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Dates for your diary

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Whole School


29th November  Christmas Bazaar 1pm – 4pm
 2nd December     PTA monthly meeting, 9am in the cantina
3rd December  Personal Development workshop for Parent Ambassadors


Postponed trips  Due to bad weather this week we had to postpone the P5 trip to Gibraltar until next Thursday 4th December and the EC2 trip to the castle, new date to be confirmed.


1st December    Solutions to Bullying Workshop for Secondary parents (see below)


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Whole School News

From the Head of Teaching and Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank-you for your support last week in the secondary Parent Teacher conferences on Friday.  It was lovely to see you all and hear how your children are coming along.  Having space and time to have meaningful discussions with teachers is essential to the progress of students.

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On Monday morning we had our M1 – M3 awards assembly.  You can see the honors list on the TV in reception!   Our wonderful PTA members worked tirelessly to transform our reception and cantina into a Christmas extravaganza!  It really does feel like Christmas has come to SIS!!

On Wednesday our Under 19s football team, comprised of boys from M5, D1 and D2, set off to Portugal.  We wish them every success over the weekend in this large international competition.  Also on Wednesday I had the dubious pleasure of being invited to have wet sponges thrown at me during the M3 Rag and bucket days.   I am looking forward to hearing how much they managed to raise. I wish to thank the M3 students for their creativity and commitment to the fund raising days.  Of course the event would not have happened without the work from the M3 pastoral team and Valentina Stirling.
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On my tour of school this week, I had a fascinating lesson on the history of the periodic table, learnt all about the M1 plans for the invention convention, had a maths lesson with P2 learning about why there are tens and units and finally listened to the EC2 children’s interpretations of different fairytales.  It is lovely to be able to converse with the students on their knowledge and understanding.  Thanks to staff for opening their doors to me.

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Our Mufti day today was very successful in producing prizes for our Tombola.  Please find the link to the program for our Christmas Bazaar here. We are very much looking forward to seeing you tomorrow when hopefully one of you will win the iPhone 6!

Best wishes and kind regards

Jak Kearney

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SIS P.E. Kit

The online ordering page for the SIS P.E. Kit for students in MYP3 through to M5 will be live on Monday December 1st. Please go to this link,, to find out a great deal more about the choices for both the Core and Optional items and the payment process.

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Next week, samples of the kit will be available in P.E. lessons for students to try on so that they will be able to help you decide the appropriate sizes to order.The deadline for orders to be placed by all PYP3 – MYP5 students is Wednesday 10th 
Cantina update

Ulrich Schoene of the Board of Directors and Enrique del Viso facilitated a meeting on Wednesday with Eduard Vidal, Customer Relations Manager of Sodexo, and representatives from all interested groups at SIS.

Eduard listened to many issues, both positive and negative, and promised to make a report and come back to SIS within a realistic time scale with an action plan for improving the service provided.

Two parents are immediately tasked with reviewing the 6 weekly cycle menus with Luisifer, the local Area Manager of Sodexo. Additionally a group from SIS will visit Madrid next week to research different lunch models in schools there.

Developing Multi-literate Global Citizens

The M2 English Language Acquisition classes have been having great fun this term, collaborating with P1 classes on paired reading and mother-tongue activities. They meet every 2 weeks to share reading, discuss books and work on key words and concepts for the P1 Unit in home languages. Last week, the M2 students were asked by the P1 teachers to help the younger students understand the SIS values. The M2 students prepared some fantastic resources in Russian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish and English, exploring a range of ways to help the P1s to make sense of this difficult vocabulary.
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We benefit from a wonderfully rich cultural diversity here at SIS and want to recognise and celebrate the various languages spoken within our school community. Mother-tongue languages play an important role in supporting holistic learning, developing intercultural awareness and building communication skills. If you are interested in becoming involved in a dynamic, whole-school programme to celebrate the range of cultures and languages in our community, please contact

We would also love to receive donations of books in all languages to develop our mother tongue library.

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Arts News

Thank you to Paul Hart from Marbella Entertainments for offering his expertise in training both selected staff and students to operate the fantastic lighting system we have in the SIS theatre space. As usual the students were streaks ahead in picking up the complexities of programming and operating the lights. This will mean they will now have some practical skill as a theatre technician and be able to help make our performances and class showcases look even more professional and dazzling!

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Date for the diary:  SIS December Theatre Festival

Student led performances will be showcased on the 9th and 10th of December in the SIS Theatre at 6pm. These will all be original works that have been directed or devised by the students themselves. Several of the pieces are D2 IB Theatre exam performances created for their Independent project. We will also have some great physical and stylised work from both D1 and M4. Both evenings yet again reveal the notable degree of talent that SIS always seems to have on offer! Please do come and support the students and their hard work. Tickets will be available on the door.

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Parent Ambassador Invitation

We invite you to join us to share & piece together the student jigsaw of learning!

Come along to a fun, practical and interactive workshop on communication on Wednesday December 3rd at 6.30 pm. Colin Hiles, Mindset and Leadership Coach and expert in the field of personal and professional growth, will lead this workshop.

This is part of the Parent Ambassador programme, which we believe is a vital part of building a strong SIS community. We wish to engage parents more actively to raise the level of service and to tell the SIS story of our dynamic & progressive philosophy of education.

Ambassadors will be trained in communicating effectively by identifying the four different personality types and how to best relate to them, as well as getting practical techniques to better understand youth and children’s personalities.

Additionally we will explain what our Parent Ambassador Programme is all about, what is required from the Ambassadors and the training and development opportunities they will receive.

The first session on Wednesday December 3rd will take place on the top floor of the Main Building from 6.30 pm to 9pm. Refreshments will be on offer from 6:30pm.  

All ambassador sessions will be held in both English and Spanish.

Please RSVP to to reserve your place.

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Primary School News

Message from Emma Butler, Head of Primary


Please can all students in EC1-P2 be taken to and collected from their classroom doors by a parent or guardian.

Another opportunity. Parent Workshop In Spanish. Focus. Brain Research And The Impact On Primary Education.

If you couldn’t make the last session we are holding another next Wednesday 2.30 to 3.30 in the P3 classroom. We hope to see you there!

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P3 have had a busy week!

Making Secret Potions – a wonderful trans disciplinary activity combining maths, language and personal and social skills.

The children had to use 4 ingredients to write a Secret Potion Recipe adding up to 1000ml. When they had completed their recipe, they made their potions using their measuring jugs that they had made themselves using recycled plastic bottles. The children then used alliteration to make interesting descriptions for their potions.

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On Wednesday P3 went to one of the secondary science laboratories to investigate The Water Cycle. Using scientific equipment, Mrs. Kearney recreated the water cycle to demonstrate evaporation, condensation and precipitation. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and are going to make models to demonstrate what they observed and their new understandings!

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The P3 Spanish teachers organized a theatre trip for the children to watch the play The Ugly Duckling in the auditorium of the Polytechnic in Algeciras. All the students greatly enjoyed this day out. Video link 

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Congratulations to our P6 Basketball Team

It’s a pleasure to inform you that our P6 Basketball girls and boys teams had very successful results at the Year 6 Basketball Tournament held at Swans International School last week.

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Our teams played against Swans, Aloha, EIC, BIC and St. Anthony’s and in total, SIS won 6 of the 10 games played.

Our Girls team beat Swans, Aloha, BIC and St Anthony’s; the Boys team beat BIC and EIC.

Overall the SIS P6 Girls finished in 2nd place and the SIS P6 Boys finished in 3rd place.

Special thanks to Miss Marre who prepared the students for the tournament and coached them throughout.

Eugenia del Águila González-Outón

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Secondary School News

New Online Maths Resource

The maths department is very pleased to announce that we have now subscribed to the website

This easy access to more maths resources will allow students to revisit areas of misconception in order to build their confidence; to review topics, not only in preparation for exams, but also for a better understanding of the work covered in class and to be able to catch up when they are absent by watching online lessons.

We will give each of our students a login to the website and we would ask you to please encourage your son/daughter to use it.

Thank you once more for your support,

The maths team

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Workshop for Secondary Parents – ‘Finding Solutions to bullying, through kindness’

Two weeks ago, a group of parents attended a workshop (‘Happy Thoughts’) delivered by Antonia Behan, a certified Life Coach. The workshop was extremely successful and as a result, The Pastoral Department has asked Antonia to return again.

Parents and teachers are invited to a Cultural Focus Group session on ‘Finding solutions to bullying, through kindness’. This will be held on Monday 1st December from 10.15 to 11.30 in the school cantina.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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PTA news

Monthly meeting date

The next PTA meeting will be on Tuesday the 2nd of December at 9am in the cantina.

All parents welcome.

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SIS proud to show support for Santa 5Km Run & Walk

Former student Danii will have a stall at our Christmas Bazaar where you can buy your Santa suit in preparation for the 5Km fun run the following weekend.

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Siga News

Golf News

We are delighted to announce that Maria Parra, our top SIGA player has been awarded a 4 year scholarship for the University of Miami for the next four years.

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See this link which announces her success.

Congratulations Maria!

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