School Newsletter 24.10.2014

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Dates for your diary

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Whole School


25th October – 3rd November      Half-term Holiday
6th NovemberPTA Meeting 9am       
7th November SIS Fireworks Party 7-9.30pm


12th November       Workshop for Primary Parents. Focus on learning and the brain (in English and Spanish)


   21st November     M1- D2 Parent consultations


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Whole School News

From the Head of Teaching and Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I really cannot believe that the first half term holiday is already upon us.  We are a really busy school, providing rich and diverse learning opportunities for the students.  I feel genuinely proud of our students, staff, parents and learning philosophy. When I tour the school and talk to the students I am overwhelmed by their confidence, maturity and passion for their area of study.

Following the PTA AGM on Wednesday 15th October there are a number of new committee members whom we are very happy to welcome aboard a great PTA team.

Again I wish to thank all parents and staff concerned for their continued support of our PTA.

It has been another wonderful and busy week at SIS.

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On my walkabout on Friday 17th October I was able to witness some wonderful singing and accompanying dance moves from P4, M3 informed me about the pros and cons of bridge construction when considering earthquakes in humanities and I learnt how to revise for a Spanish exam with M5.  I love to see the diverse learning experiences that are made available to our pupils on a daily basis.  I would like to thank the staff and pupils for their warm welcome when I come around the school.

On Tuesday I had a really wonderful experience.  I was invited to the P3 – P6 celebration assembly.  It was a real treat to join in the welcome song (I am still learning all the moves) and share in the celebration of the students’ achievements.  We also congratulated some staff that had achieved certificates in “ESL in the mainstream” and it was good to show the students that we (the staff) are learners too.  I left the assembly to join the P2 “Communicating with Aliens” end of unit celebration.  I was lucky enough to see the videos made by the students and talk to lots of students including River, Jonnie, Liam, Sophie, Indie and Ruby about their planning process and final products.  Thanks to the P2 teaching team, Mr. Sanchez and students for their creative and innovative ideas.
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Thursday 23rd October was a really exciting day in secondary with the students in M2 – D1 having a day off timetable to take part in a pastoral day.  All secondary staff planned diverse and challenging sessions tackling complex pastoral issues with an aim to engage students in topics such as money management, healthy relationships, study skills and conflict resolution to name but a few.  D2 students worked on the final drafts of their IB diploma extended essay and M1 students showcased the wonderful “The world’s NOT fair” – full report and photos in next newsletter.  Thanks to all staff for their thought, care and time in planning these events.
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Friday’s whole school non-uniform Send a Child to School Day and Primary Recycling Day reports will also be in the next newsletter.

Lastly, a reminder that after half term it is an expectation that all students will be wearing the correct uniform, including totally black shoes. We have been informed that El Corte Ingles, Algeciras now has all items in stock.

As the first half term draws to a close I wish to thank you all for your support of the new school leadership team and wish you a relaxing and exciting half term holiday.

Please come back refreshed, as the next half term will be even better!

Best wishes

Jak Kearney

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Book Fair

Thank-you to everyone who helped to make our Book Fair last Thursday such a successful event. Particular thanks to the PE staff, to Ms. Morrison & her cheerleading club and to the secondary basketball club, all of whom willingly agreed to being displaced from the gym that day.

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Thank-you to the ‘Book People’ for providing an interesting selection of books & stationery and to everyone who visited to browse and buy. Thanks to your generous support, the school gained over €110 worth of free books.


Readathon has now finished for this year and we would ask you to assist your children to collect any outstanding sponsorship money, which should be handed in to class teachers or to Anne Adamson in the library as soon as possible after half-term.

Full details of the money raised and photographs of the winning class’s ice-cream party will be published in the next newsletter.

Thank-you to all teachers, parents and friends for their invaluable enthusiasm and support for this project.

Fireworks Party

This is one of the most popular PTA events for the whole family – hope to see you there!

Young children are invited to come in fancy dress if they wish, though please note doesn’t have to be Halloween theme and there will be no judging of costumes.

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Poster design by Cameron Tait, D1

The PTA committee would like to stress how important it is for all families to follow the school’s safety guidelines; so please remember all children below M2 year must be accompanied by an adult; any primary or M1 children arriving on their own will not be admitted to this event.

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Primary News

Message from Emma Butler, Head of Primary

Celebration Assembly – First Half Term 2014

On Tuesday P3-P6 took part in their celebration assembly for this half term and their first unit of inquiry.

Over the last week it has been a great pleasure to talk to all the teachers and observe some of the amazing work that has been going on in all the year groups. There were lots of smiling faces as the following students were congratulated for their effort and attitudes. Students collected their certificates from Mr. Kearney and from me.

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P3Thomas HaltPrincipled. Always following the P3 essential agreements.
P3Heidi KayPrincipled. Always following the P3 essential agreements.
P3Federica Machado GutCourageous. For starting and settling into a new school.
P3Luna Perea MartinCourageous. For starting and settling into a new school.
P3Sharon HarveyCourageous. For starting and settling into a new school.
P3P3Oscar JeffersonCourageous. For starting and settling into a new school.
Robert ScislowskiCourageous. For starting and settling into a new school.
Annabel RhodesCourageous. For starting and settling into a new school.
Heidi KayCourageous. For starting and settling into a new school.
P3Hannah KayCourageous. For starting and settling into a new school.
P4Ryan BurrExcellent role model for promoting the action component.
P4Blanca Sanchez DuranCommitment to learning.
P4Antonio Perez AborsCommitment to learning.
P4Lucy StrongCommitment to learning.
P4Jasmine BatemanAlways having a positive and principled approach to learning.
P5Felix JonesModeling all of our school values.
P5Xianzhe LiuModeling all of our school values.
P5Kate SychevaModeling all of our school values.
P5Viola HaltAlways having a positive and principled approach to learning.
P5Mali BriderBeing courageous in her learning and her contributions in class.
P5Chloe BarnettBeing an inquirer, researching in the unit.
P5Pol de CostaBeing courageous in the class drama
P5Fernando RomeroBeing a communicator; helping to translate, when needed.
P5Andres Rodriguez QuirosPositive attitude in EEL
P6Kerenza MunglesPrincipled and committed work ethic.
P6Oscar StonehamCommitment to unit work.
P6George ReynoldsCommitted learner who contributes in class by sharing his knowledge.
P6Chiara WarniersBeing courageous and reflective and being open with Miss Morrison.
P6Isabella Tromans-JonesCommitted to own learning.
P3 ClassesAll of students from both classesReflective learners when thinking about our SIS values, writing their value diaries and checking their own work.

       Well done to all students for a very productive and successful first half term!

We will be having the P1 and P2 celebration assembly very soon after half term.

P2 End of unit summative assessment

On Tuesday P2 parents were invited to take part in the students presentation of “Effective forms of communication.”  This year the students’ interests and questions about how satellites are used in space for communication purposes inspired their enthusiasm to think about how they would communicate with an alien if they ever met one and what they would want to tell them about!

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The students decided which form of communication would be most effective. They then worked in groups to demonstrate and explain to teachers, parents and aliens the wonders of our world.

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P3 Comic Life Posters

The central idea: Our actions can reflect our community´s values.

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P3 have thought carefully about which SIS values they reflect in their actions and the steps they can take to help develop further our community´s set of values. To show their understandings and thoughts they have produced some wonderful posters using Comic Life.

Here are some of the P3 posters: Link to comic life posters

P1 End of unit assessment on “Our Senses”

On Thursday lunchtime P1 were blindfolded! The children experienced eating their lunch using all their senses, except sight!  They were expected to use their sense of taste and smell to figure out what they were eating, their sense of hearing to answer questions and their sense of touch to describe and handle their food.  Their assessment consisted of a group discussion on how we draw on one or more senses to complement the lack of others and how the senses all work together without us realising.

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Secondary News

Diploma Science Trip

On Wednesday D2 Environmental Systems & Societies students went on a day of fieldwork to Tarifa sand dunes where they investigated plant biodiversity and zonation with Lisa Kearney & Encarnacion Sanchez. It was an action packed and grueling day in the intense sunshine with the 30-degree heat. Unusually for Tarifa the anemometer readings informed students that the wind speed was 0 Km/ sec; a first on this trip in the many years it has run! The students worked in an organized and methodical manner to collect a substantial amount of data, which they are now processing and analyzing in the labs to use in their internal assessment and science portfolios.

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Spanish Educational Exchange

We are pleased to report that your child has a valuable opportunity to participate in this event.

This academic year we are again offering an exciting experience for our Spanish B students from M1 to M5: An educational exchange with another prestigious international school in Almería, SEK ALBORÁN, where students will have the opportunity to practise their Spanish intensively and in a real context (Spanish is the language of instruction).

We think that learning a foreign language is more than being able to speak, write and understand; the language and cultural experience need to go beyond the classroom.

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For this reason, SEK students will come here first and spend a week with our SIS community, students and their families to practise their English language.

(i.e. Sunday 22nd – Friday 27th March 2015)

Following their visit, our students will have the opportunity to travel to Almería where they will attend classes throughout the week, live with Spanish host families and enjoy a variety of social and cultural guided tours.

(i.e. Sunday 19th – Friday 24th April 2015)

If you are interested in having your child participate in this activity, please contact Ms.Juani or or Ms. Rocío

Sports Bulletin

Congratulations to our Under 13 sports teams who represented SIS on Wednesday 22 October.


M1 & M2 SIS Girls Basketball won 20-17 vs. Swans A Team

M2 SIS Boys Football won 3-2 vs. Swans A Team

M1 SIS Boys Football lost 3-0 vs. Swans A Team

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Thanks go to Kevin Dennis, Miss Marre, Ash T, Miss Phoebe and Mr. Stone for preparing and organising the teams and extra curricular events.

Forthcoming sports fixtures after half term:

Wednesday 5 November     Under 13 / 15 / 19 Inter School Girls Football at El Rio

Wednesday 12 November   Under 13 / 15 / 19 Inter School Boys Football at El Rio

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PTA News

Introducing the new committee for 2014-15

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  1. Chairman – Steve Strong        
  2. Vice Chairman – Barbara Peacock
  3. Treasurer – Malene Bjorlow     
  4. Secretary – Emma Flynn           
  5. Events – Eilish Jenkins             
  6. Infrastructure – Sarah Burgess 
  7. Communications – Sara Hagglof
  8. Cantina – Alberto Tabares       
  9. Peter Chatland                         
  10. Natasha Goldsacker                
  11. Wendy Moody                        
  12. Donna Morrison                     
  13. Silvia Segura Dominguez       
  14. Maureen Smith                        
  15. Zoe Weal                                 


The date of the next PTA meeting is Thursday November 6th at 9am in the school cantina.

All parents are welcome to attend.

Date for your diary

The PTA Grand Christmas Bazaar will be held on Saturday 29th November from 1 – 4 pm.

Starting off the season with fun, music, gifts, and lots of lovely Christmassy food, this year’s event will be held at SIS

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If you would like to book a stall to sell your products, please contact Eilish on as soon as possible.

Charity Golf day

Danii Dick, a former student who graduated in May this year, continues to make excellent progress in her fight against Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

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We would also like to bring to your attention her next fund raising event.

The Hairy Lemon Charity Golf Day at the Almenara Golf Club, Sotogrande on Saturday 1st November!! All proceeds will go to Danii’s Children with Cancer Charity – Danii and her father Andy will be there on the day!

It costs just €60 to take part – which includes a donation to the charity. We will be selling bacon rolls on arrival (approximately 8:00am for a 9:30am shotgun start), and a drinks buggy will be passing around the course to keep you refreshed! The event will be a ‘Texas Scramble’ – and you can choose to take part in closest to the pin, beat the pro and longest drive!

After the event – we would like to invite you to the prize giving at The Hairy Lemon where we will be providing complimentary tapas and awarding the prizes!
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Andy Masters the Director of has kindly donated the first prize (value €289) of a free entry into the Twitface Open being held at La Finca Cortesin on November 10th-11th!!

He has also given us a second entry to this Open, which we will auction on the day!

Please contact us on the telephone numbers below if you are thinking of taking part as we are already receiving lots of interest and teams are being confirmed – further email information will be sent nearer the day.

So get some friends together, make pairs or teams of 4 and support our first golfing event which we hope will be good fun, and successful in raising some much needed support for children with cancer.


Lizzie & Lorenc

Tel. 638165621 or 956790124


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