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siga-clauda-alnajimFor many people, Sotogrande on the Costa del Sol in Andalucia, Southern Spain, is one of the best places in Europe to play golf. The average of 300 days per year of sunshine means that the days are long and allow for plenty of quality time on the golf course.

The Sotogrande International Golf Academy (SIGA) was set up to provide its students with expert golf training, and enable them to achieve excellence not only in the game but also on a personal level. We believe that every budding professional sportsman/woman should benefit from positive learning opportunities which, from the very outset, support them in identifying and developing their particular strengths, as well as overcoming challenges, so encouraging them and guiding them towards getting the very best out of their discipline. These values underpin our approach to teaching and learning both within the school and the academy, and drive the training we provide for our students at every level.

The Academy is based at the renowned Alcaidesa Golf Club, which boasts two magnificent golf-courses:  Alcaidesa Links and Alcaidesa Heathlands, which together provide a total of 36 professional-standard holes with wonderful views to the sea, Gibraltar, and Africa beyond. The courses are set within two Nature Parks, which make the views even more spectacular, and the two kilometres of beach which run alongside the courses, blending with the beautiful colours of the sea, create a visual spectacle that is unparalleled on the entire Costa del Sol.


juan-antonio-marin-ramosUnder the watchful eye of trainer Juan Antonio Marin, academy students are assured a personalised learning programme that enables them to develop as players and achieve optimum results when competing in tournaments. Through a combination of one-to one and group lessons, youth and experience, the teacher approaches each of his students as an individual, while at the same time promoting team values and ethics among them, offering them a holistic training programme that embraces and develops the key qualities of good sportsmanship.

The programme design is based on natural learning processes, whereby students are shown how to actively participate in and at the same time enjoy their training, an ability they will then carry through to other facets of their lives.  By providing training across the three most important aspects of the game, physical, technical and mental, the programmes we have developed offer a thorough preparation for the golfer.

The students at SIGA have the opportunity to compete against first-class opponents by taking part in professional tournaments, held in the country’s best golf clubs. They are given the chance to learn from great players with solid placings in the professional rankings, and so test their performance and improvement in competitive situations. Last year more than thirty tournaments were played all over the country, and even abroad, and these competitions provide an excellent background for evaluating and testing the progress made in their training.

At the Academy we work with three training programmes for our students, all designed to optimize each player’s performance.


This programme is designed to introduce students to the world of golf.  Students learn about the game, and about the best ways to enjoy it while developing their ability, technique and motivation.  We introduce students to the game in a relaxed and accessible manner, carrying out most of the training on the golf-course itself.

Silver students will be able to take part in internal tournaments which will test their reactions to competitive situations.


The Gold group is made up of students who have reached a good standard and who compete regularly.  Their perspective on the game begins to undergo a change, as it becomes more professional and more focused on the tournament circuit.  Particular attention is paid to developing a good swing and short game, on being both mentally and physically prepared, and learning how the game develops on the course.

The programme is more personalised, but the unity and strength of the team continue to be a key factor in achieving success.


Students at this level work on all the technical areas required for excellence in the game, including tournament preparation, course strategy, perfecting their movement, sports psychology, and the rules of the game, and are motivated by competitive play and by internal team rivalry.

Students receive a holistic and personalized training, focusing on the tournaments which they will compete in throughout the season.  The programme calendar is designed to allow the players to develop their professional golf career, while they continue with their academic education.  During the school year the student will be able to take part in local tournaments, the Andalucian circuit, and other tournaments which are important for their Andalucian and National ranking.

Students are able to raise their ranking by improving their game enough to become a member of the Elite Team which represents SIGA in top level tournaments, and provides them with the professional experience they will need for a career as a golfer.


Technology plays an increasingly important part in developing the game of golf.

At SIGA we have installed cutting-edge technology to help students analyze their own strokes and, with the advice and guidance of their coach, improve all aspects of their performance. This is a vital addition to the outside coaching and play and allows students to be self-critical and really see how they might improve their game.


  • 2 x 18-hole golf courses designed by Dave Thomas
  • Floodlit driving range with 72 booths
  • 2 chipping greens
  • 2 putting greens


Developed by STT with:

  • 3D motion capture
  • Visualisation of the movement in 3D
  • Swing planes
  • Weight distribution
  • Lines and centre of gravity
  • Automatic movement segmentation


This is a putting analysis and training system based on accurate ultrasound measurements. It analyzes the  28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports. Within seconds the system gives you an individual feedback on your putting strokes. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies.


Enables students to stay at the forefront of the very competitive golf performance industry. The system’s user-friendly capture, analysis, and training software precisely measures swing efficiency and movement patterns. The real-time visual and auditory feedback allows students to monitor and track their progress over time.

K-VEST’s comprehensive solution features include:
  • TPI 3D Software
  • Developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, TPI 3D measures swing efficiency via the kinematic sequence and allows users to compare swing patterns to the world’s top PGA and LPGA players.
  • K-SWING Summary
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Real-time visual and auditory biofeedback can be used to improve every aspect of the golf swing, including set up, backswing, top and impact positions.
  • Video Analysis using V1 Pro – Video

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