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Global Mindedness

Sotogrande International School, with over 40 different nationalities is a multicultural community which lends itself well to the development of global citizenship. The Global Citizenship Programme provides learners with the knowledge and skills to promote sustainable development, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and mutual respect and understanding, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity. Students are encouraged to participate in every aspect of the curriculum in order to reach their full potential and become motivated and aspirational global citizens. The programme encourages students to think about global issues with their HEAD, to feel empathy for others with their HEART and take action to find positive and sustainable solutions with their HANDS.

GLOBAL MINDEDNESS + Sotogrande global mindedness

Our Global CItizenship Programme Curriculum uses  four key approaches to developing this global awareness:

1) Curriculum design which embraces themes of awareness, empathy and a more holistic educational approach
2) The use of technology that fosters connections between classrooms and destinations around the world
3) Social action projects that use service-based learning to create a deeper awareness of global issues
4) Extra-curricular projects that offer a variety of tools to promote global citizenship.

Teachers use Learning to Learn Approaches to learning linked to the MYP outcomes for Service Learning and create extraordinary experiences for learners which connect with their gifts, passions and purpose both in and out of the classroom for example:

In-class activities 
Student-led events and activities
Guest lecturers & workshops
Outside activities
Service learning opportunities in the local community
Work with local business minded people and social entrepreneurs
Power Days

Who takes part?

The whole school;  It is part of our mission as a school to use education as a force for good, and GCP is embedded into our whole school curriculum from the age of 3 to 18. In PYP it is integrated into the Units of Inquiry, encouraging and supporting students in their action components; in MYP, subject Units support the teaching and learning of GCP, in addition to a specially designed Global Citizenship subject choice for  M1 – M4 students.

At SIS we believe that Global Citizenship education is for everyone: children, young people and adults too, and we encourage everyone to embrace opportunities to be the best they can be.