Secondary Bonding Trips

At the start of each school year our students, advisors and Pastoral Leaders embark on a series of challenges and cultural experiences around Andalucía. Spending time away together helps to form bonds, understand each others’ strengths and skill sets and to have fun in a relaxed and fun environment.


M1 traveled to two different places with the intention of bonding with each other in a different environment other than the classroom, and tried their best in new activities. M1 student Alba G wrote about her experiences

On Thursday the 19th M1 went on an adventure to Wakana lake, a natural park with still remaining ancient activity from the Phoenicians. Once we got there the whole year gathered at the entrance of this beautiful place where they explained the fantastic and wonderful activities that were going to take place during the day. At first they divided us into 3 groups by advisory and we rotated so each group got to do all 3 activities which were the canopy park, kayak and paddle boarding or team games. In the team games we played throw the ball into the hoops until one of the groups got 20 points, and the most fun game of this category was trying to pass the ball through the bamboo sticks through all the team without it falling. Everyone was trying different plans and giving ideas to complete this task, everyone was collaborating with each other. The second activity one of the groups got to do was kayak and paddle. In kayak we went in pairs and it was so much fun watching other pairs going perfectly syncronised with each other and splashing other groups and friends on the paddle. Once we splashed them and they fell so dramatically on the lake and we all started laughing. On paddle it was so hard to keep standing on top of the board; I loved this excursion. The third activity was canopy park, Kate was amazing at it as most of us hadn’t even started and she had already finished! The one most people got stuck on was number 3, it was challenging because the places where you could place yourself were so far and dangly that you had to do the splits to get there, but we all did well and tried our best. The last activity was a race in the mud and everyone was falling down and thinking “my mum will be very mad at me when she sees my shoes,” although it was great fun. I give Wakana Lake a 10 out of 10.

Alba G.

On Friday 20th we went to Pequeña Africa, a zoo in Jimena, where we had lots of activities planned for us including a surprise. Well the thing is that once we got there they explained the basic rules of the environment, our behaviour and the animals, and in that moment they introduced Simba and Copo, two little lions that were only two months old. They had observed that their mother hadn’t been able to look after them well so they took them to make sure they survived. In that moment everyone had fallen to those little lions paws trying to touch them but they told us we weren’t allowed, we could see the little lions warning in their eyes, they were small and calm but they would be scared if so many people were fussing them. We had different activities each different to the other, we rode a dromedary (an Arabian camel) for a few meters, we rode on a horse, we entered the gate where the goats were or used to be because they had escaped but it was fun, we saw an Ostrich trying to eat our bags although there was no food in it, and we went wall climbing where the holds were tough, there was archery, we visited the wolves house and we saw a snake and a honey bear which was so cute!!. In the end everyone had fun. I think this trip helped us bond because you never knew which group they were going to put you in so you had to socialize and get to know new people in order to have fun and create a fantastic ambience. Alba G 



I thought canyoning in Benahavis was a great idea for a bonding trip. We were able to connect with our teachers, and peers, old and new. Not only did we have fun! And we did… But I was challenged as I had to step out of my comfort zone. It’s not just about the trips it’s about being able to spend time with friends. Thank you to the monitors who were really helpful explaining what to do and making the experience even more fun. 

Have your parents ever asked you this: ‘If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?’ Well, I did just that. I’m glad I didn’t turn down this awesome chance. It was really thrilling and I’m sad we couldn’t repeat the course over and over again! 

We were excited about the trip. We finally got there and we cheerfully dashed out of the bus to see boxes full of harnesses, helmets and wetsuits. An adventurous part of the trip was when we got to swim in a cave. It was almost like a cave, the top consisted of two cliffs split apart filled with water so when you looked up, you could see a crack of sunlight. Overall, this has beaten all of the bonding trips so far. I think I speak for everyone when I say, THIS TRIP WAS AWESOME!! 

James B.

Savannah K.

 Amai C.


During our trip to Wakana lake we experienced many challenges and powerful bonding activities throughout the day. We paddled across the lake racing and splashing each other while laughing hysterically we bonded and grew a stronger relationship with our peers. Then we went zipline through the trees and jumped through logs hanging from the wooden contraption afterwards we went paddle boarding. The best part was the mud race where we climbed and crawled into and out of mud in groups helping each other get through. Overall this trip has been an amazing bonding experience and has brought M2 together. 

I am a new student at Sotogrande International School and this was my first trip in this school. The way it was organized was amazing! I had a lot of fun and enjoyed so much. I loved when we did the mud race, it was really funny and really dirty in a really good way. I had a lot of fun with my friends. I really liked how all the teachers and my friends pulled us up when we said we couldn’t be able to continue but then we did. The trip was awesome. I had such a great time and I am excited for more trips like this or even better. Thanks to everyone! 

The treetop course was very fun and there was an extra bonus because we got to cheer on our friends and give them the courage to do an obstacle if they were afraid. Then it was the spartan race. We all got into teams and the race began. Everyone was helping each other up hard/high obstacles. The mud was very sticky and mushy, almost everyone had a feeling they were going to lose their shoe in the thick mud. I think the whole of M2 agrees that this was a really great and exciting trip full of fun activities. Amaia C

Noa S.

Claudia J.

 Amai C.


On Thursday 19th September the M3 students and staff set off for two days of adventure, fun and games. We began the day by exploring the cactus garden and lake at Parque de la Paloma, where we fed goats, rabbits, terrapins and chickens, while trying to avoid being bitten by goats! The students then raced against the clock in Prison Island, where they faced multiple challenges requiring precise coordination, clear communication and speed if they stood a chance of beating the clock and the teachers!

At Camping Los Alcornocales, Jimena de la Frontera, the students had great fun swimming in a very chilly pool. Then they were faced with yet more challenges starting with setting up their tents, which took a while, but they were soon ready make pizzas from scratch. They learned how to make dough in a plastic bag and choose their own toppings to create the perfect pizza, which they cooked on a camp stove.

After a night in a tent, the students packed up the campsite. Getting a tent back into its bag took skill and patience, but they managed it perfectly well. Then they began a rotation of fun activities organised by the teachers. Each activity made great use of their collaboration, communication and creative thinking skills.

Before they left on Thursday morning, the M3 students didn’t know quite what to expect, and yet everyone threw themselves into the activities in typical M3 fashion. All too soon, it was time to leave and as they headed back to school on Friday afternoon, they knew that they were more than ready to face further challenges in the years to come.


M4 went to Agua Mijas and Tarifa and Mr Mortimer made a fabulous video of the trip that you can see here ……….


M5 travelled to Tarifa and enjoyed a range of activities on the beach including SUP and windsurfing, dune climbing and bonding games. It was an excellent adventure and definitely gave everyone an opportunity to get to know each other better!

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