SIS, Champions of the Costa Inter-School Debate

On Friday 22nd November, 17 students from Sotogrande participated in a Costa Inter-School Debate at Swans. After an intense day of debating, the M5 and the D1 teams both got through to the finals. with the motion: The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and that the June 2016 vote needs to be respected’. After two tough rounds, with stiff opposition, I am delighted to announce that Sotogrande won both matches and came home with two trophies to be proud of.

Well done to all the students who took part. They were all committed, well prepared and a credit to the school.

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Jane McCann ,Teacher of English Language and Literature & Public Speaking Coordinator

Student Reflection

When we set off on the bus to head to Swans for a day of debate, I did not know what to expect. Relatively new to the field of debate (as was our school) myself and the others involved were unaware of the expertise level the other teams possessed. 

Any fear we might have had was for nought. Our group comprised of a score of confident speakers, accurate researchers, and quick thinkers. We were able to compete at a high level and the results reflected that. However, that is not why I will look back so fondly on this event. Going to Swans and making new friends made the trip more than worthwhile by itself. Many debaters also knew one another from the Model United Nations conference and spent the day reuniting and reminiscing about past experiences. 

Still, regardless of this companionship, the debates were ferocious. One fantastic debate that comes to mind is the Swans Vs Sotogrande debate on the finer points of tax payment. Both sides had superb arguments that articulated their respective sides with vigour and enthusiasm. While Soto fought tooth and nail, in the end, Swans would end up on top. However, Soto would return in the finals for a tense look at Brexit, where the two schools battled once again. This time, with a different result. Yet after each bout, no matter the result, the opponents would shake hands, showing that every emotion was left on the field, but the bonds made would not be forgotten.

Cassius J, M4 student

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