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We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

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16th February 2018

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 School Calendar

Monday 19 FebruaryM5 to D1 parent/guardian presentation – 09:00 in theatre
Monday 19 –Thursday 22 FebruaryBook Week (See Whole School news)
Tuesday 20 FebruaryEC2 unit based trip
Tuesday 20 FebruaryD2 February grade report published 0n Managebac
Tuesday 20 FebruaryArts Society lecture – 14:00 in Picasso 2 art room (See Whole School news)
Tuesday 20 FebruaryPTA Open meeting – 19:30 in The Hairy Lemon, Sotogrande port
Wednesday 21 FebruaryD2 parent consultations from 16:00
Thursday 22 – Sunday 25 FebruaryM4 & M5 Drama trip
Thursday 22 FebruaryCombined Mother Tongue Day/ Dia de Andalucia celebrations – (See Whole School news)
Thursday 22 FebruaryLast day of school before half term holiday
Friday 23 February – Friday 2 MarchD2 Oxford Study Courses at SRC
Monday 5 MarchFirst day of school after holiday
Tuesday 6 MarchP6 unit based trip

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last Friday we held the annual Kiss the CASbah event in Bella Notte at Sotogrande marina. I would like to publicly thank all of the D1 students who organized the event; they showed great leadership, organization and maturity.  In addition, I would like to recognize the wonderful work of Mr. Wickersham and the Peri team, who worked with students from across our school to create some wonderful musical acts.  During the night two of our staff members graced the stage – congratulations to Miss Tracey Maes and Mr. Mark Allen!  Finally I would like to thank you, the parents, who supported the event. It was another example of the school engaging with the community, something we would like to expand more.

Last week we finally closed a contract that will allow us to use the polo fields of Santa Maria near San Enrique.  The additional sports space will allow us to host tournaments and next year develop our Atlético academy as we launch our football programme. . The 14+ programme (for students in M4 and M5) allows students to leave school at 2pm to take part in an afternoon of football from 2pm – 4pm.  Our 16+ programme, allows students to take part in football in the morning from 9am – 1pm and study the A’ Level programme in the afternoons from 2pm.  For more information about these amazing, innovative programmes, please contact admissions,

On Wednesday, our secondary students hosted Rice day, organized by the Kindred project group.  Students across the secondary school pledged their normal school cantina lunch for a bowl of rice to raise money for the Kindred Project. At the same time student DJs played music integrating a great sense of community, enjoyment and delight.

I would like to remind you that the deadline for notifying your intention to withdraw for next school year is March 31st at 4pm. It is critical that a formal letter is sent to admissions indicating this intention.

Finally it is the time of the year when the processionary caterpillars are coming down from their nests. As a school we are taking many precautions to reduce the likelihood of children being affected. More information here. Please note that the Early Years wooded area is a place where the caterpillars are in abundance, therefore it is our suggestion that students do not play in this area before or after school for the next couple of weeks.  During school time, children are not playing in this area.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and would like to point out that the final day of this half term is Thursday 22nd Feb.  There will be no school next Friday.

Best wishes

Jak Kearney

Book Week

From Monday till Thursday next week the school library will stage various book related displays, competitions and other activities with the underlying goal of promoting reading, literacy and the library.

Some messages to parents from the librarian:
A reminder that you are also welcome to use our school library, just ask at the library desk for details. We have a fairly large collection of English language adult fiction and general interest books, please come in and browse if you are interested.

Approximately 80% of our collections are in English, the main language of instruction; however we also have many fiction & non-fiction Spanish resources and smallish collections of books in French, German, Dutch, Finnish and Russian, plus a very few oddments in other languages. We wish to develop our mother tongue languages section and I would be delighted to hear from anyone who may be interested in donating books to add to these collections and/ or to extend the current range of languages on offer. Please contact me in person or by email on

Finally, due to a temporary technical issue, it is not possible at present for the library software to generate automatic reminders, therefore please can I ask parents to check with their children at home and to ensure that students return any overdue library books and DVDs before the half term holiday. Thank-you in advance for your cooperation.

Anne Adamson

‘Andalucía embracing cultures’

Dear Parents,

Next Thursday 22nd of February, we will be celebrating a special event called “Andalucía embracing cultures”

As mentioned in last week´s newsletter, this year we would like to combine the mother tongue day´s events and activities with the traditional Día de Andalucía to celebrate and reinforce the importance of embracing new perspectives, ideas and cultures from every corner of the world; making different views a source of inspiration that enriches every member of our community, because since our origins Andalucía has opened its doors and welcomed other cultures. This “festival” could be a fantastic opportunity for students and families to discover and interact with the local host community, as well as share their personal cultural/languages and values.



With that in view, we have prepared a series of events and activities that will take place throughout the whole day in Primary and Secondary. Amongst them we will have a typical Andalusian breakfast and lunch served in the courtyard to the accompaniment of live music.

We will have a variety of activities such as workshops led by parents, an intercultural exhibition in Secondary, dancing competition or film sessions…

On this day of celebration, we would like to bring together the entire school community, so as parents you will be able to participate and take part in the event in different ways:

  1. “Represent your culture” You could lead a workshop in Primary (from 10.40am to 12pm) or lead your “stall” in the Cultural fair with secondary students (from 10.30am to 1.00pm). If you are interested contact with Ms. Fiona or Ms. Rocío
  2.  You are invited to visit the Secondary exhibition in the Gym from 12pm to 1pm.
  3.  “International tapas competition”. If you would like to show your “culinary talent” you can participate in this activity preparing your own tapas and taste the dishes that other parents have prepared. This will take place in the courtyard at 1.30pm
  4. “Sevillanas dancing competition” open to students in Primary, secondary and parents and starting at 2.30pm pm in the courtyard.

We hope that you can attend and enjoy this event. You are welcome to register in the tapas competition and/or the sevillanas dancing competition. Please contact us by email ( ) or fill in this form

Note: Students are encouraged to wear either traditional clothes from their country or their host community, Andalucía.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Arts Society Lecture – Tuesday 2pm In Picasso 2

Romans, Moors and Christians. Andalucía and its Golden Age

Celts, Romans, Christians, Visigoths and Arabs have left their imprint on Iberia.  Most vivid reminders are in their great cities, showing a fusion of culture and architectural styles.  This lecture will reveal the layers that make up this complex building and artistic history, from the earliest settlement to the fall of Granada and the end of Moorish rule in 1492.

The visiting lecturer Tom Duncan was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he studied History of Art and Classical Archaeology. He then studied in the United States and moved to England in 1984 to complete his PhD. He taught at university level and now lectures widely to heritage and artistic organisations such as The Art Fund and The Arts Society.

The lecture will be attended by M5 and D1 art students and is also open to staff, parents and others in the local community. Please email if you would like to come.

Buddy Corner

Does anyone have an old bench or two at home, not in use but still in a reasonable condition? We are two students in M3 wishing to paint them to create a friendship corner for Primary First students to use at break and lunch times (see sample photo below). If you have a bench, which may be suitable, please contact us via Mrs Kearney

Many thanks, Kerenza & Sayen M3



Fencing win for SIS

Sotogrande International School fencing team has won the V International Tournament Villa de Manilva trophy. The team, Cristian, Guzmán, Leandro, Daniel and Luz were awarded the trophy as winners of the team category. More than 80 athletes from the main cities of Andalucía participated in this tournament. Congratulations to all members of the SIS fencing team who have represented the school with great success.



The beginning of El Estrecho Rugby Club can be traced back to 2010 when a group of friends, who were rugby fans, decided to establish the club with the objective of promoting rugby as a sport within the Campo de Gibraltar, creating a rugby academy and joining the Federation of Rugby Leagues in all its categories.

Thanks to the development of their sports project, the club has managed to affiliate 8 junior teams formed of players aged 4 to 18.

El Estrecho is currently the third club in Andalucía with the biggest number of licenses in junior leagues, and have around 250 federated players in total.

As the Head of Sport at SIS, I believe the introduction of Rugby and the links developed with El Estrecho will prove to be of a long-term benefit for the students, not just in terms of developing rugby skills, but for their overall growth as people by creating a passion for sport and the understanding of lifelong learning of health and fitness

One of my main goals as Head of Sport is to introduce sports that provide opportunities to increase participation across the school. The link established with El Estrecho who are working with boys and girls can help achieve this with the ultimate goal of attending a Rugby competition in April and SIS students joining the rugby club. Please follow the link to find out more about El Estrecho (

Alex Smith

SI Stage school LAMDA results

Huge congratulations to our SI Stage students for their phenomenal results in the last set of LAMDA exams! Our students aged 5 years to 16 years achieved an amazing 7 Distinctions and 7 Merits in their examinations. The youngest students took their Introductory LAMDA examinations, whilst the older students took their Acting and Musical Theatre examinations. Special mention to our youngest star Ace with a Distinction and Tala who gained a Distinction at Bronze Medal level. Our next examinations are in May, so it is not too late to join our Stage School. Contact Daniel

Russian news

On Tuesday February 13th SIS language students celebrated Shrove Tuesday/Масленицa (pancake week in Russian). The students from M3 up to D2 had a chance to try Russian bilinis with different fillings that some of our Russian students/amazing chefs cooked specially for this event. Some students even dared to taste a classic Russian drink, called kvass, made of rye bread and that tastes a bit like cola. Achieving 2nd place in the Kahoot quiz about Russian maslenitsa by Lupi in M3 proved that we are a multicultural community who are open-minded and curious about other cultures. I would like to thank our Russian-speaking students and their parents for their help, enthusiasm and contribution to this event.

We are running 2 workshops in Russian for our primary and secondary students next Tuesday, which are also open to parents. Details here

Atlético de Madrid Technical School of Excellence

On Saturday students from our Atlético de Madrid Technical School of Excellence had a fun day out in Malaga, attending the La Rosaleda stadium with their coaches to watch Malaga v ATM. A great experience for all who went!

The next trip for our players is to the ATM stadium in Madrid !

To learn more or to join the ATM Technical School of Excellence visit or email

Ecuador 2018 Expedition

We are still taking applications for the Ecuador Expedition; a life shaping experience that will help our students become effective interdependent global citizens and leaders. If your child is in M3-D1 and interested in joining this extraordinary experience, please send us an email to to find out all about it, or simply pick up an expedition brochure from Reception. Don’t miss out!



The Kindred Project News


On Wednesday D1 KP students Paloma, Hannah and Josie handed out secret Valentine’s Day gifts to unsuspecting students! They created their Valentines social enterprise in KP club, developing the idea, marketing it and taking orders all week from students, staff and parents for roses (both real and chocolate!) as well as heart shaped lollipops. They did a fantastic job making €340 that will be invested in projects at Nabugabo Community Learning Centre, Uganda.


Rice day

Another fantastic Rice Day with 85% of secondary students opting to eat rice instead of their normal cantina meal to raise awareness of malnutrition and hunger that exists across the world whilst at the same raising essential funds for Hogar Betania’s summer camp food programme!


Message from Miss Emma Butler

Mother Tongue Day and Dia de Andalucia

Next Thursday we are celebrating `Mother Tongue Day  and Dia de Andalucia. Students are encouraged to wear either traditional clothes from their home country or from our host community Andalucía.

Processionary Caterpillars

To combat the pine processionary caterpillar the school has an annual plan based on the biological cycle of the processionary caterpillar.

However, occasionally, for weather reasons these measures are not enough and nests form in the branches of the pine trees and then caterpillars disperse to feed and bury themselves in the ground.  This is what has happened this year.

More information here  on the measures we are taking to deal with this year’s unusually high numbers.

Taking Learning beyond the classrooms

It has been a busy week for both P3 and P4 who have enjoyed and connected their learning by taking part in experiential activities in our local community.

On Monday. as part of the ‘engage’ section of our inquiry cycle, P3 visited Pueblo Nuevo. This was part of their ‘Maps and Mapping’ unit. During their visit they located the amenities in Pueblo, found where they were and recorded them on a tally chart. Back at school, they then discussed how the amenities could be represented on a map. They looked into how to use a key and symbols. They also completed an imaginary map of their own with a key.

On Wednesday it was the turn of P4. The P4 students went to the beach in Sotogrande to pick up rubbish.  This was ‘action’ based on their previous unit on Sharing the Planet: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and also highlighted the positive aspects of volunteering in connection with their unit on Healthy Lifestyles.

Students supporting students

Primary ‘Buddy Reading’ started in Term 2 with great success. The older students in primary have really been enjoying supporting and listening to the younger students read. In return the younger students have really enjoyed listening to the older students read to them, sharing their love of books and developing friendships across year groups. Next week SIS will be celebrating Book Week. During this week our students will have more opportunities to support each other’s learning.

Dream Factory Music Competition

After more than 60 amazing auditions during the past two weeks, the semi-finalists for the Dream Factory Music Competition have finally been found!

Our students gave their very best, displaying a wide range of musical skills and abilities. It was really extraordinary to witness such an eclectic musical diversity and commitment from our students!

To everyone involved in the auditions, whether you made it to the semi-finals or not, please accept our most sincere congratulations and a big thank you for your effort and dedication to the Dream Factory!

The semi-finalists are:

Save the date: the P3/P4 and P5/P6 semi-finals will take place on the 13th and 20th of March at 6.30pm in the school theatre.

LAMDA exam results

Huge congratulations to our 26 M5-D2 Sotogrande students for their phenomenal results in the last set of LAMDA exams!

The Bronze, Silver and Gold examinations have the added benefit of awarding successful candidates with UCAS points for any UK university applicants. (See Link at the end of this item) We would like to celebrate the students who have are doing particularly well in their year group and have listed their names and corresponding awards below.

Finally we would like to say how immensely proud we are of Nadina Castro for achieving a Distinction in her Solo Acting Gold award!

Class of 2018 LAMDA points (Current D2)

Nadina Castro: 97 points
Group Devised- Bronze- Merit (10 points)
Group Acting Silver Distinction (16 points)
Musical Theatre Silver -Merit (14 points)
Acting Solo Gold –Distinction (30 points)
Group Devised Gold –Merit (27 points)

Thomas De La Rosa: 73 points
Group Devised Bronze-Merit (10 points)
Musical Theatre Bronze-Pass (8 points)
Group Acting Silver- Distinction (16 points)
Musical Theatre Silver-Pass (12 points)
Group Devised Gold-Merit (27 points)

Class of 2019 LAMDA points (Current D1)

Ella McCormack: 48 points
Musical theatre Bronze- Merit (10 points)
Duologue Acting Bronze- Merit (10 points)
Acting Solo Silver- Distinction (16 points)
Group devising Bronze –Distinction (12 points)

Class of 2020 LAMDA points (Current M5)

Marija Segale: 22 points
Acting Solo Bronze- Pass (8 points)
Acting Solo Silver- Pass with Merit (14 points)

Enola Gavira: 22 points
Group Acting Bronze- Distinction (12 points)
Acting Duologue Bronze- Pass with merit (10 points)

Jaime Anton: 22 points
Group Acting Bronze- Distinction (12 points)
Acting Duologue Bronze- Pass with merit (10 points)

Patrick Norton: 22 points
Group Acting Bronze- Distinction (12 points)
Acting Duologue Bronze- Pass with merit (10 points)

Zara Bell: 12 points
Acting Solo Bronze- Distinction (12 points)

LAMDA Awards and UCAS points 

Mr. Smith’s science round-up

M2 Set A class perform heart dissections – on Valentines day of course!

M5 perform their Biochemistry lab report.




University & Careers news

M5 Pathways

This week DP2020, our current M5 students, started their 3C´s Career, Course and Country programme as they begin the process of selecting the right upper school programme at SIS. We use a variety of tools, with the Unifrog career library, being particularly useful. Parents will be invited for follow up meetings this coming Monday with 1-1 specialist career & university interviews for the students planned to take place just before the Career Convention on the 19th April.


Girls basketball

 The U15 Girls Basketball Team played at the Aloha College Tournament on Wednesday February 7th and returned home with an impressive second place after playing overtime in the finals and losing by just 2 points. Selena M4, Stella P M4, Caroline M4, Poppy M4, Laura M4, Sara M4, Stella B M2 and Teresa A M2 showed outstanding attitude, amazing energy, fostered great teamwork, showed sportsmanship and played with the pride of a lion. Well done, girls!




Boarding House News

This weekend the boarders enjoyed a fantastic trip to the La Rosadelle Stadium to see Malaga play Atletico Madrid at football. The match got off to a flying start with Atletico scoring in the first 40 seconds!


We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning asa force for good in the world.

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