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World Finals – F1 in Schools

It is 2 weeks until an adventure of a lifetime for Stallion Racing, until an experience that can never be experienced again. What I am talking about is the World Finals for Formula 1 in Schools, that will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We have worked hard in the past 7 months, and to have won the internal competition and be the first team to ever represent Spain in this STEM Challenge (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Is a huge honor for not only me, but for the whole team.

The project

A basic overview of the project is: At the very first introduction, you must get into teams of maximum 6 people, then, you must give each member a role, the most ideal roles are Team Manager, Engineer, Pilot, Marketing Manager, Purchasing Manager and Graphic Designer. After that, you have a functioning team.

Once a car (Approximately 21 centimeters long) is designed on virtual software such as Autodesk’s Fusion 360, and tested in a virtual wind tunnel (Autodesk Flow Design) then you are ready to print in a Denford ltd. CNC Machine, in which you insert a foam block that is compatible with the F1 in Schools Regulations, load your design, and the machine shapes your car. Then you must 3D print Wheels, a Nose Cone and a Rear Wing then attach them to your car.

You also must assemble the axles and bearings for your wheels, remember, anything is possible as long as it fits into the regulations that have been set. Once your car is prepared, you can now test and race it. The car is powered by a CO2 Cartridge that is inserted in a pre-made hole in the back of the car. Then, with the racing mechanism, your pilot must watch the lights as they switch on, then they must wait until they turn off. Once they are off, you are permitted to launch the car.

And from there, aerodynamics and thrust will do their own thing.

Here is our winning race, you can see how fast the cars are.

Meet the Stallion Racing team

To introduce you to our team, we would like to section off every role and work starting from our Purchasing Manager, Pelayo Perez Crespo

Pelayo Perez Crespo

Pelayo is mainly responsible for purchasing, acquiring and preparing any additional equipment, giveaways or basic tools for our work, he can acquire the items in ways similar to our sponsorship proposal method, as he focuses on sending emails detailing the requests, researches for our needed items, and if required to, he pays visits to our potential suppliers and purchases any products that will assist in our growth and advancement leading up to the World Finals.

Gauthier Vanlier

Gauthier Vanlier is our Pilot, his main role is to trigger the button that launches the car, however, he also researches many different ways to improve his reaction times. So far, he has raced in many races and has been practicing for many months on end, which is why we trust him and rely on him, to get the car in action on time.



Benjamin Looyens

Benjamin Looyens’s job is to design our uniforms, banners, presentations space and any other material with visuals on it. That makes him our Graphic Designer, with his very impressive photo editing skills, he can prepare a creative document in a couple of hours and make it look excellent.


Hugo Orgard

Hugo Orgard takes care of sponsors, advertisement, social media and marketing, which lands him the role of our Marketing Manager, he has advertised on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, where you can find us under the account name of Stallion Racing.



Oscar Stoneham

Oscar Stoneham has designed and successfully overseen the printing of (so far) 2 fully functional cars, Stallion 1 and Stallion 2 (Stallion 3 is in progress) which will be our ((Beast)), the top of the top. Stallion 3 will be our world finals car. Both cars have been notorious for always achieving the top speed, and Stallion 2 is the car that made our journey to Kuala Lumpur possible. However that’s not all, he also shares and gains expertise from other members who have partaken in this challenge.

Faisal Khreis

Finally, Faisal Khreis is the team manager, he coordinates tasks, follows up on the team and on the competition, completes discarded or additional tasks that are necessary for the presentation, follows up on the presentation technique and material and most importantly, is the link between Stallion Racing and the other parties that are involved in this competition. Faisal has been there at all races, and was there to claim the 1st Place trophy when we won it back on June 23rd, 2017.

Follow Team Stallion on:

FB – Stallions Racing

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Thank you very much, and remember, that we are:

Determined, Winners, Stallions!

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