Emma Butler reflects on a great year in Primary School

Emma Butler, Head of Sotogrande International Primary School, reflected on an incredible year at the Primary Awards Ceremony,  

It is hard to believe that another year has come to an end for our Primary School. But as one of our P6 commented last week….. time flies when you are having fun!

Primary School

When reflecting on this academic year it has definitely been a year packed full of new challenges, experiences and achievements.

I would like to start by acknowledging and thanking our team of teachers, teaching assistants and support staff. Without their dedication and constant strive for improvement our students could not have achieved all that they have this year. Thank you all, for inspiring and guiding our students along their way.  A special mention goes to Miss Constanza, Miss Dani, Mr James, Miss Lola, Mr Luis, Mr Matt, Miss Marta, Miss Marta and Miss Sara who all joined the Primary team this year. Your contributions have been invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Primary School

Once again as a Primary School we have grown. In addition to our 9 new teaching staff, we welcomed around 125 new students, 41 being from our EC1 cohort.

In September P5 and P6 moved out of the Sue Jenkins building and took over the timber building. Combined with new resources and equipment these additional learning spaces have allowed us to continue to develop our programme and provide ever improving learning opportunities for all our students.


Primary School

Congratulations also to our students. Without them our school would not be the place it is today. Throughout the year we have watched them open their hearts and minds to the joy of learning, discover their strengths, develop their skills and identify their passions.  Whether it be within the classrooms, out and about on the school campus, on excursions or representing our school in various sporting or expressive arts events our students have continually demonstrated and modelled our school values.

Primary School


Well done Primary! You should feel extremely proud of all that you have accomplished.


Over the past few weeks I have taken the time to talk to students, teachers and parents from across the school. When reflecting with them it became clear, that as a school, we really do have a CAN I culture …   CAN I standing for constant and never- ending improvement.  

So let’s have a look at some of these CANI examples.

CANI in resources.  

In addition to the many new resource books, reading books and unit of inquiry equipment we have also benefitted in IT from new technology and equipment.

CANI in our learning opportunities and learning experiences.

This year we have welcomed many new visiting experts into our classroom and enjoyed new unit based trips. Recently our P4’s  spent an overnight trip in Chiclana.


Primary School
CANI of our PYP programme

This continued development has ensured that we provide authentic,  meaningful and engaging learning activities, we enable all of our students to flourish, develop and grow so that they can be the best that they can.  

Primary Student Council


CANI in the growth of service learning

Once again we are able to celebrate the success of the Primary Student Council and The Primary Kindred Project Club. As a school we are being recognised as being a leader in the area of action. We are currently working with the IB who want us to feature in their next PYP publications. We have been described by them as having a sophisticated, diverse and rich programme that promotes action.


The Kindred Project

CANI in our Parent Ambassador Programme

Led by Sara Hagloff and with such a dedicated and enthusiastic body of Parent Ambassadors, our community understanding of who we are and what we do is ever improving. Thank you to all our parent ambassadors.

Parent Ambassadors


These are just a few examples of our Constant and never ending culture at SIS.

I would like to once again thank you all, parents, teachers, support staff and students for making this such an amazing year at SIS and wish you all a fantastic summer.

Emma Butler, Head of Sotogrande International Primary School
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