School Newsletter 16.01.2015

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Dates for your diary

Whole School

 21st JanuaryP5–D1 Interschool cross country; selected students
26th JanuaryParents Workshop: How to help your teenager build self-esteem


22nd JanuaryParents Workshop: The Framework and Philosophy of the IB Primary Years Programme
29th JanuaryP1 Unit related trip to San Pablo
30th AprilPrimary Student Led Conferences Day (no school)
13th MayP6 PYP Exhibition for parents and school community


22nd JanuaryD1 & D2 Spanish Universities Fair

Whole School News

From the Head of Teaching and Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It has been another amazing week at SIS, although as a community we have been sending our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the atrocities in Paris last week.

On Monday morning the M5 students arrived at school to show their final products for the Personal Project.  I was really impressed by the depth and quality of the products produced.  I wish to congratulate the students on their hard work, dedication and commitment to a very grueling process and wish them luck as they move onto the final chapter of the Personal Product cycle, the completion of the report.  I would also like to thank the supervisors and Belén González, the Personal Project Coordinator, who have given up great amounts of time to support, guide and help our students.  This level of care is one of the key aspects that set us apart from other educational establishments.

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On Tuesday we had a very successful PTA meeting.  Again I wish to thank all parents for their continued positive support of the school and the leadership team.  One of the areas discussed was onsite security.  The SLT are looking into a number of options at present, including getting up-to-date advice from established security firms on our existing protocols for dealing with different situations.

On Wednesday we held a follow up Parent Ambassador training session with Mr. Paul Templeton.  Future parent Ambassadors learned about their preferred personality type as determined by the Tetra map profile and thought about how this applied to their preferred learning style and method of communication.  Sincerest thanks to all who attended, for their energy, time and interest. The next Parent Ambassadors event will take place on Thursday 22nd January with Mr. Colin Hiles.

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Throughout this week the D2 students have been working hard completing their mock exams.  I wish them a relaxing weekend following this tough week of exams and the preceding holiday full of revision!

Finally I hope that you have all received the letter and mail shot regarding the tuition fees for next academic year and the request for your intentions.  We would be most grateful if you could return your intentions form by January 23rd to help us successfully plan for the next academic year.

I wish you a fantastic weekend.

Kindest regards,
Jak Kearney

‘A little bit about me’ by our new staff

Mariana Nae
image picHello everyone,I have a Bachelor of Mining, Bachelor of Secondary Mathematics & a Master Degree in Educational  Management.  Most recently I volunteered as IT Teacher at Rooks Heath College in Harrow. Over the years I have attended  numerous training courses and participated in numerous national and international computing events, experiencing great  success.  For a number of years, I have been teaching Computer Science, IT and Mathematics in different schools and  different levels (secondary and high) and for a long period of years I worked as a school principal. After my visit to Sotogrande International School in November, I was delighted to accept the position offered. My intention this year, to get a new experience of life in a completely different environment, to improve my English language, learn Spanish so that I can fully integrate into Spanish life in a fairly short time and to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful place on earth.

Helen Warwick
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I am delighted to have been appointed to teach Drama and English at SIS. I went into teaching later in life after working in London for a few years for the BBC as an Administrative Assistant in Further Education Radio and Television and Schools broadcasting.  My passion has always been dance, music and arts. I obtained a Bachelor of Education Degree at Middlesex University. I have worked in a number of schools teaching Dance and Drama and held positions as Head of Department, Head of Year and Head of Faculty. I then moved on to work as an Educational Consultant advising on teaching and learning, and behaviour management. I have worked to Senior Management level in various international schools along the coast since September 2005.  I love entertaining friends as my husband and I enjoy cooking and our three grandchildren also keep us busy! I am looking forward to a rewarding and enjoyable time at SIS.

Karen Guest
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Hello, my name is Karen Guest and in 2013 I completed a PGCE (7-14) specialising in mathematics at the University of Sussex.  During my PGCE year I taught at both a secondary special needs school and a mainstream primary school. For my first degree I read Economics at The University of Manchester. My partner and I moved to Spain in October and we are thoroughly enjoying living and working in such a wonderful part of the world. Outside of work I am a keen yogist and enjoy the outdoors and being in nature. My partner and I love great food and we are enjoying tasting the wonderful cuisine that Spain has to offer.  My intention this year is to learn Spanish so that I can fully integrate into Spanish life.

Stephanie Birkbeck
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I have an Honours degree from the Open University in Mathematics & Computing and a PGCE from the University of Nottingham.  I have also completed further studies at Postgraduate level with the University of Warwick. For a number of years, I have been teaching Key Stages 3, 4 & 5 Mathematics in schools and academies in Lincolnshire.  I was delighted to be offered the position of Teacher of Mathematics at SIS and, after visiting the school in September last year, I had no hesitation in making the decision to come here.  My family are employed in the UK, but will be visiting me often, I am sure.  I love learning languages and am hoping to gain a working knowledge of Spanish in a fairly short time!  I am looking forward to meeting you all at Parents days and other events.

Workshop for parents  – Monday 26th January

How to help your teenager build self-esteem
The Pastoral Department would like to invite parents to a workshop entitled ‘How to help your teenager build self-esteem’, presented by Antonia Behan, a certified Life Coach. The workshop will be held on Monday 26thJanuary at 9.00am in P23.

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In this one-hour workshop, you will be given the tools to help your teenager love and care more about themselves, to believe in who they are, who they can be, and their capacity for self-management and life-management. This workshop is suitable for parents with children aged 11 and above.
This same workshop is being offered to some of the students. The techniques provided work best when parents and children both learn together.
​We look forward to seeing you there.​

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Primary News

Message from Emma Butler, Head of Primary

The Importance Of The Learning Environment

Learning at SIS in Early Childhood and the PYP is a holistic experience that integrates socio-emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our creative teachers work hard to provide dynamic environments that promote play, discovery and exploration.
At the start of this new term many year groups have started a new unit of inquiry and over the past week it has been wonderful watching as our teachers prepare their learning environments to encourage active learning, problem solving, effective communication, creativity and collaboration.

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For their new unit ‘Lets Pretend’ the EC1 classrooms have been transformed into different role-play areas, providing an authentic stimulus for our 3 and 4 year olds to explore and learn through role-play. The learning spaces currently comprise two main environments: the emergency services and traditional fairy tale scenes.

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This is how our students explore through play, learn and make connections to the real world.

Workshops For Parents
Our next Primary School Parent Workshop will be held on Thursday the 22nd of January, when the focus will be ‘The Framework and Philosophy of the IB Primary Years Programme’. We hope to see you there.

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Two information letters were sent home this week. These letters can also be accessed through the following links.

Communication Letter // Supporting Your child’s Learning

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To help us with our data collection please complete the form on the communications letter and return to your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible.

P3 kicks off the year with the first Primary experiential trip

As part of the unit, Maps and Mapping skills, P3 visited Pueblo Nuevo on Wednesday. The students impressed their teachers with their map reading, using a Google map, road names and directional skills to navigate a specified route around Pueblo in small groups. As they did so, they also looked out for different amenities and kept a tally of them. Over the next few days, the children will be using the tallies to create bar charts of the different amenities and create their own maps using symbols and a key.

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Primary Student Council
Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their peers as class representatives for this term.

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(Kate absence)

The Student Council will meet with Miss Maureen and Miss Emma every Monday to discuss school, local and global concerns.
Well done and thank you very much to last term’s Primary Student Council members who did a fantastic job.

Date for your diary
This year all Primary 3-6 students will be involved in an expressive arts extravaganza ‘Oliver’, provisional performance date Wednesday 10th of June. Auditions for P6 students will begin next week.

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Before And After School Reminder

We would like to remind everyone that no primary students should be in the Primary School buildings, playground or Library Link area before or after school. All pupils, unless in a club or supervised by an adult, should be collected from school at 3.40pm. In the case of an emergency, please contact the school receptionist (tel. 956 795 902), who will pass a message to the class teacher.

Christmas Shows
The DVDs from the Early Childhood and P1/P2 Christmas Shows are still on sale. They can be purchased from the Mondrian Building, cost 10 Euros each.

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Secondary News

M5 Personal Project

Last Monday 12th January M5 students met one of their milestones for Personal Project. Students brought in their products and presented them to their supervisors and peers. I am very pleased to say that some of them were of an outstanding quality. The next step is to complete their report and process journal for their final grades. There will be an opportunity for the whole school community to see their products at the Personal Project Fair on March 12th. Congratulations to all M5s!

Belén González Cascallana

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M3 Community Project
M3 students have started their Community Project. The project will run until the middle of the summer term (May) and, although it is an independent research project, it will involve some Kindred Project and whole school collaboration.
The project focuses on community and service, encouraging the students to explore their right and responsibility to implement service as action in the community. Following MYP requirements, all students in M3 must complete the community project.

Sports Bulletin

Congratulations to our Under 13 sports teams who represented SIS on Wednesday 7th and 14th January at Laude.

Our results were as follows:

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Wednesday 07 January 
M1 & M2 SIS Girls Basketball won 44-24 vs. Laude A Team
M1 & M2 SIS Boys Football won 6-4 vs. Laude A Team

Wednesday 14 January
M1 & M2 SIS Girls Football drew 2-2 vs Swans A Team
M1 & M2 SIS Girls Football won 2-0 vs Laude A Team
M1 & M2 SIS Boys Basketball unfortunately lost both games vs Laude A Team and Swans A Team

Thanks go to Kevin Dennis, Ash T, Mr. Alvaro, Miss Marre and Mr. Stone for preparing and organising the teams and these extra-curricular events.

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SIS by the Sea News (Sailing Academy)

News from Sailing

For all children that are joining the optimist-course every Wednesday we are planning to have a monthly championship to choose the SIS-champion of the month and once a year the champion of the year. We will post up a picture of the monthly winner in the school reception area along with an updated order of merit list for the SIS Sailing Champion (with the main trophy on the shelf).

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Our first championship will be Wednesday, 28th 2015; start from school will be at 15:30. The championship will be finished approx. at 18:00.
There will be drinks and sandwiches available for everyone for €1 each.
All parents are invited.

Nancy Christow

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The Kindred Project News

Global Citizenship Programme

Linked with our current Global Citizenship Programme curriculum, next Thursday 22nd January, our 54 GCP students will have the opportunity to participate in a unique seminar on “Communication” led by Miguel Ángel Guisado, a renowned knowmad and CEO of Habilor. As well as this, students will hear directly from “Fearless John” and his fascinating bike journey to the South Pole, an example of how with hope and hard work, anything is possible.

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This motivating seminar has been possible thanks to the generous collaboration of The Knowmads Hub in Marbella, the Málaga Business and Marketing school ESIC, Mr. Guisado and “Fearless John”, for which we are extremely thankful.  Follow us on Facebook for more information!

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