutch student teachers Wietse Hendrik P2, Melina Knispe P3 and Caroline De Meyere P6. They had to return to their home country at the beginning of the lockdown, but remain committed and dedicated to our students, and have agreed to voluntarily continue supporting our school and your children virtually. Thank you to all of them.

Over the past week, we have shared with you two surveys, the Virtual Learning Parent Feedback Form, and the Student Audiovisual Consent Form. Many thanks to everybody who has found the time to respond. If you have not already done so, please do take a few minutes to fill these in. It is incredibly important for us that you have the opportunity to tell us about your experience of the virtual school, and that we gain the correct authorisation to continue sharing the wonderful photos and videos of your children’s learning journey.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Kind regards

Jak Kearney

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