MMIStudio imgStudents who see their future within the music or broader entertainment industry no longer need to move to the UK or the States to continue their specialist education there. The SIMA/Berklee and Flexible Pathway courses are of the highest standard and include not only a broad variety of exciting options right here on location, but also online.

Musically-inclined students who wish for the safest and best start in life, know that it’s necessary to combine general education certificates (e.g. an A-level programme/High School Diploma) with a vocational program – such as is offered by SIMA.

Choosing the 2 year Flexible Pathways programme at Sotogrande International School means students who are passionate about developing their music industry career can still achieve academic success. This exciting option for 16-18 year olds provides tuition for both A levels and the High School Diploma (HSD) in the afternoons  allowing ample time for students to focus their mornings on the SIMA/Berklee programmes.

Both the High School Diploma and A Levels are recognised worldwide as university preparatory courses when achieving the required grades. Furthermore, the SIMA/Berklee programs offer full college credits/points meaning ours students emerge prepared not merely for continued higher level musical education in the UK or the US, but also in some cases for a thriving musical career. Additionally, many of the courses offered by Berklee, through SIMA, are of a more general nature and can easily prepare music students for careers in more diverse fields.

The SIMA development work is carried out both at the SIS campus and at the Sotogrande International Boarding House campus at San Roque Club, where we have an excellent recording and production studio facility, sessions can be booked at virtually any time of day or evening. The selected Berklee courses are available online, including live interaction with their professors. A Level and High School Diploma lessons are delivered at the SIS campus.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it becomes less and less of an issue for aspiring musicians and vocalists to “have to” be based in London, New York or LA, if they dream of a chance to have a career in the entertainment business, either as artists, or as music business professionals.

SIMA, The Sotogrande International Music Academy, now in collaboration with the world-famous music college, Berklee, offers not only the highest quality music and artist development programs to SIS students, but also comprehensive education in music business, marketing, legal, accounting and more. These world-class certificate and degree courses will help prepare our students for serious and stable careers in the real music business world – and beyond.

But there’s more to SIMA than just that. We also help expose our most promising young artists and budding music producers to genuine music industry opportunities including direct access to some of the world’s best and biggest record labels, publishers and managements.

Critically, credits earned through the Berklee courses can be easily transferred as points to any university in the world, not to mention the fact that students with Berklee credentials have major bragging rights to boot. Berklee has just about the best reputation in the world in its field.

SIMA is run by music industry professionals with years of experience, including successful music and artist placements and hit songs. Through its partnership with MMI Studios, SIMA continues to very actively work within the music industry in the UK, US and parts of Europe and Asia, giving its students invaluable industry connections as well as practical experience in working with the best people in this field.

The Sotogrande International School (SIS) choir aims to make a difference this Christmas by using their original song ‘Whole Lotta People’ to raise money to sponsor the education of children in Africa.
The choir, made up of 40 students from the ages of 11 to 17, came up with the idea as part of their ongoing support of the school NGO, The Kindred Project. The Kindred Project is a unique student-driven, non-profit organisation with the firm goal of enabling and empowering students to use education as a force for good in the world.
As part of the ‘Send a Child to School’ project, students at SIS already sponsor 52 disadvantaged children in Africa, and the choir wanted to take this one step further.
“What’s stopping us from making this 152, or even 1052?” says voice teacher and choir director, Laura Krier.
With The Kindred Project’s motto, ‘be the change’, ringing in their ears, they wondered if their song could be used to help raise funds to send even more children to school. Quick to support a new and optimistic idea, the music teachers rallied around and helped to prepare the single for release. Which brings us to today, and the realisation of their dreams. In the words of The SIS Choir “This year we can all make a difference, the small (and hopefully enjoyable!) act of downloading our song has the power to change lives. If we come together, we can BE THE CHANGE! We hope very much that you will help us and like, share and support our goal.

We need 125,0000 views to send one child to school



Daily work, artist development, songwriting and production courses at SIMA are supervised by Paul Sedkowski, whose past music successes include Barcelona Olympics promotional music with his band Alma Tadema, a #1 hit with group, Prince Scandal, long-term work with the managements of such super-groups as Deep Purple or Whitesnake, sessions with the likes of Robin Thicke or Andy Tumi, an over-two-year-long work on new artist discovery together with Tony Cowell (Simon’s older brother), development of one of the world’s most successful indie music showcases on radio (Fame Games) which was syndicated in the USA with ABC radio networks, ongoing collaborations with some of the best songwriters in the world including Grammy winners such as Rob Davis or Paul Harris, or successful million-selling producers such as Derek Lawrence or Tosh Darg – and much more.


Paul’s long-time partner in much of the above work and associations is Laura Krier, herself a former performing and recording artist, is currently the head vocal and piano coach at SIMA. Laura not only has an accounting degree from University of South Dakota, but she also studied at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), and continues to actively develop her vocal coaching career within the IVA/SLS methods, practiced by all of the world’s top vocal coaches. Laura’s rich past saw her working the world over, from Japan to England to the US Capitol Hill, and her organizational skills are second to none.

The extended SIMA team also includes local as well as international experts in related fields from vocal coaching to image development to dance.


On working with us:   “As a producer and consultant based in the UK, I feel confident in your musical and technical expertise.” ANDY HAYMAN (songwriter, producer, music consultant – credits include Appleton, All Saints, Liam Gallagher (Oasis), Ronan Keating (Boyzone), Sugababes , Wonita, Gareth Gates, Bananarama, Lee Ryan, Jo O’Meara (S-Club 7), Ray Hedges and more)

On our songwriting: “World-class in every respect” ROB DAVIS (hit songwriter, Grammy winner, former guitarist of Mud, wrote Toca’s Miracle for Fragma, If This Ain’t Love for Spillers GrooveJet, Can’t Get You Outta My Head for Kylie Minnogue and many more. Considered one of the top songwriters in the world today.)

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