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Sotogrande International School is a safe, caring environment in which students are encouraged to learn, grow and develop as individuals and be prepared for an ever-changing, demanding global environment. We focus on the holistic student and provide options for each learning style and preference. As a result we produce happy, confident, articulate students who achieve their full potential and make an impact on the world.

As part of this programme the Alumni network is an active and dynamic addition to the SIS programme. With regular events held both at SIS and in regional centres around the world, the network has continued to strengthen and expand its flexibility, in supporting both current SIS students and in developing useful networking contacts across the Alumni year groups. With Facebook and Linkedin being the main point of contact, we are now in excess of 200 active Alumni in our network.

We are immensely proud of our Alumni who are scattered around the world, in prestigious careers and studies at University. Many of our Alumni regularly return to Sotogrande for the annual celebration get together, and have played an active part in supporting our students with application and interview advice through to developing internship opportunities for our current cohort. We would encourage all ex-students to follow us on Facebook and keep up with what we´re doing here by joining the Linkedin group.

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Another year and the SIS Alumni family will grow as we add another 103 students to the network #SISAlumni. That network is increasingly valuable to our current students, as they connect via Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram to those further along with their Careers. It is also always incredibly beneficial for our them to return and offer their words of wisdom to our current year groups. 

Additionally, last year's amazing Alumni gathering was attended by over 60 students, with a wide variety of year groups participating in the soccer and basketball competitions. I’m looking forward to this year's event at the end of June