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We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

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20th October 2017

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 School Calendar

Monday 23 – Thursday 26 OctoberEC1- P6 Parent Teacher meetings
Friday 27 October‘Send a Child to School’ day
Saturday 28 October – Sunday 5 NovemberHalf term holiday

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I would like to start this newsletter by congratulating the SIS students who represented Team GB at the Junior World Padel Championships, you can learn more about this amazing experience in their blog, by clicking here.

Over the weekend 11 staff spent their Saturday on a first aid course led by UC Global to allow them to achieve a first aid certificate which will enable them to lead Duke of Edinburgh trips.  I would like to thank all staff who were involved.

On Sunday over 100 staff and parents joined us at school to welcome our visitors from New England Association of School and Colleges (NEASC), the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). This level of commitment amazed our visitors and is a credit to our staff and community, thank you!

This week has been a very busy week with our 15 visitors from 3 different awarding bodies spending time looking at what we do and evaluating us against our self-assessment.  I would like to personally thank everyone who gave up their time to meet with our visiting teams, parents, students, staff and board members.  Students were wonderfully engaging and embraced the invasion of visitors with great openness and positivity.

On Wednesday we received some feedback from the IB, who were overwhelmingly positive about all of the aspects of the programme that they saw.  They especially commended us on our teaching and learning and the engagement of students.

The feedback on Thursday from the NEASC and CIS teams was deeply positive; they really felt our sense of mission, our sense of community and our passion as educators.  They related well with our students and noted how confidently and positively they spoke of their education here and their feelings about school.

I would like to thank very sincerely everyone who helped to support us through this very busy re-accreditation period.

The staff have ended the week on a real high and I am delighted to be able to share just a few snap shots with you.  Once the formal reports have been created, I will of course provide you with a little more depth.

Finally the Elysium Spa at the Almenara Hotel are offering the parents and staff of SIS a 1 week complimentary experience at the spa.  To find out more, please see Assist news in Whole School News section.

I wish you a wonderful weekend,

Jak Kearney

Andalucía Valderrama Masters

Commemorating United Nations Day

As an international school that is deeply concerned and engaged with global matters, next Tuesday 24th October, we will be commemorating UN Day, which marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the UN Charter. To do so, we will be running an interesting array of activities throughout the week to raise awareness around the work carried out by the United Nations.

On Friday 27th, we will be celebrating our monthly Send a Child to School Day, so as an option to coming to school in non-uniform in exchange for €1, we would like to invite everyone to come to school dressed in their home national dress or colours as part of our UN Day celebrations.


Complimentary One Week Experience at the Elysium Spa!

The Elysium Spa at the Almenara Hotel is delighted to offer all parents a complimentary week’s experience.

You will be able to enjoy use of the gym, classes and the luxury spa. This is a limited offer and must start by Tuesday 31st October 2017.

Call: 956 582 029, to arrange an appointment to activate your complimentary one week experience.

This offer has been brought to you by Assist, for more information regarding the complimentary services available to families of SIS, please contact

Terms & Conditions

The one week experience is for a period of 7 consecutive days
The one week experience is non transferable
All experiences must start by Tuesday 31st October 2017
You use the club at your own risk
No individual trials for under 18 years of age
Standard rules & membership regulations apply
Elysium Spa retains the right to withdraw temporary membership at anytime.
The decision of the manager is final and the manager reserves the right to refuse admission
Certain activities like massages and beauty treatments incur additional charges
You must ensure you book at the spa reception before beginning the trial
You will be required to bring your SIS/Assist photo ID card to activate your temporary membership

SIS Triathlon

Thank you to all who participated in, and helped to organise the SIS 2017 Triathlon. A brilliant experience and a great opportunity for all who were brave enough to do it!

Fireworks Party: Friday 10th November

Message From Emma Butler

 Parent Teacher meetings reminder

Parent teacher meetings will take place next week after school. Sign up sheets for these meetings can be found outside the classrooms for EC1, EC2, P1, P5, P6 and outside the P2 Pod for P2, P3 and P4.

Welcome Mr Octavio!

Primary and myself would like to officially welcome Octavio. Octavio has been part of our SIS community for a number of years and has recently joined our EC1 team.


P6 parents asking great questions

It was lovely to see so many parents coming into school last Friday to support our P6 learning. It was a great opportunity for our students to hear and answer some great questions.


P6 visiting artist

Local artist, Francisco Alarcón Peréz, visited Primary 6 on Tuesday 17th October to give a magnificent workshop to the students. Francisco, who is a well-known painter and sculptor from Estepona, talked to the students about his work and in particular, the importance of the creative process when producing art. He showed students how to sketch a portrait (2D art) and how to make sculptures (3D) using clay medium. His passion for creativity was transmitted to the students who thoroughly enjoyed using their creative flair.


Francisco’s art exhibitions and details of his art classes (adults and children) can be found in the following link:

You can also see his wall paintings and sculptures in the town of Estepona.


 Readathon finishes this Wednesday, 25th October. All P1- P6 students should bring their Reading Record to school on Thursday morning so that all their final Readathon reading minutes can be added to the class total.

The class with the most reading minutes (averaged out by the number of students in the class) will win an ice cream party in the Cantina during Friday afternoon school.

Children with reading sponsorship money should aim to bring this to school and give it to their class teacher at the end of this week, however if that is not possible, their money should be taken directly to Miss Anne in the library after the half term holiday.

MUN trip reflections

One of the best experiences of my life. This is how I would define the school trip to Holland where I went with 11 other students in early October. During 4 days we participated in a Model United Nations conference, that took place in Arnhem, a city to the east of the country. Our job was to debate representing a country and its ideas.

At the end of the lobbying process, resolutions were drafted and agreed between the countries for their subsequent adoption. The debate was handled by two chairs that dictated the timing and course of the debate, of the resolution and of voting. They expressed a lot of respect that everyone was so prepared. It was three very intense days of work, but it was much more than that. We all made great friends as well as getting to know each other better. When the three days of debating ended, we had a free day in Amsterdam, which was also good fun. Everything we went through was amazing but it could not have been possible without Anne Adamson and Jamie Templeton, who volunteered and organized the trip without any outside help and no gain. All the beautiful experiences are due to them.

Jaime Antón Bermúdez de Castro

MUN has given me the most amazing thing in life, a passion and a love that I can’t shake. From the moment I stepped into my first conference I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, whether that means being a senator or a diplomat in a foreign country. MUN has introduced me to an amazing world that I have no interest in leaving. Whatever my future holds I know it has something to do with politics and that is thanks to my MUN experience.

I was always a jack-of-all-trades, pretty good, but not super good at anything. And I never found anything that I both enjoyed and could actually pay well some day. When I joined Model UN on a whim, I found something I loved for myself. Learning about the world, interacting with people, fighting diplomatically over fiscal policy, Model UN is has helped me develop lasting friendships and a genuine interest in politics.

LMUNA was a great first Model United Nations experience, starting from the heartwarming staff and students, ending with a wonderful school that hosted the LMUNA 2017. I enjoyed every single moment of the trip and looking forward to participating more in the future!

Marija Segale

Book Club news

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first Book Club meeting! New members are welcome anytime! We’ve created a Book Club What’s App, so if you’d like to join a Book Club, please send me a What’s App (68 405 1039) or an email:

The following dates and books have been decided on. Until further notice, we will meet in reception at 4pm and go as a group to our assigned classroom- or if the weather is nice, sit outside!


October 23rd, from 4:10-5:00

“Behind Rebel Lines: The Incredible Story of Emma Edmonds” by Seymour Reit

November 20, from 4:10-5:00

“My Side of the Mountain” by Jean Craighead George

December 18, from 4:10-5:00

“Code Talker- A Novel about the Navajo Marines of WWII” by Joseph Brachac



November 13, 4:10-5:00 “Everything, Everything” by Jennifer Niven

December 11th, from 4:10-5:00

*suggested books for December – as we had a small group for M4-M5, we wanted to get more input on the book selection for the December meeting. If we don’t receive any other opinions or suggestions, “Noughts and Crosses” will be the book for December.

“Noughts and Crosses” by Malorie Blackman

“Elenor & Park” by Rainbow Rowell

“Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Happy Reading!

Lisa M. Abrahamson

Kneeboarding: An Unexpected Life Lesson

“I’m going off the jumps!”, “Yeah, let’s hit those ramps!” were common exclamation from boarders at the Marbella Cable Park last Saturday, October 14.

The first person took off for the waves – and fell immediately. And the next person, and the next, to the sound of laughter from those who hadn’t yet gone. But that soon subsided to words of encouragement when everyone took their turn to face-plant into the water. Some things need to be tried, tried again!

Even those battling the initial take off were beaming with smiles and showing sheer determination. For me, the quote of the day was “Miss Jade, it’s so hard! But so much fun…I can’t wait to crack it”.

One student found it very difficult to get the position and balance right, and after many goes was looking gloomy as his friends zoomed around the course. But, there was no giving up. After listening to some good advice, he decided on one last try before our session finished. With a crowd gathered to cheer him on, he took hold of the pulley. The cable connected, and he was off. We waited tensely as he passed through the first few metres of take off and the crowd went wild as he succeeded through take off.

Although the boarders did this individually, the feeling of team spirit and community was abundant as the students shared experiences and supported one another.

The power of extra-curricular activities as learning experiences should never be underestimated.


In addition to Saturday’s activity, students were able to enjoy a day of rest and activities last Thursday during a national holiday. After catching up on sleep, boarders hopped on a bus to Paintball Estepona to strengthen camaraderie on the battlefield, and even test certain alliances! In the end, we came back with nothing more than a few marks to prove they’d gone paintballing, and a bunch of smiles on their faces.

Later in the day students got to shop around Puerto Banus after a cinema pitstop where they had the choice of one of three different films to watch. Needless to say, the students enjoyed a well-deserved mid-week break.


We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning asa force for good in the world.

Copyright © 2017 Sotogrande International School, All rights reserved.

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