F1 in Schools – introducing Team Celeritas!

F1 in Schools World Finals, introducing Team Celeritas!

Team Celeritas



In September of 2018, a group of M5 girls, Team Celeritas, are excited at the opportunity of attending the Formula 1 in schools World Championships that will take place in Singapore. Team Celeritas have the honour of representing Sotogrande International School and Spain at this amazing event and are working hard together to create an identity through fundraisers, sponsors and social media.


The Project

The Formula 1 STEM Challenge was designed to push students to create their own team in which they design and construct a miniature racing car of their own. The car is tested and raced against other teams from all over the world at the World Championships. The team must raise sponsorship and manage budgets in order to fund the process and the trip. The challenge inspires students to work in groups and to create a team identity for the event.

We are responsible for the making of a car of approximately 21 centimetres of length that we will design using the Autodesk Fusion 360 software and that we will test using Autodesk Flow Design and then print the car in a Denford Ltd. CNC Machine that works by inserting a block that fits in with the Formula 1 Schools Regulations, load your design and then the machine will shape your car. Then the next step is printing the wheels, nose cone and rear wing and then attach them to your car. The car is powered by a CO2 cartridge that is inserted in a pre-made hole in the back of the car.

This year our team is looking into aerodynamics in a more detailed way as they have come up with the strategy of creating indents on the car, similar to those on a golf ball with the intention of having a car that will go faster.

One of our challenges is to raise enough sponsorship money to cover all the costs, not just of making the car, but of producing the brochure, our pitlane outfits, travel and accommodation at the event!


Team Celeritas

The Team

The team is composed out of six students who each has a different job, in order to create a team that is professional and successful. In the team the roles are Team Leader, Engineer, Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Finance Director and Pilot.

Introducing the team representing SIS and Spain – Team Celeritas!
Enola Gavira:

As the Team Leader, Enola is responsible for organising timelines and ensuring that the Team is on track with all of their work. She is also responsible of organising times where the team can meet and ensuring that everyone attends to these meetings as team reunions are a crucial part of the process.  

Ana Rivera:

Ana handles all of the Engineering within the project. She is in charge of manufacturing the car and she tests materials and designs for the upcoming event. She is an extremely important part of the team as she is responsible for the car itself.

Lucía Gil:

Lucía manages the Marketing aspects of the team and she makes sure that our team identity is clear and professional. She takes on tasks such as designing uniforms, creating the logo and establishing creative ways for the public to be introduced to the team. Lucía is an essential member of the team as we contact sponsors and the management of her part of the team is critical.

Jade Burgess:

Jade is responsible for the Social Media management. She is in charge of the diffusion of the team throughout every social media platform, managing the twitter, Instagram and Facebook account of the team and keeping it up to date with the process and the creation of a website that we can share to anyone who has an interest in knowing more about the team. Most importantly she establishes connections between the team and outside partners.

Marta Leal:

Marta’s main responsibility is managing the money and creating realistic budgets for each team member’s needs that covers their expenses. She is also responsible for the travel itinerary and the creation of a bank account where the team can put all our money.


The main role of the pilot is to trigger the button that launches the car, however, always having in mind different ways to improve the reaction times. Currently, we are still testing possible people as drivers and we have narrowed it down to a possible three girls! We are very excited to find the final driver as it is a very important role not just for the speed, but also as a fellow team member.

Look out for our fundraising events, or contact us for exciting sponsorship opportunities!

Follow Celeritas on:

Twitter: @Celeritas6

Facebook: F1 Celeritas

Instagram: celeritasf1

Visit our website: www.celeritasf1.com


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