School Newsletter 14.11.2014

Stop Press! Fireworks Night Message

The Bad News: Due to the unfortunate weather report the PTA fireworks event will not happen, however …

The Good News: We WILL party! The new event will take place in the cantina, clearly outside would be a preferable option but because of weather, an impossibility. There will be a wide range of quality music from students aged 8 – 18. Over 100 students have worked hard on songs and are excited about performing to the SIS community. There will be delicious food and a bar and another great opportunity to spend time with friends, meet new friends and support our community.

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This is not a PTA funded or run event.  This is about providing an opportunity for brave, keen, young musicians to display their talents to you, the SIS community.

We hope you can come and support us.  Tomorrow (Friday 14th Nov) 7.00pm – 9.30pm.

See you there!

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Dates for your diary

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Whole School


18th November   Lecture ‘David Hockney: Art as biography’ 4.15pm (see below)


20th November      P4 unit related trip to Casares recycling plant
20th November  Author visit for EC1, EC2 and P1
20th November P6 Basketball tournament at Swans School (selected pupils) Depart 9:00am and arrive back by 4pm.
27th November     P5 unit related trip to Gibraltar
28th November EC2 unit related trip to a castle


  19th NovemberM5 Humanidades Tarifa trip
  21st November    M1- D2 Parent consultations (see below)


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Whole School News 

From the Head of Teaching and Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Once again we have experienced a great week at SIS.  Following a request at the PTA meeting we are sending out the uniform list again so that everyone is clear about the expectations this year. (Please see below)  I have to reiterate how thankful I am for your support on this matter.  The pupils are looking smart and very presentable, a welcome and well-timed improvement for the school photos that have taken place this week.

Every day the staff at SIS work tirelessly to provide a stimulating and enriching education for your children.  We have been invited to take part in the NABSS – Pearson teacher awards.  The purpose of the award is to recognize teachers who have made a difference to the life of your children, either through motivating, enthusing or supporting.  I would invite you take 5 minutes of your time to nominate one or more members of staff by clicking on this link.

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On Tuesday 11th Mr Kievit’s D1 and D2 chemistry class went on a visit to Kettal in Palmones to see chemistry in action at the micro brewery.  The feedback from the chemists was very positive.  Thanks to Mr Kievit for arranging and chaperoning this trip.

On Wednesday Miss Andrea held an excellent session for primary parents on learning and the brain.  It was very well attended and used many practical ways to explain how learning occurs and why we teach in the way we do.  Thanks to all who supported the event.

Sincerest congratulations go to the secondary girls and boys football teams who have been representing SIS at our tournament for over 400 children across the coast in the yearly El Rio events.  Last week the girls’ teams finished 1st in the Under 13 category and 3rd in the Under 15s.  The boys’ event, which took place on Wednesday 12th November, was another resounding success.  The Under 13 and Under 15 teams both took first place and the under 19s finished 3rd.  I wish to thank the entire PE team for their hard work, dedication and commitment to organizing the coast’s largest school football event yet again.

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Regretfully the PTA organized Fireworks Party has had to be cancelled for this year, however I hope as many of you as possible will still join us in the Cantina this evening to party and to enjoy some fantastic music from our supremely talented students.

Best wishes

Jak Kearney

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School Uniform List

Primary School Uniform 

 Early ChildhoodPYP1 – PYP6
School navy blue tracksuitWhite polo shirt with school logo

Black, blue or white socks

Black/blue shoes or black/blue/white trainers (Velcro recommended, no laces)

School summer dress (optional for EC2 girls)


Grey trousers, skirt or shortsWhite polo shirt with school logo

School blue v-neck jumper or blue cardigan with school logo for both boys and girls

Black, blue, white or grey socks or tights

Black shoes or plain black trainers (Velcro recommended, no laces)

School summer dress (optional for PYP1 to PYP4 girls)

 Sports UniformUnder review. Until further notice students may wear:

Plain white t-shirts or old style school sports polo shirt

Black or blue sports shorts

Any colour trainers

Dark blue or black tracksuits (optional)

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Secondary  School Uniform


MYP1 to MYP5DP1 and DP2
Grey skirts, shorts or trousersWhite polo shirt with school logo

School blue V neck jumper or blue cardigan with school logo

Black, blue or white socks

Black tights

Black shoes or plain black trainers

Black skirts, shorts or trousersLight blue polo shirt with IB logo

Grey sweatshirt with IB logo

Black, grey  or white socks

Black tights

Black shoes or plain black trainers

Sports UniformUnder review. Until further notice students may wear :

Plain white t-shirts                                                                                                                   

Black or blue sports shorts

Any colour trainers

Dark blue or black tracksuits (optional)

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Apple technologies in education

During half term, I had the pleasure of taking a group of students to the Norwegian school in Málaga. At this event, which was organized by Apple, we demonstrated how we use Apple technologies in education at our school. We also showcased the use and implementation of technologies generally within our curriculum. The feedback and positive comments I received about both the content of the demonstration and the conduct of our students was extremely rewarding; and I would like to congratulate and thank the four M1 students who gave up a day of their holiday to participate. They are Julian Fernandez Barcelona, Enola Gavira Gavira, Mireya Palacios Jimenez and María Romero Martín.

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Carmelo Sánchez Martín

IT Coordinator

‘David Hockney: Art as Biography’ Lecture

The Arts department is pleased to invite parents and friends to join senior students (M4-D2) to enjoy this presentation in the school theatre at 4.15pm on Tuesday 18th November.

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Art historian, author and lecturer Peter Webb has been a friend of David Hockney, now probably England’s favourite artist, since 1970. In 1989 Peter published a biography of Hockney based around interviews with many of Hockney’s friends and colleagues and on his own observation of Hockney’s art from close quarters.  In his lecture Peter will give an insightful account of the way Hockney’s work has related to his life, especially during the 1960s and 1970s. It will also demonstrate how his more recent work has reflected his rich store of intellectual knowledge about the nature of art.

Theatre News

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

This year’s Secondary production is going to be a family friendly adaptation of Moulin Rouge. This iconic love story is set in 1899 and tells of the doomed love between Christian, a young English writer, and Satine a dancer at the Moulin Rouge. The team of Directors have completed auditions and are now embarking on rehearsals with an extremely talented cast of M2-D1 students. This show is going to be a breathtaking whirl of brilliant characterisations, snappy choreography and mesmerising musical numbers, resulting in a truly ´Spectacular, Spectacular´ show.

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If any students/parents/guardians are interested in being involved backstage with

make-up, set design, sound/lights or costume design then please contact or We see this as being a collaborative production where creative inspiration will come from the SIS community as a whole.

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Primary School News

Message from Emma Butler, Head of Primary

The Importance Of ‘Play’ And The Learning Environment

Learning through play is a term often used in education and psychology to describe how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them. Through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.

At SIS our teachers understand the importance of  ‘play’ and through careful collaborative planning we incorporate experiential learning throughout the whole of our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

Some examples observed in this past week have been…

In EC1 our teachers have transformed their classrooms to support their new unit and their students have been enjoying and learning about themselves through role-play, ‘At The Hairdressers.’
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P3 teachers, parents and students have been inquiring together to explore the properties of water. Parents play a vital role in the learning process and the following message from one of our parents was much appreciated by all teachers involved, “….it was just GREAT to be the classroom today. Really good to see what they are doing, and how. And it reminded me not only that I am totally unsuited to being a primary school teacher, but also how impressive those of you who do it everyday are. So patient, so caring, so professional.”
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P6 students explored properties of shapes using pin boards. They investigated squares, different triangles: isosceles, scalene, and equilateral, as well as angles, parallel lines and perpendicular lines.

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Primary Parent Workshop On The Brain

On Wednesday it was wonderful to see so many parents turn up for a ‘hands-on’ workshop on how current brain research has impacted on teaching and learning. This hour long session with Andrea Bennett, our PYP Coordinator, was a great success and it is our intention to run a series of workshops throughout this year. We will post the dates for the next one very soon.

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Secondary School News

Please note that there will be no classes for secondary students next Friday 21st November.

Parent Consultations Day – All Secondary 

Parents of students in M1 through to D2 are cordially invited to the Parent Consultations, which will take place next Friday, 21st November. Students will be given sign-up sheets to make appointments with their teachers early next week. Students are encouraged to attend these meetings along with their parents

Soto Ski and Board 

The annual Ski Trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains is scheduled for our half-term break, the 23rd to 27th of February 2015. Full information, as well as sign up forms, is available at reception desk in the main building.

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Football Summary

Congratulations and well done to everyone involved with the interschool boys football tournament at El Rio on Wednesday 12th November.

Despite the changeable weather, which included hot sun, torrential downpours and light drizzle, the tournament was an outstanding success on so many levels. The incredible drainage of the Santa Maria El Rio pitches enabled teams to play football to a very high standard.

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In total, over 250 boys represented 8 international schools at 3 secondary age groups. 84 games were keenly contested between 24 teams.

Incredibly, Sotogrande International School won two out of the three age categories.

Our SIFA academy is now beginning to reap the rewards of playing and training regularly at El Rio, under the watchful and experienced eyes of Kevin Dennis and Ash Thomas. SIS were champions of the Under13s tournament and the Under 15s tournament and the Under 19 boys also played magnificently well to finish in a very respectable 3rd place.

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Thanks go to Miss Marre and Mr. Stone for coordinating and organising the tournament, and to Kevin Dennis, Ash Thomas, Alvaro Fernandez and Phoebe Harris for preparing and supervising the teams.

Final positions:

Under 13s

Champions: Sotogrande International School

Runners-up: St. George’s, Málaga

3rd Place: St. Anthony’s

Under 15s

Champions: Sotogrande International School

Runners-up: St. George’s, Málaga

3rd Place: BCT (Benalmadena)

Under 19s

Champions: Almuñecar

Runners-up: Alboran, Marbella

3rd Place: Sotogrande International School

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PTA news

Grand Christmas Raffle

Next week all students will be given a book of 5 raffle tickets (price €1 each) for our Grand Christmas Raffle, to be drawn at the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 29th November. There are many great prizes, including our fantastic 1st prize of an iPhone 6 Plus; all kindly donated by individuals and businesses in our local community. We hope you will support your children as they try to sell as many tickets as possible to family, friends and neighbours. Further books of tickets may be collected by students (& parents) from the library desk at any time.

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SIGA news

Golf for adults:

Do you want to live an unforgettable experience? All parents are welcome to our new courses!
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Classes will start on the 5th of November for groups of 4 to 6 people. There will be classes between 9.30 am and 1.30 pm from Tuesday to Friday. Each group will have one hour a week of class with balls included.  Swing Analyzer V1, Sam Putt Lab and Kvest will be used whenever necessary in class. Groups may choose the time and day most suitable for them


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