School Newsletter 26.05.2017

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We are a learning community, passionate about providing an  International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural  understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

School Newsletter – 26th May 2017


Message from the Head

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Our staff certainly needed it after the volumes of trips and activities last week. I would like to thank the P5 and P6 teams along with other accompanying teachers for the two overnight trips.  Without staff giving up their valuable time, our students would not have the same life experiences that are so valuable to their growth and development.

This weekend was another busy one at SIS. We welcomed Shutz, a school football team from Egypt to Spain in the early hours of Saturday morning. Their under 14 teams then went on to play fixtures against SIS, Aloha, Laude & Tesorillo. Our friends were also treated to surfing lessons, Adventura Amazonia and they were witness to history being made at La Roseleda as Real Madrid beat Malaga to be crowned Campeones! This has been a fantastic few days of sporting and cultural mixing and we hope the friendships formed last for many years to come. SIS has already been invited to visit the pyramids in the future!

Meanwhile on Monday, Dr. Mark Woolley organised the “Best Science lesson in the Universe”, as he and 20 students, 7 staff and 1 parent climbed to 15,000 feet in a small twin turbo prop aircraft accompanied by their skydiving instructors for the day. As they hurtled to the ground at approximately 200 kms per hour they were able to contemplate first hand the subtle interplay of Newton’s 3 laws, from the very first split second as the second law governed proceedings, followed by the third and then finally the first as terminal velocity was reached. When the parachute opened, Newton’s second law once again kicked in producing in the order of 5 Gs on the students before the first law took over again and they landed comfortably in a field near Sevilla.

We are the first school ever to do this with the company and they are now awaiting our booking again for next year.  If anyone is interested please contact Mark Woolley. The only rule is that when you jump, you must shout “Physics is fun”!!

Upon arrival at school on Tuesday we were greeted by the marquee, which will be in the playground for the remaining weeks, and the D2 prank day. The students who completed their final exams on Friday have been plotting revenge on their teachers. Tuesday morning we walked into their zone!  Upon passing through the front gate, being completely soaked by water, was not perhaps the most professional set up for my first meeting of the day!  Luckily everything was cleared up by 11am.  Thank you to all the staff and parents who were good sports on the day and to the D2 students who stayed within the agreed boundaries.

I would like to congratulate Fabio Gold-Sacker who has completed a sponsored run of 70kms ( 10kms per day over the last week) as his community project to raise funds to sponsor a child’s education at Nabugabo school. 

Wednesday was a huge day for our “Playing for change” finalists. In the two semi finals the students along with Mr. Luis have raised over 900€ so far for students in Brazil to have music lessons in school.  The first event to be held in the marquee was a tremendous success with the capacity audience enjoying an impressive range of talented performances. I would like to thank Mr. Luis for this initiative, the staff who supported the events, the Primary student council, the external judging panel and all of the students who stepped up to Play for Change. Congratulations to the 6 winning acts, you can read all the names and category details in the primary section.

Meanwhile our D2 students hosted their graduation dinner at Octogono, the students invited their teachers for a meal, where we reminisced about their time at SIS.  It was a lovely evening and a great warm up for Friday’s graduation.

Tonight our D2 students will graduate.  It will mark the end of their time at SIS and officially make them part of our growing community of alumni.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and hope to see you at the Primary Spring Fair or the Sotogrande Grand Prix this weekend.

Best wishes

Jak Kearney


Whole School News

Community Project Showcase – Tuesday 30th May

We are delighted to invite you to the Community Project and Service showcase 2017. All parents are welcome to visit from 3.30 to 4.15 pm.

Eco-school Project

We are extremely pleased to announce that Sotogrande has begun on its journey to become an Eco-School.  Students from Little Einsteins, and Primary and Secondary Student Councils have been involved with moving forwards with our two main foci, which will be recycling and reducing energy consumption.  M3 Community Project students have been researching the possibility of harnessing solar and wind power on site.  We have also welcomed local permaculture expert Sacha Bernal Coates who has visited M1 to give advice on their organic and sustainable garden
project. If any parents would like to get involved with our Eco-School projects, please email Ms. Eliza at or Pippa Smith at


Primary students will have brought home Baker Book catalogues this week, with a wonderful selection of books for all ages.  For M1 through to D1 students, catalogues/order forms will be available in The Link.  If you would like to place an order, please complete the order form on the back page of the catalogue and return it to Mrs. Lin Campbell in P1, with the correct cash in Euros. There is also an option to place orders online by connecting to:
This method allows for orders to be placed and paid for online but books will be delivered to and distributed from school.  The cost of the books is the price in Euros as this includes a delivery charge.  By placing an order, not only will you be receiving beautiful books for your children to enjoy, but the school libraries will be entitled to free books from the commission accrued.  The last date for orders is Wednesday 31st May; books normally arrive within two weeks of the order being placed.



Primary School News

Message From Emma Butler

Primary Sports Days

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week Primary celebrated their Sports Days. Thank you to Miss Lola and the PE team for organising and preparing the students. Over the two mornings it was great to see all our Primary students joining in and showing their teachers and parents what they can do. Thank you to all the parents who came to supports these events.

The 2017 Sports Day winners were the Phoenicians for EC1-P2 and the Egyptians for P3-P6.

P5 Overnight trip

This year P5 students embarked on an overnight trip to Doñana to discover and expand their understanding of their final unit of inquiry. Doñana National Park was a destination especially chosen as a provocation for our new Inquiry Unit on Ecosystems.   Doñana has one of the most unique biodiversities in Europe and we are very fortunate that it is only a short bus journey away.  This was an opportunity too good to miss.  The park features a great variety of ecosystems and shelters wildlife including thousands of European and African migratory birds, deer, wild boars, and endangered species such as the Spanish imperial eagle and the Iberian lynx.  The children travelled in 4X4 trucks to view several types of habitats. They experienced first hand marshland, forest, dune and aquatic ecosystems which they will study in greater detail during the rest of the term.


All the children had a fabulous time. As well as learning about ecosystems, they enjoyed some social time and a party in the evening.

Link to video

P6 Overnight trip

The P6 two night trip to Olvera was an initial provocation for our final unit about Changes and Challenges.  The students had the opportunity to consider and apply skills and knowledge they have learnt about different ways to support each other and deal with challenging situations.

On Wednesday, PYP 6 went to a very exciting trip to Pueblo Blanco. As soon as we got there, we were grouped into cabins; we were grouped with our friends. As we got there, we got to meet some new monitors, who guided us safely through the rest of the trip. In the long sunny days, we enjoyed ourselves by doing swimming, and some activities which most of us had never done before. Of course, we were scared at first to do some activities; however, we were encouraged by our other classmates, who helped us to cross the hurdles of fear. The activities we did were as follows: bungee jumping, walking on an obstacle course, hiking, walking in a cave, swimming etc.

The above is an excerpt from a trip reflection by P6 student Aashika Suresh, you can read her whole account on our school blog.

Link to video

Playing for Change

On Wednesday evening we had the Playing for Change Final. A huge thank you and congratulations to Mr. Luis for organising and running this event. Thank you also to Miss Maureen and many other teachers who helped across the three Playing for Change evenings this year.

The winners of Playing for Change 2017 were:

P3 / 4 Singing    Claudia and Daniella
P3 / 4 Playing     River
P3 / 4 Dancing   Jaden and Carlos

P5 / 6 Singing    Kiri
P5 / 6 Dancing   Jose, Fernando, Rafa, Gerado, Antonio
P5 / 6 Mixed      James, Jago, Harrison, Jasmine, Matt, Oliver

Summer Swimming Camp

Looking for swimming lessons for your children this summer? Let them join our Summer Swimming Camp! Running throughout July for 5 – 8-year-olds the camp offers a perfect solution for beginners right through to advanced swimmers. For information and to book your place visit the Swimming Camp site and don’t forget to tick the SIS Student box to receive your 5% discount!

Family Fun Day / Spring Fair

On Sunday the Primary Student Council are hosting the annual Family Fun Day. This year they have made it bigger and better with more games and activities being organised.
Please do come and support and enjoy this Primary party.
As well as the many different activities there will also be an Argentinian grill, sushi stall, cake stall and a bar.
Hope to see you all there!



Secondary School News

Duke of Edinburgh expedition report

The Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award participants spent a wonderful four days navigating their way around the Sierra de Las Nieves, including summiting Mt. Torrecilla; standing at 1919m, it is the highest peak in Malaga province.  They also spent a windy evening exploring Ronda.  All of the students successfully passed the adventurous journey component of their Silver award.




PTA News


The PTA extends an invitation to all parents and teachers to attend the Annual General Meeting, which will take place on Tuesday 30th May at 7.30pm in the school theatre.


Tickets for this year’s “All White Summer Party” at La Cabana de Sotogrande on Friday 2nd June are now available from both reception and the school gates at the end of the day.

The Kindred Project News

Run for LearningMassive congratulations to M3 student Fabio who for his community project Run for Learning ran an incredible 70km in 7 days. Fabio is raising money to sponsor a child’s primary education in Nabugabo, Uganda. Well done for rallying the SIS community together and making a difference. You can sponsor Fabio here:

Uganda Assembly 

On Tuesday the Uganda expedition team held an assembly and shared their amazing experiences with the entire Secondary School. We were honoured to be joined by NCLC founders Judy Harris and Dave Batten, who were extremely thankful for the amazing attitude and all the hard work carried out by SIS students on their visit.

SI Stage School production of Oz

Come and see our family classic ‘Oz’. Students from Sotogrande Stage School will be performing on June the 6th and 7th from 6.30pm. Tickets are 5 euros each and all money raised will go to Hogar Betania.

Tickets will be on sale at the school gate and from Henry in reception.


Fundamentals – Summer Fun Kids
The hot summer months are nearly here and what better place for your little ones to enjoy themselves than at the Fundamentals Summer Camp! Our qualified and caring team offer fun, creative and educational activities each day while also providing a safe and exciting space for children to make new friends.This year’s camp for children from 2 to 6 years old runs for 4 weeks from 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday, starting on the 3rd July and finishing on the 28th July. For more information, please contact

Advertise your business in the SIS 2017 Year Book 

As we enter the final term of the academic year we have the pleasure of putting together the 2017 Year Book. Our Year Book celebrates some of the best moments, trips and activities for each year group as well as focusing on the D2 graduating class. Parents, we would like to offer you the opportunity to advertise in this much-anticipated keepsake. For further information please contact


Sotosol Walk

We are a learning community, passionate about providing an  International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural  understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning asa force for good in the world.


ASSIST is a free service offered by Sotogrande International School (SIS) to help and support newly arrived families to quickly find solutions to their relocation issues, their domestic and personal needs by using the buying power of the SIS community to negotiate discounts, deals and/or privileges from local suppliers.

The Kindred Project

“To promote education as a force for good to help create a more peaceful world”.

Aims to offer young people opportunities to explore, discuss and work together to help sustain change both locally and globally by developing leadership and critical thinking skills through projects requiring intercultural understanding and community building.

Sistech Academy

Since SIS students are privileged to be members of an IT learning environment that is an official Apple School. Our IT staff are not only trained by Apple but are themselves certified Apple Trainers. So uncertainties about using Apples vast suite of applications and devices are becoming second-nature to your children and the same level of expertise and teaching can be put at the disposal of parents too, and even other adults not yet members of the SIS family…

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