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Plans and Plants

I started permaculture at the start of M2 over a year ago. That was when we started planning the garden. We in no time started planting numerous rich plants only to discover that the conditions we live in need to be taken into consideration; so starting from the bottom we designed shapes in which to plant the plants and carefully organized how they were to be placed.

After the summer

Now when I came back in September we had tomatoes, courgettes, aubergine and more growing to their limits. Not only this but we discovered a melon plant which was very odd as we never planted any melons! The grounds are rich and full of worms letting plants grow to enormous sizes. I was personally blown away by the results and by how fast these plants grew. What I found even more fascinating though was that all of this had been done sustainably and with limited money, all of these techniques could have been used in poor countries with dull soil. We should start exploring these fast and sustainable techniques worldwide.

Olivia Halt, M3


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