M3 University & Careers 3 C´s Career, Course and Country Pathways Meeting.

University & Careers Meeting

On Monday the University & Careers department, supported by the M3 Pastoral team, led a session on students initial pathways starting with a careers session, then working backwards to potential university courses, and finally back into the Upper School (last 4 years) of SIS requirements.

Firstly, students were set up in the U&C Google Classroom and registered with Unifrog to enable them to move forward with a process,  that for many of them began in M1 & M2,  with the U&C team using Career Investigator.


The students were shown how to search for careers using Unifrog. Unifrog is a system designed to help students understand the options that are open to them, either by searching for the qualifications required for a specific career or searching for careers and courses available based on their favourite subjects.

The students were then shown how to take their career ideas and check for entrance requirements for universities. They then ran a search and created a shortlist which will help them to understand which IB Diploma or related programmes they need to achieve in order to follow this career path.

Universities & Careers


Finally, this information was connected to their M3 to M4 pathway choices, to make sure they have chosen the electives that keep their career and university options open.

There will be a follow-up session with the University & Careers team in the forthcoming weeks, timings to be confirmed with the M3 Pastoral Team.

We hope that the students will take on board the activities and discuss them with their families,  in order to be proactive in searching and investigating their different possible routes to university. 


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