A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

M3 students have been reading with a difference this week.

The statement of inquiry, “A picture speaks a thousand words,” has generated some thought-provoking responses from the students, as you can see from Julieta Gallardo and Faisal Khreis, our M3 guest writers for the blog this week.

Below you can read a snapshot of their insightful comments in response to the images that moved and inspired them to further consider the interpretations of the statement of inquiry.

Julieta Gallardo

Does a picture speak a thousand words? This, I believe to be true as I feel that pictures are what lead us and inspire us to use words in the first place. Our world is dominated by technology and with this comes the intrusive world of social media. Some pictures can make very strong points, depending on the perspective, context and complexity of the image. They can be used to convey moods and actions.


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This particular image of a polar bear on a dwindling piece of ice represents almost ‘everything’ that is wrong with the world. Pollution is causing an increase in global warming with animals losing their natural habitat. Eventually this will lead to their sad extinction; this is what our world is coming to. As we go about our lives, have we got time to stop and think carefully about this? The picture conveys a sadness that cannot be put into words. The painful truth is clear.






Faisal Khreis
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Illustration by Christoph Niemann, illustrator, graphic designer, and author.

Through our world of social media, we all have icons or profiles that represent us. We can all readily identify the icons of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, for example. These icons speak a universal language. However, through the rise of social media, we must continue to question just what the images in our profiles say about us; how concealed are our identities and how do our images truly represent who we are.

Pictures can be used as a persuasive tool and have the impact of encouraging both negative and positive thoughts.

The image that I have selected to ‘read’ highlights an obvious metaphor at play. It implies and states that true knowledge can achieve anything. The way to acquire true knowledge is by reading.






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