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On Thursday 18th February Sotogrande International School put on a fundraising event, an unforgettable rock concert, Sotorox
the Casbah. People travelled from near and far to witness the extraordinary talent of the SIS students, and those who couldn’t
make it watched the live streaming from, amongst other places, UK, Mexico, Belgium, Malta, Australia, Uruguay and America.

The concert was organised by D1 IB CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) students, with the support of the teachers. The groups embarked on different tasks, each contributing with their individual roles. This was an incredible achievement for the student team as their work ranged from; organising and attending cooking workshops, then preparing and serving food on the evening, planning the budget, marketing the event and coordinating the entire show. The students had so much drive and enthusiasm that the fundraiser was no less than utter brilliance.

It wasn’t just a music concert, but a complete show. From your first steps inside the school gates you could see fire breathers, circus acts, gymnasts, fencers and abseiling acts all performed by our very own students. You could feel the excitement in the air – and that was before the show had even started!

Then came the music. The talent was unbelievable and the energy was booming as students (past and present) drew inspiration from songs written by all the rock legends from Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd to Dr Dre and many more.

This is by far one of the best fundraisers put on by SIS, raising more than 8,000€. The money raised will be given to The Kindred Project (Sotogrande International School’s student-led NGO) and in turn donated to our long-term partners in Morocco, Association Tiwizi. A national Moroccan non-profit addressing social, economic, cultural and ecologic issues in order to meet and improve the social and economic needs of rural Asni.

As the evening drew to a close some of those who attended commented;

“It’s so incredible to see these things come together and to feel a part of the most amazing collection of people. Every aspect was spectacular.”

“What a pleasure it was to be in the audience, to what was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to (I mean that). I left feeling totally inspired… Just brilliant, the talent here is unreal “

 “It really was mind-blowing, spine-tingling, awe-inspiring, SENSATIONAL!”

“There are moments in life that will stay with you forever… that was one of them! A massive thank you from my whole family. Soto certainly ROX!”

It really was an amazing evening, showcasing some fantastic singers, musicians and performers. The question on everyone’s lips now is ‘Tell us, what next SIS?’

Thank you

Bella Straeuli (D1 student at SIS)

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