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Stallion Racing

Our Andalusian Stallion Team have done us proud, and return from battle in Malaysia on Monday a little bruised, but bursting with ideas and keen to get started for next years competition.

Our M3 boys finished well off the bottom competing against teams from around the world. The teams were made up of both boys and girls with ages ranging from 13 to university students.

Our average reaction time was brilliant and could even be confirmed at the end of the competition as being the best of all 51 teams thanks to Gauthier and his speedy responses. The team as a whole scored really well in the various facets of the event.

Now it’s time to have some fun; and Thursday sees us touring the Sepang Circuit and visiting the pits to meet drivers and crews, before the weekend’s racing, not to mention hitting the amazing water park and sights of Kuala Lumpur!

Malaysia - Stallion Racing

Here are some reflections from Team Stallion

Faisal – Team Manager

Going to Malaysia is one of the biggest and most important experiences that I will ever have taken part in. I have enjoyed every moment since we boarded the flight. Till now. Not only has it been a very fun experience for us,  but it has been a very enriching and educational trip. One that might never be repeated again. Which is why we have decided to make the most of it. To enjoy every second and make that second last. Through all of our racing sessions,  presentations and simply even brainstorming. Each second has been worth everything we ever put into this project. Since the beginning – till now.

I loved meeting and sharing moments and experiences with all of the other team members. Competing was one of my best moments and of course,  the leadup was the best!

Oscar – Lead Engineer

When we got to Malaysia we were very tired, but still excited to have the privilege of racing our little car against 50 teams from all over the world.

The first day that we raced was a very busy day, we had to build our pit display and go to all sorts of scrutineering sessions and car service things. Then we had to do our 10 minute presentation which was a bit nerve wracking for me because I had written my whole speech the night before in my hotel room, but when we actually did it I think it went quite well. After this we had a few minutes to run up to our rooms and grab the toolkits before our first race.

The first race was against a team ‘Victorium racing’, the Irish team. They were very nice to us as and the team was made up of 2 boys and 3 girls all aged 16. We only won 1 out of 3 races which wasn’t that good, but the main thing was that we enjoyed it. That was it for our first race day. My dad, Dan and Faisal’s Dad, Akram were both judges so they were off doing judging until 1 o’clock in the morning most days but they did get to see both of our races luckily. But all together we have had a great first few days.

Hugo – Marketing

It was a very long flight all the way to Malaysia and we were all exhausted but excited. When we arrived we went outside of the airport and it was steaming hot!

The experience was amazing from mounting the pit display to racing our cars. As our team had planned how to set our display up it only took us  30 minutes, some teams took the whole 2 hours to do it, showing our planning really paid off.

Malaysia - Team Stallion
Gauthier – Pilot

The trip to Malaysia was very long but really fun. When we arrived at the hotel we were amazed by how big it was and how cool.

When we saw the F1 in schools meeting room we really thought about how long and hard we had worked to get there. The other teams were all really friendly and open. My favourite part was when all the starting lights turned off and I had to press the button to start the car in all the races. I felt so good because I worked a whole year for that moment and I did really well. The only bad thing was that we had to wait a lot in the F1 room but that is all. I am really having fun in Malaysia and I really want to come back to see the country.

Pelayo – Sponsorship

When we arrived in Malaysia it was incredible. It was like stepping into another world, different people, different cars, different building structure. When you went outside it was like stepping into an oven, it was boiling hot, the air was thick and hard to breathe.

I enjoyed so much seeing what other teams had done and what their cars looked like. When we went to present to the judges we were full of nerves but when we starting talking it was like we were having a normal chat in a meeting room and our nerves disappeared.

My favourite part was the races, it was the most tense part of the whole competition, everybody was nervous, the pilots wanted to make a perfect performance to take their team to the knock outs. I feel very proud of our final result even though we came 41st. I have learnt that team and time management are really important.

Benjamin – Graphic Designer

I liked the adrenaline it gave the whole team.

Malaysia - Stallion Racing

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Malaysia - Stallion Racing



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