An Inspired School

Environmental Sustainability

Sotogrande International School’s  concern for the environment has been an intrinsic part of our programme from the very beginning. As a result, every year we try to introduce different initiatives that will lessen the impact the school has on the environment and that allows us to contribute to the improvement of the planet’s sustainability in general. Considering the size of our school, we know even the smallest of our efforts can make a big difference. In addition, our students are also taught about how to care for the environment, using a multidisciplinary approach within the school curriculum, and through distinct Global Citizenship Programme Projects.

What we do?
We are  committed to changes at SIS with regards to our attitudes and actions towards all things green.
We are in the process of applying for Eco-school status and are working on projects to support this application.

These include…

We use pedagogical techniques that will foster good habits, encouraging students to protect the environment.
Every year our students visit water treatment and recycling plants, natural parks etc.

We reduce the amount of waste we produce and we recycle selectively.
We aim to cut down on the amount of electricity we use and have a drive to reducing energy bills this year.
We aim to limit the amount of water we use.
We are recycling our waste (reducing plastic across the school)
An organic garden project in P1 (5/6 year olds) and M1 (11/12 year olds)
Developing and expanding the wonderful solar powered composting machine created by secondary GCP students
Installing a larger wormery for composting, (also a secondary student led project)
Creating school gardens that consume less water

We collaborate with the Seur Foundation by collecting bottle caps to raise money for sick children.
We organize charity campaigns collecting used toys for children in the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.
We reuse the water from the swimming pool for sanitary use and to water the football pitch.

The main goal of this project is to empower students to be the change a sustainable world needs, by engaging them in fun, pro-active learning.
We recycle second-hand uniforms and the money raised is donated to Send a Child to School Through our school NGO, The Kindred Project.

We encourage the selective recycling of paper and bottles, providing students with recycling bins in all classrooms throughout the school.
Looking to the future we are keen for students to be involved in designing and creating a school which is both eco friendly and cost effective. If you would be interested in sharing your expertise with the students in any or all of the above projects, please contact us.


We are currently in the process of gaining International Certification for our Global CItizenship Programme at SIS.

The purpose: CIS International Certification provides recognition for high quality programmes and when successful, it will enhance and confirm our school commitment to international education and the further development of global citizens.


In February 2017, Sotogrande International School successfully submitted project proposals to be considered for The International Certification Process. These Projects are now well underway and will have a mid way review by CIS in September 2017. Final project presentations will be considered by CIS Validators who will visit again for the final presentations visit in February /March 2018


“Even though I have just recently joined The Global Citizenship Programme at SIS, it has taught me how to work with a social entrepreneur and how to sell goods to customers.
In M4 GCP classes this year I have experienced how to work with a social entrepreneur and how to make profits from sales to help to send a child to school in another country.
I have developed skills, awareness and knowledge on how a social entrepreneur works and how it helps people in the community.
The Global Citizenship is a really useful subject to take because all of these things you learn are relevant  life skills that are going to be very important in the future. “

(Ellie Boden M4 GCP Student)

“The Global Citizenship Programme at SIS has provided me with memorable learning experiences in M2 this year. I have learned what social entrepreneurship is. Through making a film about social entrepreneurship, I also learned how to conduct  an interview. I have gained more knowledge about global issues and social entrepreneurship. I have developed new skills and have had the opportunity to put these skills into practice by taking action to make the world a better place. My highlight this year has been making the video about social entrepreneurship and interviewing my Global CItizenship teacher, Miss Jen and Jamie Templeton. “

(Daniela Aramburu 13 M2 GCP student)