Four days in the life of a SotoMUNer….

20th of September 2018

A new chapter of history of MUN at Sotogrande International School begins. A new blank page is open… The noise of SIS students leaving for bonding trips changed to the noise of students from other schools coming to SIS! Today, the Disarmament & International Security Committee (DISEC ) debated the issue of cyber security and protecting against cyber warfare. This is a very real topic as all internet servers are actually vulnerable and internet terrorists violate our rights of having privacy. The Commission for the Status of Women (CSW) discussed the ways to increase the involvement of women and youth in government. The United Nations Development Programme committee (UNDP) discussed the role of regular access to water in eradicating poverty. This issue is a major one, taking into account that water resources may run out soon. The day ended with creative ‘punishments’, where people sang ‘Despacito»’, danced romantic dances and made proposals to each other. Also, soon you can find a new country on the world map – Wakanda…

21st of September 2018

Today problems such as measures against terrorism, violence against women were discussed in DISEC and CSW. These problems are still not solved, and I cannot stress enough the importance of collaboration in creating a safe life for every single person on this planet.

SotoMUN, like other MUN conferences, offers so many different opportunities. After the hard work you have done, you deserve, thanks to Mrs Anne and staff in Chiringuito, a nice piece of chocolate brownie or a satisfying ham sandwich with a cup of tea or juice near the pool. Wakanda seems to be a well advanced country in all respects… At break a girl called Maria, who has participated in the  European Youth Parliament, told me about the differences between this organization and MUN: according to Maria, “there are more committees than in MUN, and you have more opportunities to travel to countries such as Belgium and Netherlands. Nevertheless, both organizations are fun.”

Also, today in the afternoon we heard a record number of ‘gossips’ written on white, yellow, pink and green paper, mostly saying something about Cedric or that Paloma is a natural leader. Humour is one of priorities at SotoMUN: memes, dancing on tables and rap battles are included.


22nd of September 2018

Today was a productive day. We finished debating earlier than expected, which is very good, as we had almost a whole hour to do creative punishments, such as singing the Pakistani national anthem or “Despacito” in English and roaring at another committee… Even though one of the main Chairs was absent today in UNDP committee for a valid reason, his Co-chairs (Paloma and Laura) managed to continue the session with efficiency and seriousness. They worked on promotion of resilient communities. However, laughter was also a priority. The girls had successfully finished the 3rd debate day. In DISEC committee, there were “refreshments” in the form of funny videos and music as well as the serious debate on how to combat the illicit trade of small and light weapons. DISEC committee is particularly important, because it urges measures to avoid the irresponsible use of weapons, which not only sow aggression, but also lead to the deaths of innocent people! In three days we were able to draw up solutions for today’s most acute problems. However, tomorrow in the General Assembly (GA) some of them will be debated again by all the delegates and will either pass or not. Let’s see tomorrow if the committee resolutions meet with general approval.

23rd of September 2018

Today was a short day, however, it was full of debating. The delegate of China especially showed his capabilities of defending his amendments. All three resolutions from DISEC, CSW and UNDP passed with an overwhelming majority vote in their favour. SotoMUN came to the end with Closing Ceremony, where outstanding delegates were given certificates. Well done to them. It was a pleasure to see them participating in our conference. Secretary-General Aaron Soo then declared, “SotoMUN 2018 is now officially closed”.  Even though coming to an end was sad, however I hope to meet our participants again.

SotoMUNAlexandra Eleferenko
Joint SotoMUN Conference Organiser


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