Personalised Learning Approach

At our international school, we provide students with the support they need in order to set and meet individual learning targets. Differentiation is an integral part of teaching and learning and may involve utilising:

  • collaborative and cooperative learning methods
  • a variety of learning practices
  • creative approaches to teaching and learning
  • differing formats and modes of exploring and presenting knowledge 
  • additional checks to ensure understanding

However, in cases where students require instruction beyond regular teaching practices, learning support is provided. Following the school’s Learning diversity/Inclusion policy, the student’s learning needs are considered on an individual basis and, when necessary, Learning Support is provided by our successful Learning Support team.

Learning Support

By definition, every child is unique and has different learning needs. Among educators, the ongoing process that increases access and engagement in learning is known as inclusion. Furthermore, the generic term ‘learning support’ rather than ‘Special Educational Needs’ (SEN) has been adopted in SIS, as we feel it caters best for the wide spectrum of learning needs along a continuum.

Additional Learning Needs

Within an international school, as in any classroom, there are students with additional/special educational needs who require instruction beyond what the regular classroom curriculum can provide. At SIS, these needs are considered on an individual basis following the school’s Learning Support policy. Please contact our helpful team if you would like to discuss how the school can cater for your child’s specific needs.


Criteria for Additional Support

Students with Learning Support requirements may:

  • Display difficulties or live with conditions that are a barrier to learning that may require particular teaching strategies for classroom management and effective education.
  • Display a higher than average aptitude in one or more subjects that requires adaptation and extension of the curriculum.
  • Have the aptitude to meet all curriculum and assessment requirements, but require support to reach their full potential in learning and assessment.
  • Require support to access teaching and learning including planned strategies to access curricular instruction and inclusive assessment arrangements to access assessment.

Professional Nursing Care

The school nurses, Lynnette Hillman and Debbie Mahon, provide professional nursing care during the school day for all students and staff at SIS. The medical centre is located in the Cervantes Building, where the nurses can assess and treat any sickness or physical injury. The school is also supported by an on-call medical service for any emergencies that occur outside regular school hours.

The nursing service’s primary aims are:

  • To give confidential advice, care and treatment to young people, their parents and carers.
  • To look after and protect the physical and emotional health of the students and ensure that other school members know what a student/students need to be healthy.
  • To create an environment that promotes healthy living and responds to the needs of individual children.

Further Support and Services


New Student Check

New students are offered a health check by the nurses as an introduction to the school nursing service. Baseline measurements such as height and weight are taken, immunisation history is checked and any health issues may be discussed.


Long-Term Health Conditions

Individual health care plans are produced for certain children with long-term conditions to help coordinate their care at school. Training is provided to staff by the school nurses, so that all faculty members are able to support children with health care needs, such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, or severe allergies.

Student surfing

Health Promotion

Health promotion is an important part of the school nurse’s role and they work with teachers to provide support when delivering the curriculum in appropriate areas.

Teacher with students

Parental Support

The school nurses will liaise with parents if their child is taken ill at school. They will also advise if referral to other services is needed. They provide advice on childhood illnesses and the management and control of infectious diseases.


Immunisation Advice

The school nurses may offer advice on your child's immunisation schedule. Immunisations are not given at school, but we can advise where to access services.

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