The Story of Kiss the CASbah

The story of Kiss the CASbah

In 2008 a pioneering, driven, dedicated, dynamic group of diploma CAS students undertook a great leap of faith in volunteering themselves for a brand new concept.

With both feet, hands, heads and hearts they jumped into ´Kiss the CASbah´. An extraordinary enterprise, an ebullient energetic event, a musical and culinary extravaganza created to raise funds to donate to the Tiwizi association that selflessly serves the community of Asni. The chosen location for the new, exciting, up and coming diploma CAS visit and project.

…………….” Let me get this straight! “

An unsuspecting and incredulous Mr Wickersham had initially responded to an equally unsure Mr Lawrence.

” You´re proposing we invite around 250 parents into the canteen, cook Moroccan food for them, serve them with it, provide and serve drinks also, and entertain them with live music for three hours, and make enough profit to help less privileged people in Morocco ? “
” Well, yes, kind of …………”
“………………………………………………………OK, let´s do it !”


Me became We became……

The me became we, the we became 30 diploma students, 30 diploma students became 250 parents, became the Asni community. Over 10 years Kiss the CASbah has become over 400 diploma students, 2,000 parents, and an ever-growing beneficiary the Asni community. The funds helping; adult education, free pre-school care, maternity unit for women from rural communities, saffron production, beekeeping and honey marketing, 12 sponsored children in full-time education, thriving rural tourism and outdoor ed centre, women handicrafts and artisans.

The leap of faith was successfully recorded!

Where does the money go?
Kiss the CASbah 2019

On the 15th Feb 2019, this year´s most recent ´Kiss the CASbah´ was as dependent upon the drive, dynamism and dedication of D1 CAS students as ever. In accepting the mantle they didn’t just simply ´take the ball and run´, but sprinted with it, sidestepped, feinted and wove their own magic and unique skills.

The Event

42 diploma students designed, printed and sold 250 tickets,  budgeted, purchased, cooked and prepared three course Moroccan meals, waited and served, worked front of house and backstage, were roadies to 78 secondary students performing 3 hours of enthusiastic, excellent, exciting,  and throbbing live music, 30 songs from Joe Cocker to Bob Marley, Arctic Monkeys to Blondie. Total involvement from start to finish and maximum participation.

Education as a Force for Good

Moreover, this year was perhaps somewhat more emotional than other years. Whilst Mr Wix masterminded and pulled all practical strings and picked and strummed others on stage himself, The Kindred Project coordinator Valentina Sterling spoke of the programmes origins. This followed by diploma student and orchestrator Lucia Gil Aycart who described the Asni story and connection. Finally, Mr  Pete Lawrence eulogised fondly about Mr Paul Templeton, ex-owner of the school, who sadly recently passed away, and of his unwavering support, passion and vision for The Kindred Project and all associated partners and events including Asni and ´Kiss the CASbah´.

Kiss the CAS bah
A Successful Evening

Around 2,500 Euros are the estimated final takings from the evening. Those 32 D1 students travelling to Morocco before Easter with Messrs Wickersham & Lawrence, The Kindred Project coordinator Valentina Sterling and primary school rep Miss Cournane, will officially donate the money to our remarkable Moroccan partner Hassan Ederjoune and discuss with him how they plan to spend it.


Certainly, the beekeepers, saffron farmers, the 12 sponsored students, the artisans and couscous makers will continue to benefit, and also Fouad, a young teacher of English, trying to provide means for young Moroccans to find employment through his classes. An iPad is planned to be purchased to help Fouad with his classes. Classes that have already this year collaborated with our own SIS M5 English classes in exchanging podcasts, short films and interviews.

And now it’s over to next years D1 CAS students

Next year our M5´s will be D1, and they too will take on the mantle of ´Kiss the CASbah´, they can then meet and bond with the Moroccan students they are currently collaborating with. Cultural bonding in a sadly increasingly divisive world. ´Kiss the CASbah´ is becoming more,  not less pertinent, extraordinary, energetic, ebullient and embracing.

Thank you D1 CAS students, past, present and future……..fortune will indeed, continue to favour the rave!!

Kiss the CASbah 2015
Sotorox the CASbah 2016
Kiss the CasBAH 2018
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