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We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

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23rd March 2018

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 School Calendar

Friday 23 MarchEC1-P6 Reports available on Managebac – 16:00
Monday 9 AprilFirst day of summer term
Monday 9 AprilP3 Unit based trip
Thursday 19 April SIS Careers Convention – 14:00 -16:30 in school gym

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Wow, I can’t believe we made it! Such a short term but jam-packed with many wonderful experiences.  This week alone, we waved goodbye to students who are attending our first English Language Development trip to London and our students who opted to go on the Uganda trip. We will be eagerly awaiting updates from these students over the break.

Last Friday we opened the D2 art exhibition in the Club Maritimo Hotel in Sotogrande port; the opening was a busy yet intimate evening. Should you wish to view the artwork, the exhibition will be open over the Easter break. Thank you to the D2 students for their courage in sharing their creativity and determination.

This week we hosted the M3 parents options evening, where parents attended an informative session ahead of the students making their final choices for electives after the Easter break. Understanding the opportunities that exist for your children is critical, so thank you to parents who attended to help guide their children and together work on the 3-way partnership.

On Tuesday we organized the primary student led conferences, which had a 90% turn out rate. Thank you to all parents who attended. It is a critical part of the student PYP journey and your support is essential.

Tuesday evening saw the second of the two Dream Factory semi-finals featuring the musical talents of some of our P5 and P6 students. Thank you to Mr. Luis and the primary team for creating and supporting this wonderful event.

This week we organized 2 football tournaments, the Under 13 tournament on Wednesday and the primary tournament on Thursday.  Our U13 tournament results were: the boys B team came 7th, the boys A team came 5th; the girls B team came 4th and the girls A team won! In the primary tournament our U9 girls and U9 boys teams both came 2nd, our U11 girls came 5th and the U11 boys finished 2nd.

Thank you to the PE team for their flexibility and energy.

Throughout this week the M3 students took part in the their Community Project service week. Students have been planning a number of wonderful projects from cancer awareness to friendship benches, to environmental issues to recycling. The creativity and enthusiasm shown has been commendable. I would like to thank both the M3 advisors for their flexibility and hard work and Ms. Gara for her leadership.

Next term I would like to invite you as parents to attend our newly launched SILA courses in Spanish and English. The first term saw a number of parents take part and the feedback was very positive.  To find out more about the type of courses that we are offering please contact Maria Franco

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help at the SIS Careers Convention on April 19th. We are delighted that Assist, Abbeygate Insurance, Bass Houses and Noll & Partners estate agents will sponsor the event.

As the summer term approaches, I would like to remind you of the uniform requirements, so your children arrive at school in April ready. Please click here to view the full uniform guidelines. LINK

Finally I would like to remind you that the deadline for notification of student withdrawal is March 31st at 4pm.

I wish you all a wonderful Easter and look forward to welcoming you back on April 9th before 9.50am.

I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Jak Kearney

Feedback for parents from Advisory Board Meeting – 14th March 2018

The Advisory Board met last week, and discussed both on-going operational issues and questions put to the board members by parents. The board was updated on current improvement and expansion plans, including plans for new buildings for September. The plans are aligned with those released in the video earlier this year. To see the video please click here. LINK In addition the board agreed to create the bus park that is currently under construction on Carretera des Arenillas and has agreed to expand the current library space to include a much needed quiet study area.

It was highlighted that the answers to a number of the questions raised by parental representatives could be found in the Parent Student Handbook; linked here but can always be found as a download on the Admissions tab of our website. Please use this as the first port of call. The Advisory Board is working on a set of FAQ’s to act as quick reference guide to help parents connect with the correct people. This will be complete from September 2018.

The subject of communication was raised and the school reiterated that its primary form of communication is the school newsletter.

As always, if you have any feedback on these issues, or any others, please feel free to contact one of your Parent Representatives, whose email addresses are set out below.

Silvia –

Nick –


The Kindred Project News

As we reach the end of this term, the Dreaming Dragons would like to send an extended thank you to all families and members of the community that have generously contributed their old uniform and books. The pop up sales are continuously improving and becoming more successful each month. Your support and encouragement for these students to learn more business and life skills under the social enterprise umbrella is hugely appreciated. Happy Easter from the Dreaming Dragons!

Rock Camp

Don’t miss out on this year’s Rock Camp 2018!

Now in its fourth year, this unique music programme has been consistently and widely praised by all for its scope and impact on the participants. The kids – from 8 to 16 – not only receive pro-level vocal training, an introduction to an instrument, photo sessions, video shoots and exciting musical group activities, but they also get to record in a professional sound studio under the supervision of a real record producer – and in the end receive a beautifully produced CD of their recordings.  Simply put, there’s no other summer camp quite like this one!

Rock Camp 2018 takes place during the last two weeks of July 2018 and has options for a full 2-week enrolment or 1-week enrolment, as well as full day or half-day enrolment (morning or afternoon). The cost per week for a full-day enrolment is €395. To book or reserve your place please contact SIMA (Paul or Laura) on

To learn more visit:  and  as well as


Message from Miss Emma Butler

Student Led Conference 2018

On Tuesday our Primary School took part in our annual IB PYP Student Led Conference Day. It was wonderful to see so many parents participating and enjoying the experience. Once again the turnout was wonderful with over 90% of students and parents attending. This clearly emphasises how important the three-way relationship between students, parents and teachers is within the culture of our school.  During the day I had the pleasure of visiting all the classrooms and observing how confident our students are and how they were able to ‘teach’ and ‘explain’ to their parents what they are doing at school and where they are on their learning journey.

Thank you to all who took part and well done to our students.
I would like to share some of the parent and student reflections from the day.

Parent Reflections

It has been great to see how they learn and how confident they feel when show their work. Fantastic experience!! Thanks for this opportunity.

Very interesting to experience what she does in class and her in action teaching us what she has learnt. Wonderful work well done! 

I liked all of it but I loved the math learning tools! Super impressed with his abilities. Thank you.

An enriching initiative for the family and very constructive for the children. Thank you.

Excellent idea! Very informative and pleasant experience. Wished we were back at school. Good to see how the classroom works.I thought it was a very enriching activity for the family to see our son’s progress.

Great insight into what our children do. Very valuable.

These conferences are a pleasure as you have a chance to see your children work and see the improvement and maybe find out something you can help them with at home.

Student Reflections

I loved that my mum and dad were here with me and that I showed them what I have learnt in school.

My mum and dad have been very good students and I taught them lots of things. I had a very good time!

It was really fun working with my parents and seeing how they worked out problems. They also were able to help me with my exhibition.

I found out that I need to practice doing 4-digit multiplication.

I am surprised at how much I have learnt over the year.


The Dream Factory Semi-Finals

After more than 60 auditions and 50 quality performances during two nights, the finalists for Dream Factory have been found!

During this two packed and absolutely wonderful evenings our children really shone and displayed the best we have as a learning and supportive community.

Dream Factory is more than a music competition and our children really understood it. During both evenings, all the participants supported each other by singing the songs, cheering and encouraging everyone before their performances.

So far we have raised 1000€ and it will be used by Cova do Mar to fund the children’s activities, school resources, food and the outside painting of the Factory during the two week Easter break in Portugal.

To everyone that came and supported this event please accept our most sincere thank you!

If you come across any of our finalists, please congratulate them for their tremendous effort and success!


Mr Luis says… Let’s keep the dream alive!

M3 service week has been a success

During this week all M3 students have been working very hard in order to complete their service activities for Community Project. Collaboration, thinking and communication skills have been put into practice with enthusiasm and commitment. We would like to give thanks to everyone in the community who contributed food for Hogar Betania and participated in the Pink Day. In particular, thank you to all M3 parents for supporting their children’s learning.


Alejandra Ruiz-Gómez and Palma Rivas in M3, are working with this NGO which has a programme called “Viaje hacia la vida” . Their goal is to let people know about this international NGO that is working in Malaga Hospital where they support children who needs a surgical intervention.

News from the English Language Development Programme

Internal IELTS Testing

As part of our commitment to personalised learning and empowering students to be the best that they can be, the English Language Development (ELD) programme supports the learning of students who do not have English as a first language, both throughout their learning journey at the school and beyond into higher education. With this aim in mind, sixty of our M4-D2 ELD students sat an internal IELTS test last week, to track and monitor their progress towards their long-term targets in higher education. Interpreting these results allows us to set individual targets for improvement and implement specific support strategies in the short and long term.

This is a rigorous academic test at university entry level, conducted under exam conditions in the gym. The students all coped extremely well with this challenge, and we are very proud of the progress they are all making. Our particular congratulations to the following students, who achieved excellent results:

At least 1 band overall improvement:

Ilya Bilyalov M4

Maksim Polunin M4

Carolina Sierra Travesedo M4

Alina Kostyleva M5

Egor Latysh M5

Viktor Kolodiazhnyi M5

Ana Aycart M5


Matvey and Arseniy Bondarev, for outstanding achievement in reading (band 8 and 8.5)

Boris Delev, who produced an exemplary Task 2 essay.

Mikel Artola Espejo, who continues to make exceptional progress across the board. Polina Vanyushina, who improved by one band to 6.5 in reading.

Arto Shabalin, who has shown significant improvement (2 bands) in his reading.

If you have any questions regarding IELTS testing or academic English, please contact the ELD team. We’re here to help!


M3 Individuals and Societies – Málaga trip

Reflection by Carlota Machuca

Last Friday, 16th March, the two groups of M3 LOMCE Individuals and Societies went on an excursion to Málaga as part of our research unit “El espacio urbano”.

The first place we went to visit was the Castle of Gibralfaro. There we visited the military museum. We were also walking through the wall and the battlements of the wall. From there, we could contemplate beautiful views of the Bullring of La Malagueta, the Port and enjoy stunning views of the city.

Then, we visited Plaza de la Merced and from there, we walked to the Alcazaba. There we visited what was once the palace-fortress of the Muslim rulers of the city. To conclude the tour, we visited Calle Larios, where we asked passers-by and merchants their opinions on recycling and vandalism in the city. With this tour we have been able to learn the history of the evolution of Malaga from its origins, the passage of different civilizations to the present and above all, the remains of monuments, forts, etc. left to us, and that now form part of a precious city. In my opinion, I really liked the visit to the Gibralfaro Castle, because thanks to that I could understand why they built and used those towering castles as a military garrison and watchtower.

M2 Individuals and Societies trip to the Estepona Dolmens

On Tuesday, 20th March, M2 Individuals and Societies students (LOMCE) had the opportunity to enjoy in a playful way how our ancestors lived, within our “Our origins” research unit. We visited Los Dólmenes de Corominas in Estepona, where we were able to see how Paleolithic and Neolithic man survived using the natural resources of the area. We took part in workshops to understand the evolution of weapons used as a subsistence resource; we also learned the fun work of archaeologists, through an archeology workshop. With this activity we have managed to achieve a great passion for the learning of Prehistory.

The Dolmens of Corominas – Reflection by Eduardo Sanchez

We left school about 9:15 or so, and arrived at the Dolmens of Corominas about 30 or 40 minutes later. There they explained us about the dolmens, (the oldest megalithic monuments of the Costa de Sol, approximately 5000 thousand years old), what they meant, how they were placed to the dead, and also how the stones were put, (horizontally, and then the vertical stone slabs covered them). After this, we saw a video, in the museum, where they explained how our Neolithic ancestors lived. We went on a short hike, where we saw plants and learned about their uses and also were taught how to distinguish those that are poisonous from those that are not. Finally, we went to excavate fossils, bones, buried weapons and the guide, (Ludario), explained what they were for, then we went to a practice field where we practised throwing stones, throwing with the bow, with the sling, and with the spear as if we were Neolithic men. We did this to know how our ancestors used to hunt and how weapons evolved. Finally, we ate at a park, and had time to rest and reflect, then we went to the bus, and we returned at 3:35 in the afternoon. I loved this tour, because it has been very interesting to know about Prehistory, and to learn through playing about our ancestors.

Russian news

On Thursday our M5-D2 Russian-speaking students had an opportunity to meet a contemporary writer and Russian celebrity, Julia Basova, to interview her with regards to the art of writing and which techniques authors use to create their stories.

Не каждый день у нас случается возможность пообщаться со знаменитостью, да и еще в неформальной обстановке. Сегодня, 23 марта, у русскоязычных студентов SIS состоялась беседа об особенностях писательского мастерства и жанра короткого рассказа с Юлией Басовой, книги которой сейчас издаются в России. Старшеклассники задавали вопросы о том, как же им эффективнее анализировать текст и что чаще стоит за авторским посылом читателю. Спасибо Юлии за эту замечательную встречу!

University & Careers News

Pathways & launch of Unifrog with M3

Over the past 2 weeks we have been working with M3 students, through presentations and the use of the Google classroom and Unifrog to raise student awareness of the 3C´s Career and Courses available after they finish at SIS. M3 students are currently in the process of making elective choices as they move towards M4, choices which will have an impact on their future higher education choices and therefore careers. Students have been using the U&C tool Unifrog, to research and shortlist careers and courses as part of their future goals. The students were also asked to send selections of their research to their parents in order to help facilitate conversation around the current electives choices.


Hospitality degrees: EHL Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne visit March 2018 and SIS Alumni Aline Crouquet and Mark Karuski, both DP2012

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the “Taste of EHL” event, in Lausanne, Switzerland, accompanied by one of our current students, Zeyna, from D2, who has been accepted to start the degree course with them in September. We were given guided tours, presentations, and a real insight into the degree programmes as well as some amazing food!

We were split into two groups: Counselors and Students, and Zeyna was able to undertake a range of activities that would help her understand something of the process of studying at EHL; whilst the Counselors were given a series of informative sessions, ranging from the Student Business Project through to the EHL Dress Code and Etiquette Workshops.

It was also an opportunity to hear from two of our alumni who went on to study Hospitality, Aline Crouquet, who actually graduated from EHL last year and is now working in Buhler AG in Switzerland as the Head of Hospitality and Mark Karuski who took his Hospitality degree at the Switz Hotel Management School. Mark is currently learning Chinese and is based in Hangzhou, China. He explains that the “IB and SIS helped me in terms of critical thinking skills because we had to write a lot of essays and complete many presentations.”

Finally, I would like to thank Lucie Boitière for her incredible organisation in making the event both informative and memorable for both counsellors and our students.

Boarders took advantage of a hole in the clouds last Saturday as they went gokarting on the roof of Miramar shopping centre outside Malaga.

We got through half of our allotted laps before the rain returned to halt us in our tracks. Various students vied for first place, although we could all agree it was time to hit the shops downstairs when we started getting rained on.


We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education, which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding. We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

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