Friendship and encouragement – our P6 overnight trip to Olvera

On Wednesday, PYP 6 went to a very exciting trip to Pueblo Blanco. As soon as we got there, we were grouped into cabins; we were grouped with our friends. As we got there, we got to meet some new monitors, who guided us safely through the rest of the trip. In the long sunny days, we enjoyed ourselves by doing swimming, and some activities which most of us had never done before. Of course, we were scared at first to do some activities; however, we were encouraged by our other classmates, who helped us to cross the hurdles of fear. The activities we did were as follows: bungee jumping, walking on an obstacle course, hiking, walking in a cave, swimming etc.

Supporting our friends

We were very frightened at first to walk through the obstacle course. We had to climb a short wall, then there was the most scary bit- the bridge. It was no ordinary bridge, but was a bridge made out of a thick length of rope. Luckily, we had our friends, a harness and the monitors to help us! And of course, we all had a great time challenging ourselves! I personally was challenged when I had to climb a very tall wall. It was more taller than a normal climbing wall, MUCH more taller! Although I had not climbed such a tall wall before, but I managed to reach the top! There were many more challenges to other people as well- in many different ways.

Many people were excited to do the bungee jumping, as none of us had never done this before. It was a long string that was attached to our harnesses. It was like a one-hundred and eighty degrees of pendulum. We had to jump from a certain height, and then jump! At first, we could not feel our legs, as were very panicking. Then we realised that it was not so scary after all!

When half of us did the bungee jumping, the other went for a walk. We walked on the edges of the camp, and saw a beautiful scenery. The landscape of the green mountains. As we walked, we found lots of flowers which swayed to us. Not only this, but we helped each other climb a small hill, and also to get back down. We discovered new flowers as we walked across the leafy paths.

A great trip

In the nights, we used to play games, such as treasure hunt. This two night trip was very useful to us, as we got to learn new things. Some of us even overcame our fears in this trip- including me. This challenge trip was quite challenging with the activities we did and the fears we had. Of course, we missed some people who could not come to the trip because of some reasons. But in conclusion, we had a great time, with lovely friends on the trip.

Watch our trip video here

Aashika, P6

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