School Newsletter 07.11.2014

Important Message

After much consideration and consulting a variety of weather reports, unfortunately, the Firework Party has been postponed until next Friday 14th November (weather permitting)

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Dates for your diary

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Whole School


10th -14th November  School Photos (see below)
18th November   Lecture ‘David Hockney: Art as biography’ 4.15pm (see below)


12th November     Workshop for all Primary Parents, 2.30pm in location P3 classroom. Focus on learning and the brain (in English and Spanish)
12th November   P6 Unit of inquiry based trip. Visiting local supermarkets.
20th November   Author visit for EC1, EC2 and P1
 20th November     P6 Basketball tournament at Swans School (selected pupils)Depart 9:00am and arrive back by 4pm.
27th November    P5 unit related trip to Gibraltar


10th November   Pastoral workshop for secondary parents (see below)
13th November  M5 Personal Project ‘show and tell’ day
21st November   M1- D2 Parent consultations

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Whole School News

From the Head of Teaching and Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you have all managed to have a fantastic half term break, relax, unwind and spend some quality time as families.

The final two days before half term were fabulous with a great pastoral day off-timetable for M2 – D1 students, the D2 extended essay work day, the M1 ’The world’s NOT fair’ and the Primary GCP day.  I wish to thank all staff for their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication in the last workdays of what was a very long, but fun filled half term.

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It was lovely to see you all on Monday morning and I would like to thank you as a community for your continuous support over the uniform.  As a team we are managing to change the culture and achieve a smartly dressed student body.  It is collaboration in motion with all parties supporting each other.

I would like to draw your attention to the support workshop for parents of secondary children this coming Monday. It is a chance for you to come and work with certified Life-Coach Antonia Behan and learn some strategies around supporting your teenager as they grow, change and develop.

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With the holiday behind us and the threat of Ebola still prevalent I would like to request that as a parent body if you have traveled to areas affected by Ebola that you let us as a community know.  In addition I would draw your attention to the section below regarding Ebola written by our wonderful nurses.

Finally it looks like the weather has got the better of us on this occasion and we have sadly postponed the fireworks extravaganza until next week on Friday 14th November (weather permitting).  May I remind you that students who are M1 and below may not come unattended by adults.  I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes
Jak Kearney

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School photographs

Individual, group and family photos will be taken during next week.

To view the timetable for when your child/children will be photographed, please click on this link.

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From the School Nurse – Questions about Ebola

There has been a surge of attention in the media regarding the Ebola virus over the last weeks. Some in our community are naturally concerned because we are an international school with families who travel extensively.  The likelihood of Ebola being contracted here at our school is minimal – the virus is not airborne, not transmitted through water, not transmitted through food (except some wild animal meat in some African countries). Transmission also requires direct contact with blood or body fluids.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises that Europe is at low risk of a significant Ebola outbreak. In Spain the single patient who was infected with Ebola has now tested negative twice on the 19th and 21st of October. All 83 contacts have completed the 21-day follow-up period.
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We have protocols in place in school for the management of any suspected cases or outbreaks.  We are also in contact with the Spanish Department of Epidemiology who provide advice and management of any outbreaks of illness or disease.

It would be helpful if parents could inform us of any travel by students or immediate family to any of the countries where there are significant outbreaks. The countries currently affected are Sierra Leone, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Guinea.

If parents have any questions or require more information, they can contact the nurses directly at or on tel. 956 795902 ext. 141.

Alternatively current updates are available from the World Health Organization´s website;

Readathon Report

Congratulations to P3 Miss Emma’s class who enjoyed an ice-cream party on Friday 24th October to celebrate winning the class competition element of this year’s Readathon.

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Their class total of reading minutes divided by the number of students in the class shows P3EF students read an average 886 minutes each which equates to approximately 14 hours 45 minutes. Well-done also to P5 Miss Roberts’ class who came a very close second with an average reading time of 874 minutes or approximately 14 hours 30 minutes each.

On an individual basis almost all the children read enthusiastically throughout the month, and the following students should be particularly congratulated as they managed to complete this year’s Readathon challenge.

PYP1: Alexandra (x2 sheets), Milo (x2 sheets), Claudia, Mikella, Carl, Omar, Raúl, Enrique, Ollie, Marina, Alexia, Miguel, Octavia, Harry, Ella, Kjella, Ricardo, Victoria

PYP2: Ella, Alba, Liam, Isla, Sophia, Liam, River, Sulayman

PYP3: Isabella (x4 sheets), James (x2 sheets), Daria, Barbara, Oliver, Carlota, Fabiola, Xianyue, Claudia, Hannah, Heidi, Federica, Charlie, Gabriela, Adalberto, Sharon, Alvaro, Santiago, Thomas, Oscar, Charlotte, Kenza, Annabel, Mia, Nicolás

PYP4: Sofia (x2 sheets), Clara (x2 sheets), Ryan, Antonio, EnYi, Rodrigo, Micky, Gerardo, Candela, Rafael, Alexander, George, Lucy, Albina, Becca, Aila, Carlota, Jose Manuel, Rowan

PYP5: Jill (x4 sheets), Isabella (x2 sheets), Lupita (x2 sheets),Paula, Harley, Jim, Xianzhe, Annina, Felix, Ricardo, Lowenna, Marina P., Olivia, Hampus, Dante, Misha, Juana, Roberto, Julia, Marina C.,Elias, Teresa, Kate, Ralph, Eden, Arthur

PYP6: Kevin, Kerenza, Alejandra, Fernando, Chiaya, Idalio, Iñigo

MYP1: Mireya, Stella, Africa, Julian, Patricia
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Thank-you to all the teachers, parents and friends who have been encouraging and supporting the children in their reading; and of course a massive thank-you to all the sponsors.

Please note any outstanding sponsorship money should be handed in to class teachers or at the library desk as soon as possible. Let’s ensure this reading success story is also a financial success!

Thank-you, Anne Adamson

‘David Hockney: Art as Biography’ Lecture

The Arts department is pleased to invite parents and friends to join senior students (M4-D2) to enjoy this presentation in the school theatre at 4.15pm on Tuesday 18th November.
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Art historian, author and lecturer Peter Webb has been a friend of David Hockney, now probably England’s favourite artist, since 1970. In 1989 Peter published a biography of Hockney based around interviews with many of Hockney’s friends and colleagues and on his own observation of Hockney’s art from close quarters.  In his lecture Peter will give an insightful account of the way Hockney’s work has related to his life, especially during the 1960s and 1970s. It will also demonstrate how his more recent work has reflected his rich store of intellectual knowledge about the nature of art.

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Primary News

Message from Emma Butler, Head of Primary

Well-done P4 for an excellent first unit!

P4 Unit 1: How We Express Ourselves (Symbolism)

For their first unit of the year P4 have been exploring how symbolism is used to help people communicate and express themselves.

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At first they tuned in by observing everyday signs and symbols around them and discussing their form – What are they like? Why are they like this?  They then found out what it like to design their own symbols, giving explanations for their choices. They even had a go at creating ‘symbol sentences’ as a form of communication.  This then lead on to looking at and learning some sign language, which they were able to share with P2 and their unit on ‘communication’, and P1 and their unit on ‘our senses’.

P4 have explored symbolism in many forms: through music, written language, visual art, dance and drama and were very fascinated to see symbolism in action when observing and questioning the D1 and D2 students’ performances.

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To view more of the fantastic student work from this unit please click on the links below:

Native Canadian Woodland Art:

Symbolism through movement

Pre and summative assessments

Assessment – drama/dance


Primary First Party Table

Congratulations to Matty, Sam, Ariel and Sulayman from P2, to Pia, Néstor, Ollie and Elsie from P1 and to Gino and Lucia from EC2.

They were the first students invited to the end of the month party table. They merited an invite as they always finish their food and model excellent behaviour in the cantina. Mr. Kearney, Head of Teaching and Learning also joined them for this celebration! Next party table will take place on the last Friday in November. Children, remember your manners and try to eat all your food. Let´s see who sits with Mr. Kearney next time!
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Parent coffee morning/information session at Fundamentals

On Wednesday parents from Fundamentals were invited to a coffee morning and workshop session focused on learning and the brain. This was led by Emma Butler, Head of Primary and Andrea Bennett, PYP Coordinator.  There was a great turnout and parents had the opportunity to explore and learn about the current research on the brain and how it impacts on young children’s learning.  Taking part in several activities, they were able understand the formation of a newborn’s brain and how this develops through their first years of life.

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Next Wednesday, 12th of November, a similar workshop is being held here for all our primary parents. In this workshop Andrea will link current research on children’s brain development to the teaching and learning at SIS.

We hope you will be able to attend.

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 Secondary News

M5 Personal Project ‘show and tell’ day

On Thursday 13th November M5 students will have a collapsed day to work on their Personal Project. This will give students the opportunity to show their work and ideas to their peers and supervisors, and get feedback on how best to move forward.

Physics in Action

In the week before half term, the D1 physicists, under the guidance of Dr Kievit, took over the main hall for physics experiments, in order to determine a value for the acceleration due to gravity. To do so, they dropped ping pong balls and tennis balls from the second floor, timing how long it took for them to hit the ground floor, and determined how long it took for three meter long pendulums to complete ten oscillations. They are currently involved in processing their data and evaluating their experiments as part of their first Internal Assessment.

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Pastoral day – Street Art Workshop

During our recent Pastoral day, a small group of M5-D1 art students embarked on a Street Art project guided by an award winning graffiti artist from Malaga, “Lalone”. Our central theme was focused around “careers and ambitions”. We started off by brainstorming different words to focus our graffiti on; Inspire, Pride, Strive, Aspire, the voted winner being “Dream Big”.  We then sketched some designs. Following this, Lalone taught some spray can control techniques and straight after we began our final street painting on a side wall of the gym. After 5 hours of work we ended up with a product to be proud of and we hope that it may inspire students (and everyone) to “Dream Big”.

Alejandro Taylor Sanjuan

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Managebac help for secondary parents

To help parents of our secondary students in using Managebac, we have put together some tutorials. These video tutorials are available in Spanish, English, Dutch, Russian and French.

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To view, please click on the following link

However please do let us know if you are experiencing any difficulty with accessing or navigating Managebac; email

‘Happy Thoughts’  – Workshop for secondary parents

The Pastoral Department would like to invite parents to a workshop entitled ‘Happy Thoughts’, presented by Antonia Behan, a certified Life Coach. The 1-hour workshop will be held on Monday 10th November at 9.15 in the school Theatre.

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Happy Thoughts

“Your thoughts are not your truth, they are just mental words and images arising in your mind”.

This interactive talk provides knowledge on why we think and feel the way we do, with tools provided to help you learn to take control of your thoughts and guide your feelings so that you can choose to cultivate true calm and happiness from within.

This same workshop is being offered to some of the students. The techniques provided work best when parents and children both learn together.

If you would like to attend then I very much look forward to meeting you.

Antonia Behan

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Sports Report

Congratulations and well done to everyone involved with last Wednesday’s inter-school girls football tournament at El Rio.

One of the largest girls football international school tournaments in Spain was very smoothly run and successful.

In total, over 200 girls represented 7 international schools at 3 secondary age groups. Almost 50 games were keenly contested between 20 teams. 3 different schools won each of the age categories.

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Our SIS girls’ teams played exceptionally well, winning the U13s tournament. The Under 15s also played magnificently well to finish in 3rd place.

Thanks go to Miss Marre and Mr. Stone for coordinating and organising the tournament, and to Kevin Dennis, Ash Thomas, Alvaro Fernandez and Phoebe Harris for preparing and supervising the teams.

Thanks also to our M5 student volunteers, Jake Beaumont, Rosendo Torreguitar, Blaise Craven and Thomas Campbell, who helped to referee some matches.

Final positions:

Under 13s                            Under 15s                                       Under 19s

1st SIS                                  1st BCT (Benalmadena)                   1st EIC

2nd EIC                                2nd EIC                                            2nd Aloha

3rd Swans                            3rd SIS                                             3rd St. Anthony’s


Last week our student Calvin Greschner won with the Andalucía team in the Spanish Regional Championship under 25. Yet another National trophy for a SIGA player. Congratulations Calvin!!!

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Furthermore, our younger players won the first places in the Pequecircuito de Andalucía which took place in Guadalmina and in the Sherry Golf.

Santiago Bascuas. Ganador en Sherry Golf.

Daniela Aramburu. Subcampeona categoria especial.

Sofia Stagnetto. 4º categoria especial.

Pelayo Pérez Crespo. 4º categoria especial.

Alejandra Ruiz-Gomez 5º

Manuel Ruiz-Gomez. 6º.

Good news also from Seville! Best round of the tournament for Calvin Greschner at the fantastic and very complicate Real Club de Golf de Sevilla with a round of 68 !!!! 4 under par.

Here are our rankings of players, all in the best positions.

Ganador junior. Calvin Greschner.

Subcampeona Benjamín.Daniela Aramburu.

Subcampeona Infantil. Carlota Bascuas.

Tercera alevin. Claudia Alnajim.

Cuarto Alevin. Alejandro Nestares.

Quinta Cadete y Ganadora Handicap Marta Pérez Crespo.

Séptima infantil. Jemma Milton.

Octavo Benjamín. Fernando Canela.

Undécimo Cadete. Lucio Winckley.

Decimotercero Benjamín. Pelayo Pérez Crespo.

Décimocuarto Alevin. Daniel Pogiba.

Congratulations champions!!!

Many thanks to all of those who make these children dream real !!

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Kind regards,

Juan Antonio Marín Ramos

Director & Head Coach

Facebook. SigaGolf

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