Weekly Head’s Update 03.04.2020

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3th April 2020

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your continued messages of support and feedback for Virtual School. This week has been another remarkable week. We may be on lock down and not able to leave our homes but this didn’t stop P2 taking part in a ‘virtual’ fossil field trip to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. P5 have been investigating area and perimeter in maths, writing stories in language, and had a special video message of support and tips from award-winning children’s author Tom Palmer. In our unit work, the children have been researching technological advances and creating their own vehicle of the future.

Our D2 students have been working with our Diploma Team and Head of University and Careers to select from a variety of opportunities which will prepare individuals for the next exciting phase of their learning journey. Some students are preparing for pre-university tests and internal IB course examinations. Others have signed up for MOOC/Stack courses which will assist their studies at University. Some are developing highly impressive portfolios to present to their chosen university and others continue to put forward proposals for CAS initiatives. After an uncertain previous week, our Diploma students have regrouped and really picked up their momentum and focus again.

Before school closure many of our MYP Drama students had been studying (slightly ironically) a comedic script called “10 Ways to Survive the End of the World!” The students have learnt how to script their own original ´way´ to survive the end of the world and have come up with some hilarious scenarios. Last week the students were set challenges to create fun, ridiculous and exaggerated designs for how they would like one of the characters from their script to look on stage. This week the students have been scripting and performing a monologue wearing some extremely interesting costume, hair and make up designs!

Good practice continues to be shared by teachers. This is just a snapshot of the vast array of fun and practical activities that secondary students have enjoyed this week. Our ELD team and students have found Flubaroo to be a great success and our M1s have received plenty of reward stickers. M2s have worked on the differences between respiration and breathing, looking at the positive effects of exercise on our bodies. M3s continued to investigate their flame tests. Our Learning Support team were delighted with the SIS community’s support for World Autism Awareness Day. In GCP classes, Acumen plus training in social entrepreneurship continues to be extremely popular.  The PHE Team continues to share new ways of engaging students, such as new physical challenges, guest workouts and ActiveGlobe.

In M1 Design classes, the students have started another fun, practical based unit entitled; ‘Design Your Own Cooking Show’, moving away from concerns about too much screen time. Some D2 students are now mentoring students in other drama classes, building their own portfolios and gaining valuable subject experience. M5 Individuals and Societies students are continuing with political simulation, working in groups across the 4 classes. Each group is creating a collaborative Google site to post their campaign videos, manifestos, logos and speeches. Students in Language Acquisition classes have been enjoying virtual debates and interactive Kahoot challenges enabling teachers to monitor results simultaneously and offer immediate feedback. Our M3 Language and Literature students have created fortune tellers for their Romeo and Juliet unit. In Maths, students continue to enjoy stretching their knowledge and understanding on Mathswatch and Myimaths. Our elite sports students have thoroughly enjoyed sharing their oral exam practice presentations about Protectionism on the Flipgrid platform.

This week, music lessons have continued and they continue to give so much joy, not just to the children, but to the families throughout the week as students take time to practice instruments. This time allows some choice of activities away from screens. I would like to thank our SIMA staff and Peripatetic music team for their openness and creativity to continue educating and supporting our musicians. 

As we move into the Easter holiday, some parents and guardians have asked for lots of homework and others have requested that there is none given. With this in mind, we have created optional extended learning tasks for our students to work on whilst they are staying in over the Easter break. These are totally optional extended learning tasks and not completing this will not hamper students’ learning experience when we return on April 13th.  Additionally, as they are optional, formal feedback may not be given, but tasks may be celebrated where appropriate. Please see below for an additional task from the SIS arts team for you to get your teeth into over the Easter break and beyond!!

Obviously with information due to come from the Spanish government about plans for the state of emergency after April 11th, we will keep you updated and  informed as to the impacts of any announcements for the school.

During the Easter Holidays you will receive a communication relating to the permission to use digital images of your children. As we are at a time when connection and community is so critical, we need you to action this fast, enabling us to use photos and videos to keep telling our story and connecting our community. We would be grtaeful if you could complete the forms for each of your children and return them beofre the 13th April.

Usually on a Friday, I try to stand on the gate saying goodbye to our all and wishing you a wonderful weekend. With an aim to replicate this and send our best for Easter from all the staff at SIS, we have created this video. We hope you enjoy it.

Finally, On behalf of the Sotogrande community, I would like to thank and congratulate all of the doctors, nurses, healthworkers, firemen,  police, pharmacists and shop workers. You are all doing amazing work in keeping our community safe, healthy and functioning through these difficult times. We take our hats off to you and applaud you!  Wherever you are, be safe and be well.

We will see you all on Monday 13th April!

 Kind regards

 Jak Kearney

Message from the CBBCs presenters

What a way to finish the term and 3 weeks of Virtual School than a personal message from the CBBCs presenters!

Message from Christine Barling & the Arts Team

Calling all Students, Staff and Parents ¡Get Creative! 

Arts photography exhibition & competition
Each Sunday we would love to see a maximum of ten of your best photos from the week.

We would love to share and celebrate your photographs on SIS social media platforms. (Please note: if your photographs have images of children the marketing department will ask for your permission to share in advance. If you do not want us to share your photos this is also fine- just let us know at marketingrequests@sis.gl)

At the end of our quarantine period you will be able to submit your best THREE photographs into our SIS photo competition. There will be 3 prizes for the first, second and third place winners.


  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Staff and parents

What can you photograph?: Anything you want! It does not have to be about the lockdown. You can also find ways to celebrate life 🙂 spring awakening, quiet & retrospective moments, ways to keep busy, an image to make us laugh…capture a moment you would enjoy sharing!

Please share your photos at the end of the week via google drive with the Leader of Learning for the Arts Christine Barling: cbarling@sis.gl: label each photo your name/year group/end of week Sunday date when shared: e.g. Zack Barling/P5/5.04.20 or Christine Barling/5.04.20

Student prizes: 

First Prize: 60 euros Amazon voucher
Second Prize: 30 euros Amazon voucher
Third Prize: 20 Euros Amazon Prize

Staff/Parent prize:

First prize: Subscription to masterclass.com
2nd prize: 30 euro Amazon voucher
3rd prize: 20 euros Amazon voucher

When we get back on SIS site:

We will celebrate the best photos from across our school community and snapped at homes across the globe with an exhibition and social event.

So….shoot and share guys! We will look forward to seeing what you snap.

Any questions please feel free to contact cbarling@sis.gl

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