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We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

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20th April 2018

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 School Calendar

Monday 23 AprilSISMUN – 1-day conference for M5 students
Friday 27 AprilStart of D2 examination period
Friday 27 AprilP4 unit based trip
Friday 27 April‘Send a Child to School’ day

Dear Parents and guardians,

Last weekend was particularly hectic for SIS with the ever popular primary sleepover (108 students) on Friday, raising over 2000€ for projects in Uganda.  On Saturday our D of E students headed off for a grueling walk up La Concha and some D2 students were involved with revision for their mathematics exams with me.

Our D2 students have been working really hard alongside secondary teachers to help them prepare for their final exams, which start in just 1 week’s time! Today is their final day of official school, as they will all be on study leave for the next week.  They have been such a wonderful group of students to teach over the years and on behalf of all the staff, I would like to wish them well for their final week of revision.

D2-IB diploma

This week with the sun shining we have managed to achieve several unit based trips in primary with students going to Tarifa on Monday and Boloñia on Friday.  The weather also enabled the P5 students to take part in a futsal tournament at Atalaya, where our boys team finished 3rd and girls team finished in 4th place.

On Wednesday I visited P2, P3 and P4 and loved the time I spent with them. P2 were working on fractions, using pizza to explore what ¼ and ½ means.  P3 and P4 were working in their phase level writing target groups. It was lovely to see the range of different skills that students were working on, seeing older students supporting younger ones and vice versa.  One of the groups was using Roald Dahl’s autobiography “Boy” to investigate different time frames in peoples’ lives and another group were working on using exciting verbs to make their writing more engaging. The engagement of students, creativity of staff and range of activities that the students were working on was fantastic.

On Thursday we hosted the Careers Fair. I would like to publicly thank everyone from our community who came to share their expertise with students at SIS. The day allowed students to explore different career options, ask the questions they needed to and listen to advice from people in their field of expertise.  We would like to start to provide intern opportunities for our older D1 students and would be interested in creating links with companies who may be interested to work in partnership. For more details, please contact Mr. Mungles,

On Friday we hosted our welcome morning for the new parents whose children joined us in April 2018.  Thank you to all members of the community who joined us to welcome our new families.

Finally I would like to congratulate two M3 champion golfers, Pelayo Perez Crespo and Julia Sanchez Morales, who playing with their friend Rafael Guerrero and 17-year old French professional Elizabeth Codet, came first in the Pro-Am Sotogrande Nations Cup which took place on Tuesday this week.

I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes

Jak Kearney

ATM Team Trials

Message from the school nurses

As there have been several cases of head lice in school the nurses would like to inform parents of our current protocols regarding treatment.

We do not inform all parents of a year group if a child is found to have head lice as this leads to over treatment of children who do not have an infection. This also leads to drug resistance in lice. We deal with any cases on an individual basis and then follow up to ensure that the treatment has been effective. We encourage parents to inform us directly if their child has head lice and we ensure that this information is treated confidentially. Head lice can de detected using the wet combing technique, which uses conditioner to immobilize the lice. They cannot usually be detected by examining dry hair. Head lice only need to be treated if you find a living moving louse. Head lice can be treated with a number of chemical treatments (dimeticone, phenothrin and malathion are all effective) or by the wet combing technique, which is more time consuming but less expensive and chemical free. Shampoos, cream rinses and herbal treatments have not been shown to be clinically effective.

It may help to tie your child’s hair up to reduce the risk of catching head lice as they are spread by direct contact.

Please come and see the school nurses if you would like to talk about head lice or need information on the wet combing technique. They are based in the Cervantes building or can be contacted on 956 795902 ext. 2405 or


Results of creative writing competition

Congratulations to the following students who won prizes in the ‘Crazy Critturs’ creative writing competition, launched during Book Week:

P3 & P4 age group Winner: Zack Barling
Highly Commended: Feng-Li Ricour, Paula Diaz, Elisa Perdok
P5 & P6 age group Winner: Alba Mellado
Highly Commended: Kirima Masterson, Gabriela Sánchez
M1 – M3 age group Winner: Candela Vázquez
M4 – D1 age group Winner: Tala Masterson



SIMA’s formal objective is to provide enhanced music lessons (voice, piano, etc) as well as to introduce its students to a professional recording studio. The most ambitious and talented young artists might then be selected for more advanced development and even a possible parallel music career, to go with their academic pursuits. As far as we are aware, no other general education school provides anything as ambitious as this.

 Karina Shishkina (D2) – marketed by her UK Management company, DJL, as KARISHA – saw her first European release with SoundzGood/Decca Holland in January 2018 with a song “Tears In The Rain (Dance Mix)” which climbed up to #11 in the dance charts and faded from the chart only just a couple of weeks ago.


[Karisha’s debut single, “Tears In The Rain” featuring Menshee]


[Karisha’s upcoming release “Tittle Tattle”, temporary artwork]

The label (SG) is now preparing a follow-up dance release, but even while they’re at it, another record label, E-traxx/Warner NL, have signed a pop record deal with DJL for Karina’s song “Tittle Tattle”, scheduled for worldwide release on June 16, 2018! They have also projected up to 6 follow-up releases over the next year or so. 

Congratulations, Karina! This will be a rather unique graduation present for you.

Read our SIMA newsletter to find out more about our other developing artists.

Total Dictation

Total Dictation is an annual voluntary Russian language literacy test held around the world. 28 SIS Russian-speaking students and 3 parents took part in the 15th total dictation on Saturday afternoon April 14th 2018 run in San Roque and San Pedro. Read our blog to find out more.


The Kindred Project News

Rice Day

Another fantastic Rice Day organised and led by KP students. 81% of secondary pledged raising 673€ to support Hogar Betania’s two month Summer Camp which will provide essential and much needed nutritious food for more than 60 local children in need, whilst raising awareness about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 2 to transform our world: Ending Hunger and Improving Nutrition. Thank you to the cantina for your continuous support and to all those who pledged!


P3-P6 Sleepover

On Friday 13th April 2018 we held the second Primary sleepover for P3-P6 organised and run by The Kindred Project secondary students. This sleepover was the biggest since it started in 2016 with 108 primary students involved! The kids had an absolutely amazing time playing games organised by the KP volunteers, having a delicious barbecue dinner and watching films, then learning to put up tents! We raised an incredible €2,263.75, all the money raised will go towards providing The Kindred Project’s partner Nabugabo Community Learning Centre in Uganda with educational resources, 10 water purification filters, 100 Little Suns solar lights, 1 projector, and an iPad!

Well done and a massive THANK YOU to all the KP Volunteers that organised and helped at the event (Tabi, Katie, Hannah H, Hannah C, Annika, Jules-Ian, Carmela D1, Nele, Samantha, Patrick D2  and Alexander M3), the brave members of staff who spent the night and the primary students! We are looking forward to the last sleepover of the year in June!

Tabitha Lawrence (D1)


Message from Emma Butler

Important dates for your diary

There are many important events coming up this term; please check and make a note of them. They are published on the school calendar that can be found on the school App or school website.

P6 Exhibition now fully underway

Primary 6 have started their Exhibition unit entitled, ‘Eco Action’. The central idea, which was written by the students, is ‘How we think and act has an impact on our environment.’

Last week, the P6 students spent time researching their individual inquiry points using a variety of sources of information including interviews, surveys, data collection and newspaper articles. Apart from individual research skills, the students spent time in groups to discuss and brainstorm possible presentation ideas for their findings, which encompass language, maths, science, visual and expressive arts and IT. The planning process for pieces of work has also been revisited with the students, in preparation for the following weeks.

This week, students have started planning and creating pieces of work to answer their lines of inquiry.

P3 unit based trip

On Tuesday, P3 students visited Tarifa, enabling the children to undertake an authentic investigation of the connection between physical geography and a settlement’s location. The photo shows the classes at the southernmost point in Europe!

P1 unit based trip

On Thursday 12th April P1 set off to visit the Okay Café in La Linea as part of their unit of inquiry “Food from the Ground” with an emphasis on wheat. When we arrived we were given a chef’s hat and apron and invited into the bakery where we rolled dough into mini croissants, watched how cakes are decorated, put our fingers into a bowl of sweet meringue and made a roll with dough. The dough and the croissants were baked and the children took them home in a bag to share with their families.

A big thank you to the Okay Café for the experience!

Visitor to P2

P2 had a very moving talk on Tuesday by one of our parents, Rimantas Kaukenas, who told us about the work that his foundation has been doing for the past 7 years in Lithuania. The Rimantas Kaukenas Charitable Foundation helps children with cancer receive the treatment they need, helps support their families and also tries to make the children’s dreams and wishes come true. After listening to Rimantas P2 were keen to be involved and help, and we are looking at ways we can take action to promote such a worthwhile cause.


Football P5

Congratulations to all P5 boys and girls who participated in the first ever U11 Futsal tournament on Wednesday! Both teams fought hard and demonstrated fantastic teamwork and technical ability in all their games. After a strong start scoring 3 goals, the girls team finished a respectable 4th place and the boys team finished in 3rd place.

ABRSM Theory Results

Many congratulations to the following students who have achieved excellent marks in the March ABRSM Theory exam session:

Violeta Vigo Fernández – Grade 2 – Distinction
Mya Fudge – Grade 5 – Distinction
Tima Haidar- Grade 5 – Distinction
Carlos Ramirez Jiménez Grade 5 – Merit
Ben Walton Grade 5 – Merit

MUN trip

Congratulations to our 3 delegates, Emeka Okonkwo (M5), Dario Esteban Rodrigo & Yannick Luib (M4), who travelled to Hungary last week to take part in a Model United Nations conference in Budapest. The students were required to research their committees’ issues beforehand then spent 4 very intense days representing the views of their allocated country, in this case Iraq, as they lobbied, debated and developed resolutions about extremely complex issues in an entirely student-led environment.

Particular congratulations to Yannick Luib, who received an Honourable Mention from his committee chairs during the Closing ceremony on Tuesday evening.

Our students also greatly enjoyed meeting and socialising with students from 31 other schools, as well as exploring the beautiful city of Budapest.

University & Careers News

A great start to Careers Week 2018!

M5 students have completed their 1-1 career counseling sessions this week, with our three specialist counselors from Inspiring Futures; in preparation for the Career Convention on Thursday. The students, and our advisors who have sat in on a number of sessions, have been overwhelmingly positive about the experience.

The Counselors have been impressed with the students’ preparation and planning and in the words of one of our TA´s who sat in on one of the sessions, “It was really helpful to have [professional and objective advice- I know he felt reassured.”

With thanks to our external counselors, Liliane Mitchel, John Burnip and Alison France. Finally, we are all looking forward to the nearly 60 businesses participating tomorrow in the Convention!


Boarding House News

We have had a fantastic first weekend back in the Boarding House after the Easter break. The sun shone and the students were able to spend some free time in Puerto Banus to enjoy the lovely weather by the water. After dinner back at the house, we had some games of padel to finish off the day.


We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education, which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding. We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

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