Sotogrande International School attend the Apple Education Summit London

Apple Education Summit reflection – Carmelo Sánchez, Head of Information Technology

Each year Apple host a summit for schools, showcasing how Apple technology can enhance and improve the learning experience for students. This year SIS was one of only 4 schools from Europe, Middle East, India and Africa invited to present at the Apple Education Summit in London,  explaining  how  Apple technology is used at the school and looking in depth at a student project.

Our team of delegates made up of 6 students, Head of School Jak Kearney, Technology Teacher & Network Manager David Álvarez and myself Carmelo Sanchez, Head of IT and IT and Design Teacher, traveled to London for the 5 day exhibition.  

Mr Kearney & Mr Sánchez presenting at the Apple Education Summit

Mr Kearney and I delivered a presentation explaining how SIS had implemented the use of Apple technology throughout the school. Covering areas such as infrastructure and professional development for staff and explaining how Apple technology  supports the school vision of facilitating self-discovery and developing each individual’s interests,  gifts and talents.




Pure Purpose

Apple Education Summit - London

Apple Education Summit – London

The team of 6 student representatives, members of the extra-curricular Young Engineers Club, led by Mr Kearney, Mr Álvarez  and I  hosted a stand where we presented our current project. The brief had been to enhance an existing student initiative through the use of Apple technology, thereby creating a sustainable solution for a social problem. The project, named Pure Purpose, aims to reduce food waste by transforming it into 100% organic compost. The compost made can then be sold and the profits invested in social projects supported by our student led NGO, The Kindred Project.

The experience for us all was amazing and, as teachers, we were proud of the confidence, enthusiasm and clarity with which our students shared information with the visitors to the exhibition.  

The next step for the  Pure Purpose project is to raise funds to build 40 compost machines. 20 of which would be set up at SIS and used to reduce waste food from the cantina, with the compost being sold by The Kindred Project, and 20 to be donated and set up at Hogar Betania.

If you would like information about sponsoring the Pure Purpose project or have any questions please contact Carmelo Sanchez

Student Reflections

It’s been a week  since the ‘Pure Purpose’ Young Engineering Team went to London to present at the Apple Education Summit. After the presentations, they would go and explore London, two members of the Engineering team, Marta Perez and Faisal Khreis were asked to share their views about the experience:

Reflection – Marta Perez Crespo D1

The Apple Summit has been a great experience so far. So nerve-wracking, yet so gratifying. Being able to share your passion about what you have done with so many people and see the amusement on their faces is so rewarding. I was surprised at how delegates reacted to our work, amazed at what we were capable of. Although it can sometimes be challenging, enthusiasm is key.  
We received visitors from all over the world, at first this provided an extra challenge but we were able to tackle it in no time. This has given me insight to what I want to do with my future. 
All in all, it has been a very positive experience that has allowed me to be interact with people from different countries in different languages to explain what we like doing. 

Reflection – Faisal Khreis

London was a great experience for the whole Young Engineers Team, we were all really excited since it was the first time in London for a few of our members. It was an enriching and interesting adventure, looking at monuments, trying international cuisine, and on top of all, going for long walks around London centre.

We went to many famous monuments like: London Bridge, Tower of London, Big Ben, House of Parliament, London Eye, Chinatown, St James Park, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square.

The Science museum was one of the most impressive places, it’s exhibits blew us away and we had great fun looking at the displays of machines, calculators, atoms and even a moon lander!

After long hours of presentations, we had fun and reflect on the day while exploring London. Our walks were really educational too as we passed by the different monuments where we would stop, look, and discuss what we thought about them.

Overall, those 5 days were really nice, interesting, will always be remembered and on top of all a very fun learning experience.

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