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Dates for your diary

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Whole School

24th October Send A Child To School day

(No uniform day in exchange for €1)

25th October – 3rd NovemberHalf-term Holiday
7th NovemberSIS Fireworks Party 7-10pm


20th-23rd October   Parent / teacher consultations. Sign up sheets will be on the classroom doors.
21st OctoberPrimary 2 End of unit presentation ‘How We Express Ourselves’   Communication: communicating with aliens.  Parents are invited tojoin the presentation at 3pm.
23rd October P6 parents invited to view some unit related work at 3pm
12th November Workshop for Primary Parents.

Focus on learning and the brain. (in English and Spanish)


21st October    D2 Interim Report published to parents

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Whole School News

From the Head of Teaching and Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend; it was lovely chatting to people at the gate on Tuesday morning.  Everyone seemed rested and relaxed and the students appeared more energized.

On Saturday 11th October the D1 theatre students left Spain to take part in the ISTA festival in London.  Feedback from Mrs. Barling and Miss Hurst was very positive.  The students appeared to have had a great trip and we look forward to hearing more about their experiences and their learning next week.

On Wednesday 15th October, 5 students (Africa Harrington M1, Noah Jones M2, Eduardo Parra M3, Elena Antolin M4 and Daniel Hayes M5) were selected to represent SIS at a maths competition at Laude School.  They were placed into mixed teams, comprised of students from across the different schools that participated.  Eduardo Parra was part of the winning team.  Congratulations to all of the students who took part for showing wonderful team work, respect and enthusiasm towards the competition.  I would like to give a huge thank you to Mrs. Diaz for accompanying the group.

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On Thursday 16th October, we held the PTA AGM.  I wish to express my thanks to all parents who get involved with the PTA for their support and help over the year.   If you would like to find out more, or get involved please contact Steve Strong.

Regarding uniform, El Corte Ingles appears to be having stock issues at present.  Currently they do not have any cardigans, socks, Early Childhood uniform or IB hoodies.  These are in the process of being ordered by the company and should arrive for the weekend.  We will be clamping down fully on all items of uniform after half term (clearly dependent on availability from El Corte Ingles) and we would appreciate your help and support on this matter.  The item that seems to have least conformity amongst students at present is shoes.

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As of Monday November 3rd, we will be requesting ‘black-only’ trainers or leather shoes. In addition the trousers (which are looking much better of late), will need to be black or grey, avoiding the cotton styles khaki or jean cut.  Please note that for this year El Corte Ingles will not be stocking a PE uniform as we are currently looking at changing this.  If your child does not have one from last year, a white polo shirt and blue shorts are ideal.

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If you are interested, I would like to remind you about the launch of ‘SIS by the sea’ that will take place on Saturday Oct 18th at 10.30am. This will be a great opportunity to find out more about sailing, paddle boarding and kite surfing.  Please ensure that you reserve your place by contacting Wendy Moody at

I would also like to remind you that on the Fireworks night, November 7th, all pupils in M1 and primary must be accompanied by an adult in order to enter the event.

I wish you a very relaxing weekend.


James Kearney

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From the Global Citizenship Advisory Group

In preparation for the up-coming Pastoral Day on the 23rd October, the Global Citizenship Advisory group would like to invite the entire SIS community to support our M2 students develop creative solutions to one of the most dangerous current global issues: pollution.

You can collaborate in this activity by bringing in as many of the following items as you possibly can:

– Plastic lids & tops from different types of containers. Any size/colour is welcome. (i.e.: water bottles, Nesquick, Cola-Cao, deodorants, etc.).

– Plastic bottles, big and small.
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We will place a big container at the school gate as a “drop off” point from Monday 20th until Thursday 23rd October.

This “Recycling, Reducing, Reusing” campaign is part of a wider awareness & action initiative around pollution and recycling with a purpose. The different participating groups within the school are: Primary; M2, M3 & M4 GCP students and also Fundamentals. This significant collective effort will help us create greater understanding, raise awareness and take positive action towards a serious global issue.

Thank you for your continuing support.

The GCP advisory team.
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Primary News

Global Citizenship Focus Day

This term our Primary School Global Citizen Programme (GCP) focus day will be on Friday the 24th October. This day is also one of our ‘send a friend to school’ days.

In exchange for donating a euro to the ‘send a friend to school’ project, students can come to school on this day in either their own clothes or Halloween costume, and/or have crazy hair using recycled materials!

On our GCP day students from EC1-P6 will be participating in a range of activities which will include creating items out of recycled materials to be sold at the PTA Christmas Fair, drama and discussions based on a recycling story and taking part in team building games.

During the afternoon break the Primary Student Council will be selling sweets and drinks to students in P3-P6. All proceeds will go to the ‘send a friend to school’ project.

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In helping prepare for this day could we ask students to collect and take the following recyclable materials to the different year group classes as follows:

EC1 toilet roll tubes

EC2 egg cartons/ring pulls from cans

P1 empty boxes and cartons

P2 cork, string, wooden beads, small flat stones, small driftwood sticks

P3 small or large pinecones, small glass jars, small, flat beach stones

P4 corks, old Christmas cards, good scraps of any paper (including shiny sweet/choc wrappers), card or fabric, buttons, old bits of jewelry/gems, lace, ribbon, metal bottle tops, ring pulls and washers

P5 toilet roll tubes, cereal sized boxes and pegs (plastic or wooden)

P6 red, white or green fabric or felt, any Christmas themed fabric

Spanish teachers corks

Readathon Update

Readathon is well underway and students of all ages have been enjoying this year’s challenge. It has been wonderful to see so many students enjoying and using their own time for reading. Miss Anne has already had the pleasure of rewarding those who have finished their first sheet with their ‘Readathon wristband.’

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During the last academic year primary teachers and assistants took part in three full day workshops, ‘ESL in the mainstream for the early learner’.

We would like to congratulate Ysabella Sheppard-Capurro, Emma Flynn, Lisa Reynolds, Carol Hartland, Andrea Bennett, Karen Gardner, Elaine Strong and Fiona Clarkson for successfully completing the course requirements; they will be receiving their certificates shortly.

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EC2  – Our Friendship Cake

This week EC2 classes have been looking at the best ingredients to make a perfect friendship cake. The children have come up with the following 14 ingredients:

5 Be good

6 Sprinkles of Kindness

41 Cups of Love You

4 Drops of Listening

2 Spoons of Laughing

8 Sprinkles of Happy

7 Corazones

2 Abrazos

5 Cosquillas

11 Manojos de Compartir

Ser Amiga

3 Besos

1 Spoon of Honesty

4 Hugs

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They then took on the challenge of mixing these wonderful ingredients to see what happened. The results have been outstanding. They have learnt how to respect, share and appreciate each other.

Well Done EC2!

If you would like to see more of the children actually making their creation, please watch the video on the following link:

Primary Swimming Gala Video


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Secondary News

Maths Competition Report

We all went to a math competition in Laude and participated in a variety of activities, including solving puzzles, quizzes and making posters on the Towers of Hanoi. The experience was great, because not only was it a very entertaining day full of maths games but it was also a great way of getting to know how students from other schools work. We were separated into 5 teams, with a student from each school and each year group. Every group was assigned the name of a famous mathematician, like for example “Euler”. We had lots of fun and hope to get another opportunity like this.

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Africa Harrington, M1

Diploma ISTA Trip

The DP 1 & 2 IB Theatre students arrived back from their 5 days trip to London on the evening of Wednesday the 15th; exhausted, overwhelmed but on a creative high. They had attended 3 days of workshops offered by the International Schools Theatre Association where they had worked with ensembles made up of over 200 students from other schools around the world. They had also worked with professional practitioners delivering exploratory workshops on Commedia Del Arte, Devising through Design & Physical Theatre. In addition to this, the group had a fantastically dynamic and illuminating backstage tour of the Globe theatre and saw 4 West End productions including the sell-out performances of The Lion King and Electra, for which we had an exclusive Q & A session with cast members following the show!

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Thank you to the 13 students for, as always, being so exemplary in demonstrating the IB learner profile, above all being caring, inquiring, responsible and communicative. Also a HUGE thank-you from the whole group to Ms. Hurst for her indispensable support on the trip.

Christine Barling

Sports Report

Congratulations to the M1 & M2 Under 13 girls football and boys basketball teams, who competed against Swans, Marbella last Wednesday 15th October.


Girls Football

SIS A-Team won 4-0 vs. Swans A Team

SIS B-Team drew 1-1 vs. Swans A Team

Boys Basketball

SIS A-Team lost 32 – 14 vs. Swans A Team

Thanks go to Miss Marre Nieman, Mr. Ash Thomas, Mr. Alvaro Fernandez, Miss Phoebe Harris and Mr. Kevin Stone for preparing and supervising the teams.

Next Wednesday 22nd October, the Under 13 girls will play basketball and the boys will play football at SIS.

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PTA News

Following a very successful AGM on Thursday 16th October, the first meeting of the new committee for 2014/15 will take place on Wednesday 22nd October at 9am in the Cantina. Full details of committee members and their various roles will be publicised thereafter.

PTA Date for your diary

The PTA Grand Christmas Bazaar will be held on Saturday 29th November from 1 – 4 pm.

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Starting off the season with fun, music, gifts, and lots of lovely Christmassy food, this year’s event will be held at SIS

If you would like to book a stall to sell your products, please contact Eilish on as soon as possible.

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Sotogrande International Language Academy News

‘Learn Spanish through our culture!’ – a new course from SILAIntroductory Andalusian Breakfast!

SILA invites you to join us for a typical Andalusian breakfast in the Club Marítimo, Sotogrande Port on Tuesday 21st October at 9.30am

The breakfast includes: coffee, toast, oil, tomatoes and salt.

Price: € 2,50During breakfast, we will give full details about the new course, including informing you of the activities planned  for this term, starting with…

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Our inaugural activity will be an introduction to the Spanish culture through film. This will take place on Wednesday  23rd October at the San Roque campus. The film will be screened at 10 am.

For further information contact: 

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