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Whole School


28th November  No Uniform day in exchange for Tombola Stall prize
29th November     Christmas Bazaar 1pm – 4pm
3rd December  Personal Development workshop for Parent Ambassadors


 24th November  P3 unit related trip led by our Spanish department
27th November   P5 unit related trip to Gibraltar
28th November    EC2 unit related trip to a castle


26th & 27th November M2 & M3 Rag & Bucket days
27th– 30th NovemberUnder 19s football competition in Portugal


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Whole School News

From the Head of Teaching and Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have experienced another wonderful week at SIS.  Last Friday was an immensely successful evening of music and great food.  It was a real team effort with wonderful support from the students, parents and staff.  Thank you all for your time, effort and attendance.  The students needed a stage on which to shine and shine they did.
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On Monday 17th November we attempted to take the first whole school photo for a number of years.  All members of our school from EC1 to D2 assembled on the pitch and spelt out the letters SIS.  A drone flew above and took photos of us all.  We hope the results will be a success and that you will be able to purchase this wonderful memorable event when the photos become available in a few weeks.

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On Tuesday 19th we were delighted to host the “David Hockney: Art as Biography” lecture by Peter Webb.  Thank you to Margaret O’Farrell and Paul Harris for organising the event and to those in our community who came to support it.

The SIS Christmas Bazaar will be taking place on Saturday 29th November at school.  This is an event that is open to the whole community so please feel free to invite people from all along the coast to join us.  The prize list for the raffle is fabulous so please support us in the sale of raffle tickets. On Friday 28th November there will be a Mufti day (non uniform) for the tombola.  Students will be asked to bring along an item for either the adult or children’s stall.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes

Jak Kearney

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New SIS Sports Kit

We are pleased to announce that next week it will be possible to place your online order for SIS’s wonderful new Sports Kit. Launch day is scheduled for next Wednesday, 26th November, when detailed information will be posted for parents from PYP3 through to MYP5.

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We invite you to join us to share & piece together the student jigsaw of learning!

Come along to a fun, practical and interactive workshop on communication on Wednesday December 3rd at 6.30 pm. Colin Hiles, Mindset and Leadership Coach and expert in the field of personal and professional growth, will lead this workshop.

To learn more about Colin’s work, visit –

This is part of the Parent Ambassador programme, which we believe is a vital part of building a strong SIS community. We wish to engage parents more actively to raise the level of service and to tell the SIS story of our dynamic & progressive philosophy of education.

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Ambassadors will be trained in communicating effectively by identifying the four different personality types and how to best relate to them, as well as getting practical techniques to better understand youth and children’s personalities.

Additionally we will explain what our Parent Ambassador Programme is all about, what is required from the Ambassadors and the training and development opportunities they will receive.

The first session on Wednesday December 3rd will take place on the top floor of the Main Building from 6.30 pm to 9pm. Refreshments will be on offer from 6:30pm.  

All ambassador sessions will be held in both English and Spanish.

Please RSVP to to reserve your place.

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Primary School News

Message from Emma Butler, Head of Primary

Last week Christina Perry a former teacher came back to visit and to lead our Primary 3-6 assembly. Christina now works for Kiya Survivors a charity that runs orphanages and schools in Peru. The centres are for children with special needs. Kiya Survivors work in the Sacred Valley where they have built and run a nursery and primary classes and a life skills class. They provide physiotherapy, a psychologist and speech and language therapy plus an orphanage. In the north of Peru they have built and run the Mama Cocha orphanage and a nursery class. Both centres work with the poorest families to do outreach work such as building bathrooms, water connections, and improvements to homes. Our Primary 3-6 students were excellent listeners and asked Christina some very good questions.

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On Thursday the author Anna Bogie visited and read to our younger students in Primary. Anna is a children’s picture book author and writes books for 2-6 year olds. Her debut book ‘Happy Hooves, Ta Dah! was published in the UK on the 1st September 2014 and the second book of the same series: ‘Happy Hooves, Oh Oh! Oh!’ was published on November 1st 2014.

Anna’s visit was much enjoyed by all our students.
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International Drawing Competition Winners

Last month visiting author Adelaide Godwin invited our primary children to take part in a competition to draw an animal, which they would like to see appear as a character in her next book. Her UK publishers Digital Leaf Ltd. picked the three drawings they really liked and we are delighted to report they all come from students at SIS. Congratulations to Julia Sanchez Morales, Xianyue Lui and Fabiola Sanchez Pintado; their animals will all have a role in the next book in the ‘Landing on my feet’ series, stories about the imaginary lives of rescued animals. Their drawings will also be on display at ‘Pookah’s stall’ at the Christmas Bazaar.

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Secondary School News

MYP Personal Project Day

Last Thursday 13th November, M5 students had the opportunity to spend a whole day working on their Personal Project. It was a very successful day. In the morning students shared their work and ideas with their peers and supervisors, and received feedback on how best to move forward. They then spent the rest of the day working on those suggestions. Students were very enthusiastic and focused. They left school with a great sense of achievement. Well done to all of you!

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Art as Biography’ – Peter Webb

Students, staff and members of the SIS extended community were delighted by the lecture by Peter Webb on November 18th. The art lecture was the first of a series this year, planned to provide our community with opportunities to access world-class knowledge and informed opinion on Art, delivered by experts in their field. Peter Webb explored David Hockney’s artistic journey and how his life and work have developed. As a friend of the artist, he was able to share many examples of “secret knowledge” and anecdotes that help us to appreciate the work even more. David Hockney is now considered by many to be as important an artist as Picasso. Perhaps we were lucky enough to experience a small historical moment at this lecture.

Our aim is to continue to enrich the IB and MYP program through the medium of Art History. We have chosen lectures that will support our student’s curriculum, and also appeal to the wider community.
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The next two events will be:

15th April 2015 VAL WOODGATE ‘Picasso and his Women’

20th May 2015 JAMES ALLAN ‘Calligeofiguresques’:

My thanks to Felicity Navarro and Jo Ward, (parents of former students) who have collaborated with us on this.

Margaret O’Farrell

U19 Brown’s ISA Algarve Cup V, Portugal

Wednesday 26th – Sunday 30th November

Following our recent success at the regional inter-school football tournaments, we wish our Under 19 Boys Football Squad good luck with their tour to Portugal for the Brown’s ISA Algarve Cup.

The tournament is very competitive, international and culturally diverse, with competing teams from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Egypt and Bahrain.

Creative Writing Contest

Next Thursday (27th November) for the first time SIS is hosting the annual Creative Writing Contest for international schools on the Costa del Sol. We shall be competing against Aloha and Swans. There will be two competitions, one for writers in Spanish and one for writers in English. For each language there are three age categories : M1 – M3; M4 – M5; D1 – D2.

Our competitors will have a lot to live up to since last year our students won both the older categories. Those winners were: Estefi Morris-Davies Pena, Chloe Lawrence, Nienke Ernsten Schmidt and Katrina Moody.
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This year our entrants are:

Writing in Spanish:

M1-M3 : Ana Aycart Joya and Mireya Palacios Jimenez

M4-M5: Nadina Castro Gavira and Maria Isabel Garcia Ortega

D1-D2 : Danielle Ernsten Schmidt and Daniel Garrigo Garcia

Writing in English:

M1-M3 : Max Guerrero and Paloma Jaudel Melian

M4-M5 : Angelina Musayev and Jane Clancy

D1-D2 : Julian Santiago and Katrina Moody

Congratulations to the above students who were selected as the best creative writers in their age groups and we wish them the very best of luck on Thursday!

Richard Tong and Lourdes Villafranca (SIS competition co-ordinators)

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Fundamentals News

Light and Shadow

As adults we are all conscious of light and shadow, but perhaps take them too much for granted. Light and shadow are resources which young children find fascinating and fun.

The light draws children’s attention to shapes as they move across the wall. Puzzling out why this happens is a wonderful way of encouraging children to come up with ideas and to try to explain them. It helps the children to notice the shadows that different objects make when the light hits them and discussing their size, shape and colour and why they change.

We hope you enjoy looking at these photos that capture an activity of exploring discovering and experimenting that is very important to children’s learning even when there is not a finished product.

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 PTA News

PTA Notices re. Christmas Bazaar 29th November

Raffle Tickets

Every student in the school has been given a book of 5 raffle tickets to try to sell, so hopefully you know about this already.  Your help to sell tickets would also be greatly appreciated; books of tickets may be collected from the library at any time. There are many fantastic prizes to be won.


Friday 28th November will be a non-uniform day for students; in exchange for which we would like everyone to bring in an item for the tombola stall. All items should be taken to a central trailer collection point in the playground first thing on Thursday morning, where there will be someone from the PTA waiting to receive them. The tombola stall is always very popular with children as well as adults; so obviously we would like to have a range of appealing prizes on the stall. If you have younger children, please consider donating the sort of prize which someone your child’s age might like to win.

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Sotogrande International Language Academy News


A fun way to learn Spanish – enjoy a Tapas Day, Spanish cuisine, yoga, movies, a picnic and lots more!

Which days?

Mondays and Wednesdays,  one and half hours both days.

Where will the course be?

Starting point will be San Roque Campus, and from there we will organize day trips to different nearby places ahead of time.

Courses dates?

From January 12th  to April 15th 2015
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We followed the school calendar, including holidays.! Reserve your place and have fun with us!

To book please send an email to


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