School Newsletter 18.11.2016

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”We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education, which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding. We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.”


School Newsletter 18 th November 2016


Message from the Head


Dear Parents and guardians,

What an amazing evening of entertainment and enjoyment we all experienced last Friday. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the PTA for organizing such a wonderful event and Sotogrande SA and La Reserva for their sponsorship of the children’s activities.

As I walked around, talked to people, met visitors on the entrance and took my turn to run stalls, it was a huge delight to feel the community connection. The stage provided our students from across the school the opportunity to build confidence, challenge fears and share their gifts. Thank you to the Peripatetic team, Mr Luis and Mr Wix for their hard work in supporting the growth and talent of the performers. The fireworks brought great delight to many of the community both young and old. Thank you for supporting!

Following the Autumn festival Valentina Stirling, Mr Wix and 2 D2 students, Bella Strauli and Vittoria Morace, headed off to Switzerland, where they met Alumni Chloe Lawrence to present at a conference in Geneva, on the power of the student voice. Here they presented to a number of schools on CAS and the Kindred Project. Mr. Wix ran a live broadcast of the event, which was listened to by people across Europe. Then they all headed north to Zug on Sunday for a further conference. Feedback from the organizers was immensely positive, once again our students have exceeded the expectations of hosts and shone!

On Wednesday our first football tournament of the year kicked off in Algeciras, with our M1 and M2 girls and boys and our Under 19 boys team taking part at our new facility. Next week our Under 15 teams and Under 19 girls will represent SIS.  If you wish to go along to watch, please click here for directions.

Later in the evening on Wednesday, we hosted the SIS comedy night! Many thanks to everyone who attended, took part and supported. The number of aspiring comedy actors that are lurking within the student and staff body impressed me!

Our Parent Ambassador training will begin shortly. If you are interested in getting involved, learning more about the school and are keen to be a link for new families, please contact Sara Hagglof on

Yesterday a number of our teaching staff departed for Copenhagen to share their teaching experiences with educators from around the world at the Council of International School Conference.  We wish Belén Gonzalez, Sue Davies, Kerry Wickersham and Mark Allen the best of luck for their presentations, which span the curriculum areas on the theme of ‘cultivating curiosity’.

I wish you a delightful weekend.

Best wishes

Jak Kearney


Whole School News
School Calendar 2017-2018

The 2017-18 Calendar is now available (link)

Join the Parent Ambassador programme!

First session on December 1st.
If you would like to sign up or receive more information, please email Sara Hägglöf


Primary School News

Message from Emma Butler, Head of Primary

Thank you to all the EC2 parents who attended this week’s parent session on reading. Next week parent induction sessions for Managebac will be taking place.

Primary Student Council Christmas Appeal  

Written by Aashika Suresh, P6 Student Council representative

This Christmas, the Student Council has come up with a new and unique idea. This project will put smiles on people’s faces! The Primary Student Council has decided to initiate a ‘Giving Advent Calendar’ whereby students can give food instead of receiving an advent chocolate.

Where the idea came from… Around the world, most schools have an advent calendar. It is a rectangular cardboard with dates and flaps. Inside each flap is a chocolate that a person gets to eat. We decided to take this idea but reverse it. Instead of taking a chocolate we are asking students to give food to Hogar Betania. The food brought into school should be something that will last for very long e.g. rice, tomato purees, vermicelli, flour, sugar, olive oil etc.

How it will work… Each classroom will have a blank calendar. From the first of December two students can write their names and what type type of food they will bring. By the end of this project our aim is for each class to have a hamper full of food that we will deliver in person to Hogar Betania.


This week Primary students have taken home Baker Books and Scholastic catalogues, both with a wonderful selection of books for all ages.  For secondary students catalogues/order forms will be available in The Link. If you would like to place any orders please complete the order forms in the catalogues and return to Mrs. Lin Campbell in P1, with the correct money in Euros.   There is also an option to place orders online by connecting to: or
This method allows you to pay online but books will be delivered to and distributed from school.  The cost of the books is the price shown in Euros as this includes a delivery charge.  By placing an order, not only will you be receiving beautiful books for your child to enjoy in time for Christmas, but the school libraries will be entitled to free books from the commission accrued.  The last day for returning orders is Monday 21st November or 23rd November for online orders. Books normally arrive within two weeks from the order being placed.  If you have any queries please email

Visiting Guests

This week Arwa one of our P5 mums, brought in ceremonial clothing and delicious food for P5 to try. P5 had chance to talk about traditions and writing. The students found it very interesting and learned a lot about the Jordanian culture for our unit of inquiry.


P4 Learning In the Science Labs

On Monday and Tuesday P4 were treated to a lesson all about acids and alkalis in the Science lab.  The M2 “teachers” prepared an interactive lesson, which they delivered in pairs to small groups of P4 children.

P6 Unit Based Trip

On Tuesday P6 visited five of our local supermarkets in Pueblo Nuevo as we started to explore our new unit about marketing. They were collecting information related to the “Four Ps of Marketing” which they had researched last week. Their next steps were to share with each other what they have found in order to develop an overall picture of how this model works.


Secondary School News

Dates for your Diary

  • Wednesday 23 November – U15 M3 & M4 Boys and Girls + U19 Girls Football tournament in Algeciras
  • Thursday 24 – Sunday 27 November – ISA Cup 2016 – U18 Boys International Schools Football Tournament
  • Monday 28 November – University Convention (see Secondary section)


Catalogues / order forms available from The Link, also online orders via the school.
For more information, please see notice in Primary school section.

University Convention – Monday 28th November

This event will be open to all parents from 2.00 – 4.00pm (Note. universities will leave at 4pm) and all of our secondary students will have an opportunity to meet with the university admissions teams on the day.

M5 Awards

Some special M5 students were recently acknowledged for their hard work and progress in specific subject areas throughout the month of October. Congratulations!

NADFAS Lecture

On Tuesday this week Visual Arts students had the opportunity to listen to visiting lecturer, Gerald Deslandes on ‘European and American Art from 1970 – 2015’. Mr. Deslandes gave our IB Diploma students a masterful, illustrated presentation into the connection between modern history and art.

We thank Felicity Navarro from NADFAS for working closely with us. The next scheduled lecture will be on Wednesday 14 December – Lynne Gibson: ‘Symbols and Emblems in Dutch Genre Painting’.

DP theatre trip

Has anyone been wondering what Mrs. Warrick has been up to? Since retiring from her position as Drama and English teacher at SIS one of the things that has been keeping her busy is joining the International Club of Estepona’s amateur dramatic society. On Friday evening Anne Adamson, Henry and Mrs. Barling joined the DP Theatre students for a sneak preview of their latest production ‘Last Tango in Little Grimley.’

It was a great opportunity for the students to get the chance to critique some live theatre whilst enjoying watching the talented Mrs. Warrick strut the boards!

Comedy Night

Thank you to all staff and M4+ students who participated and supported the Comedy Night on Wednesday 16th of November. There were some unforgettable moments and some evidence of true comedic talent.
The monies raised will go to the charity Operation Smile providing medical help for children with severe cleft palates.
Thank you for the good laugh. Always needed!

Football Round-up

Congratulations to all 6 teams who represented SIS in the Inter-schools competition on Wednesday at the Algeciras C.F. football stadium.

Over 65 SIS students represented SIS playing against teams from Laude, Swans, EIC, St. Anthony’s, BIC, British college and Aloha. In a fiercely contested event SIS U19 A team worked their way through to be crowned champions.



Golf Tournament

Are you a talented SIS golfer? Then join the qualifier for the ‘Junior European Open 2016’ this Sunday, 20th November at Alcaidesa.  For more information contact

PTA News


Thank you to everyone that played a part in making last Friday night so special. With over 1000 people attending, it was the biggest event yet, and was a true community event.
We would especially like to thank La Reserva De Sotogrande for sponsoring the rides, which gave so much enjoyment to children of all ages!

Thank you too, to Carlos from Jugarnia for supplying, setting up and supervising the rides.
And a special thank you to all of you who baked for and manned the Cake Stall, making it the biggest one ever!
It was a huge community effort, so thank you to all staff, parents and students who sang, played, poured, painted, flipped, served, carried, or encouraged.  Next up…


Saturday 10th December, more details to follow soon.
Win an iPhone 7 in our grand raffle!
For more information please contact

Sotogrande International Stage School

The Sotogrande International Stage School recently celebrated Halloween by making a series of fun Halloween videos. To watch the students perform musical numbers from the Little Shop of Horrors and the Rocky Horror Show, visit our Youtube channel

If you want to join the fun and are interested in joining the SI Stage School please contact us at

Kindred Project news


A huge well done to the Dreaming Dragons for their hard work and commitment at Fireworks Night last week – they took over €400!


A very exciting workshop took place on Wednesday 15th November for GCP Students run by Igor Jecl from the local Italian artisan confectionery business, La Pasqualina – Eccolo.  To read all about the exciting work the GCP Students are undertaking, please click on this link:

Thank you to Igor for his time and to Fred-Eric at Assist for the opportunity.  Please look out for the great products that will be on sale soon.

Please remember, next Friday, the Second Hand Uniform Pop Up will be out as always.  Look out for them and grab a bargain!

Please note: The Kindred Project is supporting our local partner, Hogar Betania with their Christmas Campaign and we will therefore not be collecting donations until the New Year.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

”We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education, which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding. We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.”

The Kindred Project

“To promote education as a force for good to help create a more peaceful world”.

Aims to offer young people opportunities to explore, discuss and work together to help sustain change both locally and globally by developing leadership and critical thinking skills through projects requiring intercultural understanding and community building.


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