M5 Political Campaign and Election Simulation

M5 Political campaign and election simulation

On the 1st April at 12:00pm the M5 Individual and Societies students will take part in a general election simulation for the fictional Central American country of Cortuguay. The students are working in 6 groups, each one representing a political party which correlates to a particular location on the political compass depending on how far left and right their policies are and the degree to which they are authoritarian or libertarian. From this starting point they have undertaken research to help understand their parties vision, values and philosophy and from this, they have developed party manifestos that reflect their location on the political spectrum.


The manifestos are detailed accounts of where each party stands on health, education, the economy, taxation, military, foreign relations, gender equality, immigration, etc. Campaign videos and marketing propaganda including badges, flags and posters have also been designed and printed. Finally, each party has developed a short speech to be presented by each party leader on the 1st April. The audience and voting population will be the M4 year group though the speeches will be internally televised to the M5 students in their party headquarters.

The importance of language

Through this simulation, students have had to consider the important role language plays in speech writing as well as techniques for delivering speeches. They have drawn upon knowledge from a previous unit which explored marginalisation in society and the role of language in giving a voice to the voiceless, especially through the use of ethos, pathos, logos, metaphors and repetition. Through this whole process students have gained a deeper understanding and awareness of the following :

  • Political systems impact freedom and equality of individuals and societies
  • Ideologies have shaped a spectrum of political systems
  • Media plays a key role in shaping political perspectives

The future for Cortuguay

Exactly how the citizens of Cortuguay will vote is still uncertain but I am sure that these M5 students are much more politically aware and hopefully engaged in politics than they were when they started this project. Perhaps we have a future prime minister/ president amongst us!

Mark Barling        Leader of Learning in Individuals & Societies, Teacher of Geography, Sotogrande International School


David Green        Teacher of Individuals & Societies & TOK, Sotogrande International School



Ricardo Botella
Teacher of Individuals & Societies & TOK, Sotogrande International School

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