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PTA Activities

The PTA welcomes all parents and staff as members. We organise many fundraising and social events throughout the year, distributing funds raised to supply resources, such as extra playground equipment, table tennis tables and Go Pros. We organise many fundraising and social events throughout the year. Funds raised are used to give back to the educational experience of our students. Please get in touch to get involved and learn more about what we do.

Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors

The Parent Ambassador role demonstrates a personal commitment to positively promote and represent Sotogrande International School, while learning more about SIS and the educational path you have chosen for your child.

The role of the Parent Ambassador is simple: to believe in the school, to communicate the great results that we achieve, and be very, very proud of the wonderful, confident, articulate and engaging and well-rounded students that emerge from SIS!

Our school community is passionate about learning, which is a complex process. SIS focuses on inspiring all children that join our school and wants pupils to have inspirational experiences. We have very high expectations of learning and teaching standards; therefore it is vitally important that our teachers know how pupils best access and understand information so that they are able to create exciting opportunities for our students to flourish.


  • Strong advocates of the school’s mission, values and practices.
  • Positive parents who support the mission of the school.
  • Key contributors to the Admissions process, helping to guide and inform prospective parents and students.


  • To engage with current parents, prospective parents, students and others to promote Sotogrande International School.
  • To listen to queries, issues and concerns, and direct them to the correct service within the school.
  • To engage with parents to encourage support for the school and active involvement in school activities.
  • To maintain up-to-date knowledge of Health and Safety and Child Protection reporting procedures and policies, and promptly refer concerns to the correct service/team.
  • To promote SIS externally at public events and encourage student enrollment by referring prospective students to Admissions.
  • To meet with prospective parents on their visits and answer queries.
  • To share experiences as an SIS parent and a resident of Sotogrande and Gibraltar, Spain for the benefit of newly-arrived families.
  • To take part in events and provide useful support for new parents in the process of relocating to Spain.
  • To refer potential sponsorship opportunities, if noticed, to the relevant person.
  • To identify other educational or personal development activities which would benefit students at SIS and enhance curriculum and learning ethos, and refer accordingly.
  • To identify opportunities to promote awareness of SIS’ NGO projects and Global Citizenship Programmes, both internally and externally.
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How to Become a Parent Ambassador

All SIS parents are welcome to apply to join the Parent Ambassador programme. We organise a Personal Development programme to show Parent Ambassadors how and why personalised learning works.

Discovery Days are a tour of SIS and the school facilities. They are great fun and are designed to help you learn a great deal more about SIS, from the fundamental aspects of our mission, to the Diploma programme.

A Practical Workshop for Parents: “How to support your child’s learning beyond the classroom”

In collaboration with the Heads of Learning, we hold hands-on workshops, where parents can attend classes in action and see how their children learn first-hand. Workshops will be available from the Autumn term:

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Parent Ambassador role, or would like more information on our workshop, please email Sarah:

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