Weekly Head’s Update 08.05.2020

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8th May 2020

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have witnessed another fun, high paced and exciting week in virtual school.

This week, Nick Wergan, our European Education Director joined Mr Stone and Miss Butler on virtual learning walks. Here is his reflection.

“It was a real privilege as Inspired European Education Director to combine with the Sotogrande Leadership Team and conduct a ‘virtual learning walkthrough’ of our live online learning at Sotogrande this week. 

I was bowled over by the motivation and engagement of students and teachers – I felt like I was walking around the regular school and dropping into regular classrooms. As always, I was impressed by the spirit, ethos and determination of the Sotogrande community, and this was evident again this week. 

Teachers and students have innovated skilfully to ensure learning replicates a regular lesson – and this leads to deep learning continuing as usual. Students were engaged, their learning was being stretched by teachers and peers, and progress was being assessed. It was a real pleasure to see virtual SIS in action. 

My thanks go to the whole staff team at Sotogrande for their sheer commitment in ensuring aspirational learning is uninterrupted by our current crisis; thank you too to our parents and families for supporting our virtual classrooms and the whole team effort. My particular thanks go though to the phenomenal Sotogrande students; it is not long since I was humbled by their talent at SotoRox – and I am again deeply proud of their character and skills. 

Much is written, understandably, about the extreme stresses the current situation places on all people, especially younger ones; I am however deeply optimistic of the bouncing back that will happen when the crisis subsides. The character that Sotogrande students are showing in our virtual classrooms and beyond is so strong that anything will be possible for them in their futures.”

To further support our students and their families with the applications we use for virtual learning, Inspired has launched a dedicated IT helpdesk. This service is offered in both English and Spanish; full details can be found in this attachment. Here you can find also the Quick reference guide.

On Wednesday Miss Butler arranged for a personal message to be shared with the community from Ross Gibson, a top-class member of Cirque du Soleil. Little did we know that Miss Butler used to be a competing gymnast, taught Ross to flick and helped to motivate him to follow his dreams! It is lovely that the actions we took in our younger years hold so true to vocations and environments that we find ourselves in today. Motivating, encouraging and helping students to follow their dreams is central to our ethos and drive here at SIS. Thank you for driving this message home Miss Butler. 

Fundamentals, our nursery school,  is open for registrations and enquiries for new students starting in September 2020. If you have a child who you are considering sending to Fundamentals in September, please make contact with: info@fundamentals.es

As we all have a little extra time on our hands many of us are remembering the simple pleasure of getting lost in a good book. A couple of weeks ago we celebrated World Book Day, and many of our primary and secondary students and teachers showed up to virtual lessons dressed as their favourite character from a book, . If you are running short of things to read Sotogrande Best Books has got hundreds of lovely books in stock and is offering free delivery on all orders in the Sotogrande area. You can browse and order in this link 

Finally, further to the individual communications sent to families earlier this week the extended deadline for payment of the 2019/20 3rd terms fees is  Monday, May 11th. Thank you in advance to all of those parents who have already paid. Your support and proactiveness is deeply valued and appreciated.

I wish you a wonderful weekend of exploration, relaxation and adventure as we are all now allowed to exercise. Next week, we all wonder what will happen as more premises start to open their doors. In the meantime, please continue to be safe. One of the main ways we are susceptible to this virus is through close contact. I understand that you will not have seen people for nearly 8 weeks; however, it is essential to remember our responsibility of social distancing to keep one another safe.

Best wishes

Jak Kearney

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