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We are a learning community, passionate about providing an  International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural  understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

School Newsletter – 2nd June 2017


Message from the Head

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last weekend was literally out of this world with events in and around the school.  Friday evening witnessed an emotional graduation for our D2 students. They certainly looked the part in their outfits, one student actually made her own dress for the event. Thank you to everyone who attended and who offered to help at the event.

At 3am on Saturday morning, Mr. Mungles and the history students departed for Poland for a 5-day historical adventure.  Please read full article in Secondary section of newsletter.

The Spring Fair on Sunday was another complete hit, with the Primary Student Council stepping up to organize and host an event with many varied activities for students aged 10 and below.  They managed to raise a staggering 2000€!  I would like to thank the Parent Ambassadors, and staff who supported the event.

Simultaneously Sotogrande were hosting the Grand Prix at La Reserva, where our students who are passionate about the Formula 1 in Schools Project were presenting. The students, supported by David Alvarez and Mark Allen, set up the track and the reaction time kit to demonstrate their project. Visitors to the Grand Prix and concourse D‘Elegance were wowed by their confidence and knowledge.

On Tuesday this week Miss Gara and the M3 advisory team organized a GCP showcase, where students displayed their learning from across the year. It was a wonderful opportunity for students in the younger years to see what they need to aspire to in their future schooling.  It allowed our students to present their findings, whilst using education as a force for good in the world. Meanwhile Ms. Wiltshire and the M2 team organized a cultural festival, where students explored a culture that was either of interest to them, or to which they had a connection.  Some students took regions of countries, some took overseas territories and others explored cultures linked directly to a country. A blend of art, culinary skills and research allowed our students to develop their presentation skills. (See photo Montage in Secondary Section).

On Wednesday I was able to join the M1 students displaying their Science projects on different systems within the body.  It was an opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning, explore their creativity and present their findings.

On Thursday and Friday the PE team organized Sports Days for M1 – M4 students. The two days of sports events were a great opportunity for our students to shine in different areas of sport.  The culminating event, following in SIS tradition, was a tug of war contest on the pitch on Friday afternoon.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you at the Sotosol walk on Sunday morning.

Best wishes

Jak Kearney


Whole School News

Can you help with props?

Primary school is looking for a number of props for their forthcoming production of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.  One of the things they would like is a small boat, which could be pulled along the stage.  They also need a toy car or go-kart, which the children could drive across the stage.  If you can help us by lending either of these items, please email Eliza at


The netball season came to an end this week with a final staff v. students match. The squad is getting bigger and better each term and we can’t wait to get back in September to represent the school against other schools.

The following students were nominated by their peers for a special mention:

  • Best team spirit: Libby Bunn
  • Most competitive: Matt Cronin González 
  • Most skillful: Jemma Milton
  • Player of the Year: Erika Rickert 


Primary School News

Message From Emma Butler

P2 students promote Service Learning as a Force for Good in the world

Thanks to their student-initiated action of a sponsored swim, P2 raised over 1,000 euros. With this amazing sum P2 will be making a real difference. They have decided to use the money to pay for 43 disadvantaged children to attend the “After-School Camp” which will be run by The Kindred Project during the Ecuador Expedition this summer.

Well done P2 and thank you to all the parents who came and supported this event.

Family Fun Day 2017

Last Sunday’s student council led Family Fun Day/ Spring Fair was a great success. Families enjoyed games, music, craft activities and delicious food in a fantastic atmosphere. The Primary Student Council worked hard on the day and raised over 2,000 euros, which will go towards improving recreation and play areas in both our Primary School and at Fundamentals.  I would also like to thank Sotogrande SA for all of their support and for sponsoring the attractions. These attractions were definitely enjoyed by all!

Summer Swimming Camp

Looking for swimming lessons for your children this summer? Let them join our Summer Swimming Camp! Running throughout July for 5 – 8-year-olds the camp offers a perfect solution for beginners right through to advanced swimmers. For information and to book your place visit the Swimming Camp site  and don’t forget to tick the SIS Student box to receive your 5% discount!


Secondary School News

Message from MYP Coordinator to M5 parents

Dear parents and guardians,

It is that time of the year again! M5 examinations start next week.
From Tuesday 6th to Friday 10th June the M5 end of year exams will take place in the examination hall/gym (except for those subjects which require specialist venues).
All M5 students MUST arrive by 8:45 am and they will then register outside the gym.
In order to avoid traffic queues, I would please ask parents to leave with plenty of time so that your children arrive promptly. This will help with the smooth running of the exams.
Many thanks for your support.

Good luck to all our M5 students!
Ms. González

Extreme Reading photo competition

 GCP / Community Service showcase

Poland trip

In the early hours of Saturday morning, 3.30am to be exact, we left SIS bound for Poland. Twenty-two students from M4 and D2 travelled with me and JustIna Dabrowska for the first SIS trip to Krakow and Auschwitz-Birkenau. After a tiring journey we arrived in Krakow, and were then able to visit the historic centre and Wawel Castle. In the evening we went to a beautiful restaurant in the old town and had a traditional Polish meal.
On Sunday, we visited Auschwitz. Both as a historian and as a human being, it is difficult to convey with words the horror that took place there between 1941 and 1945. I recommend anyone who has the opportunity to visit. The experience of going inside gas chamber and crematorium 1 was something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The piles of hair, shoes and glasses of the victims of the Holocaust, and the photographic portraits of those murdered here, displayed on the walls were horrific. The fact that Hoss, the camp commander lived with his family, no more than 20 metres from all of this suffering, and that his 7 year old daughter played in the garden within metres of the camp, seems unfathomable to me as a father.

​Here are a few excerpts from the students’ reflections on the Auschwitz visit. I will add the rest of them to my blog.
Pablo, “Auschwitz was one of the most fascinating, yet heartbreaking experiences of my life…it made me realise how lucky and fortunate we are to be living lives free of terror.”
Patrick, “The horrors of Auschwitz should never be forgotten.”
Maria, “It made me reflect on the cruelty of humanity.”
Lucia, “Auschwitz was a devastating place, that once seen it is impossible for it to fade away.”

On Monday, we visited the historic salt mines, which consist of 250 km of underground salt tunnels, a significant contrast in temperature to the 32°C above ground that day. In the evening we ate authentic pierogi dumplings, before going bowling. On Tuesday we visited the Oscar Schindler Factory on the outskirts of Krakow, which has a museum dedicated to the history of Krakow and Poland during WW2, and passed through the Jewish Ghetto with its symbolic “chairs” memorial in the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, then ended our trip with a visit to the cinema.

Jason Mungles


Sotosol Walk The 13th annual Sotosol Walk takes place this Sunday 4th June to raise funds for The Danii Children’s Cancer Charity, which supports very sick children and their families in an incredible number of ways.  There is a new course for the walk/run this year: it will start and finish at Parilla La 5a Restaurante. There is a planned 7.5km route, which can be completed once or twice. We would like to encourage as many students and families as possible to participate in this fantastic community charity event. Registration is at 9.45am.

SIStage School production of Oz
Come and see our family classic ‘Oz’. Students from Sotogrande Stage School will be performing on June the 6th and 7th from 6.30pm. Tickets are 5 euros each and all money raised will go to Hogar Betania
Tickets are now on sale at the school gate and from Henry in reception.

Indie NightLast 19th of May, was Indie Night. The event took place in the school theatre, and consisted ​of around two hours of indie/folk music, including songs by artists like Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Mumford and Sons, and Bob Dylan. The event was organized by two D1 students, Carmen and Nadina, as well as other students like Jade Burgess and Mari​ja​ Segal​e ​from M4, and professionals such as Mark, Paul and Les. All the money raised will be donated to the Tiwizi Association in Asni, which the D1s visited in March. The event was a great success!Open de Andalucía de Técnica and Open The Máster de combate

Club Lee Do Kwan, who teaches Taekwondo extracurricular classes, took part last Saturday at the Open de Andalucía de Técnica, and at the Open The Masters of Combat held in Vélez-Málaga, achieving very succesful results. We congratulate our colleague David Álvarez, IT Manager and Technology Teacher, who achieved 4th place at national level. 

The Kindred Project News

Another amazing achievement this month for Send a Child to School, raising a total of €649.63! All year groups have now covered the cost of sponsoring their child for this academic year, congratulations and a big thank you from us and a huge ‘webale nyo nyo nyo’ from the children we support at NCLC!

We are a learning community, passionate about providing an  International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural  understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning asa force for good in the world.


ASSIST is a free service offered by Sotogrande International School (SIS) to help and support newly arrived families to quickly find solutions to their relocation issues, their domestic and personal needs by using the buying power of the SIS community to negotiate discounts, deals and/or privileges from local suppliers.

The Kindred Project

“To promote education as a force for good to help create a more peaceful world”.

Aims to offer young people opportunities to explore, discuss and work together to help sustain change both locally and globally by developing leadership and critical thinking skills through projects requiring intercultural understanding and community building.

Sistech Academy

Since SIS students are privileged to be members of an IT learning environment that is an official Apple School. Our IT staff are not only trained by Apple but are themselves certified Apple Trainers. So uncertainties about using Apples vast suite of applications and devices are becoming second-nature to your children and the same level of expertise and teaching can be put at the disposal of parents too, and even other adults not yet members of the SIS family…

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