TEDx SotoSchool

Tedx Sotoschool, a platform for our students to discover ideas and spark conversation in the community.

WHAT IS TEDxSotoSchool

TEDxSotoSchool is an evening Youth type conference happening on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 with an account of 21 speakers; curated from students at Sotogrande International School that are all over 16 and are driven to share their inspiring stories.
​TEDxSotoSchool includes two halves and a break in which drinks are offered to parents. Furthermore, we will have 100 attendees from the local community and prior to the date, we will host a meeting with important members of the local community to promote its existence. It is an event like no other that will bring together Sotogrande community composed of individuals from over 30 different countries with the passion to share powerful ideas, interesting concepts and that have remarkable talents. All this happening here in the Sotogrande Community!

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