School Newsletter 20.01.2017

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We are a learning community, passionate about providing an  International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural  understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

School Newsletter – 20th January 2017


Message from the Head
Dear Parents and guardians,I hope you have had a good week and enjoyed the weather! This week saw our D2 students complete their Mock IB exams. I would like to thank you all for your help and support over this stressful period for our D2 students. The use of the sports hall is now back to normal, as are bus times and D2 classes.On Monday and Tuesday this week our D1 students took part in their Group 4 project. The aim was to investigate the best “bang for buck” on certain products that are available on the high street. The level of scientific understanding and creativity that our students displayed was impressive. I enjoyed finding out about the best type of deodorant, washing powder and toothpaste to buy.


Today Mr. Wickersham took the M4 Music students to our SRC recording studio to record their own pieces of music. Over the last term, as part of a creative assessment, the students have worked in small groups to compose and learn to play original pieces based around the theme of “Me & Youth Culture”, a hugely creative and collaborative project. We look forward to sharing the results with you on SoundCloud. Watch this space!

Next week I will be out of school for the whole week with 6 students, Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Alvarez.  We have been invited to present at the Apple Summit in London for the week. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you next week.

Mr. Stone looks forward to welcoming you at the gate on Monday morning.

I wish you a wonderful weekend,

Jak Kearney


Whole School News


Congratulations to all runners from P5 to D1 who participated in some very competitive time-trials with Swans International School on Wednesday. Over an arduous and undulating course SIS students battled the elements to secure as high a placing as possible. The top 6 runners from each race have now been selected to represent the school at the International Schools Championships in Malaga next Wednesday. Congratulations and well done to all students who have qualified to represent the school.

Russian Club

Primary School News

Message from Emma Butler, Head of Primary

This year for the first time SIS Primary will be hosting a benefit musical contest. All the funds raised will go to the Playing For Change Foundation (PFC) in Brazil. With the help of the Primary Student Council, Mr. Luis our PYP Music teacher will be organising this event.

The Playing For Change Foundation is a non-profit organisation. Its aim is to create positive change through music and arts education.
PFC projects are established in places that are culturally rich but often economically poor.
Since 2002, 9 music schools and programs have been created in countries including South Africa, Ghana, Mali, Rwanda, Nepal, Thailand and Brazil with more than 700 kids attending free classes each week in dance, instruments, languages and musical theory, all taught by local qualified teachers.

For more information please follow these two links:
PFC Official Website
PFC Brasil
Having children with such a strong conscience of their role as global citizens we thought that this would be a wonderful cause to embrace and support.
The finals for musical contest will be held on the 20th and the 24th of March.  We hope you will be able to join us.


Visiting Experts

P3 have been exploring how maps are used for different purposes.  This week Tony Flynn spoke to the children about how pilots use maps to navigate and Enrique del Viso showed the children the 3D and bird’s eye view maps he uses in his work at SIS.
P3 students and teachers would like to thank their visitors as having experts come into school plays an important part in our students learning.


Secondary School News


Dates for your Diary

  • Wednesday 25 January – International Schools Cross-country Championships in Malaga – P5-D1 students
  • Friday 27 January – ‘Send a child to school’ day – no school uniform in exchange for 1€ donation

The Community Project is here!

This week M3 students have started their Community Project with enthusiasm and commitment. The presentation was led by Ms. Gara and the community project supervisors Ms. Rocío, Mr. Cronin, Mr. Reichert and Ms. Marre. This project will run until the middle of the summer term (May) and, although it is an independent research project, it will also involve the Kindred Project and whole school collaboration. The community project gives students an opportunity to develop awareness of needs and address those needs through service learning. As a consolidation of learning, the community project engages in a sustained, in‐depth inquiry leading to service as action in either the school, local or global community. The community project emphasises experiential learning. M3 students will experience the responsibility of completing a significant piece of work over an extended period of time, as well as the need to reflect on their learning and the outcomes of their work, key skills that prepare students for success in further studies.

Gara Hernández
MYP Community project coordinator

Diploma group 4 project

The group 4 project is an opportunity for our D1 scientists to collectively investigate the science behind everyday household products and the claims made by the manufacturers. The D1s have designed and carried out ten hours of practical work, utilising the cross-disciplinary scientific skills and knowledge of their group and culminating in a presentation of their findings to a panel of judges, where they were quizzed about the process. They made some interesting discoveries:
Roll-on antiperspirant is more effective at preventing sweating than the same brand of antiperspirant spray.
A cheap brand of washing powder removed noticeably more common stains than a leading well-known brand.

When asked the D1 students said that they found the project extremely interesting, they enjoyed the opportunity to complete an extended hands-on task that was collaboratively student led, that required critical thinking about how they would test a number of comparable products and the freedom to design their own experiments.
In short, this group 4 project has enabled the D1 students to develop all of the approaches to learning within the IB.




Assist is a free service designed to help families from the school community to relocate, find useful contacts and benefit from discounts or privileges with local businesses and partners.

On the back of your SIS access card, you will find your Assist membership card that will allow you to enjoy many exclusive benefits.

More partners are constantly joining Assist, so feel free to check the offers at:

For more information please contact:

PTA News


PTA EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting)

Thursday 2nd February, 7pm, School Theatre

Please join us for our EGM (which takes the place of the postponed AGM in October), to hear about what your PTA has been doing for you over the past year.
We will also be announcing details of the newly formed SIS Advisory Board, which will include members elected from the parent body.
A separate, more detailed letter has been sent out about this – if you have not received it, please email
If you are interested in joining the PTA committee, please contact Tracey Stoneham for more details.
Hope to see you there!

Kindred Project News

It is our second week back at SIS and already so much has been taking place, and there are even more events planned for the coming weeks.

We would like to thank all of those who donated for the refugee appeal. There was an amazing response, with donations being taken to Swans International School to be sent to Greece. Thank you again to everyone who donated, you really are making a difference.

For Ellie Gonzalvez’s M5 Personal Project, she is transforming one of the rooms in the boarding house into a Kindred Project and Dreaming Dragons second hand shop. Five committed volunteers helped out last Sunday to paint the space, therefore a big thank you is owed to them!

Next Friday the 27th January, there will be a student-led DJ night, SotoSmash, for M5+ students from 8pm-11pm in the SIS theatre. Tickets, price 5€, are on sale now.
Also taking place next week, The Kindred Project will hold a second hand uniform and book sale in the Primary courtyard at 3:20pm.

Personal training for SIS families

We are a learning community, passionate about providing an  International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural  understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning asa force for good in the world.


ASSIST is a free service offered by Sotogrande International School (SIS) to help and support newly arrived families to quickly find solutions to their relocation issues, their domestic and personal needs by using the buying power of the SIS community to negotiate discounts, deals and/or privileges from local suppliers.

The Kindred Project

“To promote education as a force for good to help create a more peaceful world”.

Aims to offer young people opportunities to explore, discuss and work together to help sustain change both locally and globally by developing leadership and critical thinking skills through projects requiring intercultural understanding and community building.

Sistech Academy

Since SIS students are privileged to be members of an IT learning environment that is an official Apple School. Our IT staff are not only trained by Apple but are themselves certified Apple Trainers. So uncertainties about using Apples vast suite of applications and devices are becoming second-nature to your children and the same level of expertise and teaching can be put at the disposal of parents too, and even other adults not yet members of the SIS family…

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