Strong IB Diploma results in 2019 have meant that an amazing 90% of our students have been placed at their first choice of university. The cohort has chosen subjects ranging from Chemical Engineering to Law and Medicine. Sotogrande students have gone on to study in some of the best universities in the world, including Russell Group Universities in the U.K, The University of California, Berkeley, Boston College and NYU in the US, and many other prestigious universities. Our Alumni association maintains a strong presence at SIS and is an integral part of our extensive network beyond graduation.



SCAD University has been so impressed with Carmela’s work across the curriculum that they offered her a Distinguished Scholar scholarship to join them to study in the USA. Congratulations Carmela!

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Jason Mungles

Head of University/Career Guidence, IB DP History and TOK

As both a subject teacher of History and TOK and as a guidance counsellor, I am able to bring both teaching and counselling experiences to my role at SIS. Working in close association with my colleagues, through our year based pastoral teams I support and advise our students and parents, through the global opportunities for education beyond their graduation.

It remains my strong belief that goal orientated students are successful students, and when they have identified their 3C goals, they are truly successful.

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Lourdes Villafranca

Director Técnica and University Counsellor for Spanish applications. IB DP & MYP Spanish Language and Literature.

With detailed experienced of the Spanish application process, national requirements and opportunities in Spain, I provide support for the application process for Spanish Universities via UNED. This includes advice, information, references and the organisation of university visits, in Spain alongside the development of key links with relevant University admissions offices.

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