Filosofía y valores

We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education, which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding. We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.



Somos una comunidad educativa cuya pasión es ofrecer una educación internacional que inspire y fomente el aprendizaje y la interculturalidad. Facilitamos el autoconocimiento y el desarrollo de intereses, talentos y habilidades personales, a la vez que promovemos la acción comunitaria como una contribución positiva en el mundo.

Metas educativas

Crear experiencias educativas para que el alumnado conecte con sus talentos, pasiones y metas. La comunidad educativa de SIS ofrece las oportunidades para que el alumnado pueda alcanzar su máximo potencial y adquirir el compromiso de crear un mundo más pacífico, acogedor y sostenible.


Convertirnos en líderes mundiales de una Educación Internacional que sea académicamente rigurosa y que conecte al alumnado con sus talentos, pasiones y metas. Promovemos la educación como una contribución positiva en el mundo a través de experiencias reales de acción comunitaria y del uso creativo de las tecnologías.


All great teachers know that pictures speak louder than words and at Sotogrande International School we have tried to capture the essence of our core components in this diagram.We start at the centre, which is the learner. The learner is at the core of everything that we do.

The lower section of the visual relates to the theory of our methods of delivery and our vision, which is created from our mission, goals, and values.
The upper section relates to the desired outcomes for our learners.
Surrounding the central ideas is our method of delivery, called connected learning and our desire, which is to create a learning community.

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The school is proud of the academic achievements of its graduates who have entered top universities around the world. This reflects the strong academic and guidance programmes offered by SIS, enabling students to achieve their best.

The focus on producing happy children can be mistaken for not delivering the highest exam results, but in fact we find that the happier they are the better they perform.These children are the leaders of the future and are gaining fantastic exam results as well as the ability to apply what they’ve learnt on a practical level.

Conected Learning + Sotogrande Academic Excellence
Conected Learning + Sotogrande commuity
Conected Learning + Sotogrande conecting learning
Conected Learning + Sotogrande estraordinary educational experiences
Conected Learning + Sotogrande learner



We care deeply about our students and support them through a comprehensive range of pastoral services. The Personal Advisor (secondary) or Class Teacher (primary) is the key point of contact for both parents and their children and ensures that children are supported, encouraged and nurtured throughout their schooling.

We encourage them to develop effective habits of personal vision, leadership, management and learning, with the self-motivation and desire to succeed. Our goal is for students to find their unique and authentic voice by discovering and developing what they are good at and what they are passionate about.

Students follow inter-disciplinary programmes that bring together the important academic subjects in a coherent and integrated manner. Through a rich curriculum, we aim to develop in students an enduring inter-cultural awareness, a spirit of inquiry and a sense of community service and global environmental responsibility.

The school follows a philosophy of child-focused, holistic learning. We believe in developing confident learners with an enduring love of learning and in the attainment of excellence. We aim to develop students with lively, inquiring minds with the ability to question, think rationally and analytically, to be creative and to have the motivation to achieve goals.

The SIS community consists of more than 40 different nationalities. In a world where borders are disappearing, the mix of nationalities and backgrounds offers a welcome breadth of cultural experiences to the school community. This enables students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity that surrounds them and to have respect for the values of other cultures, races, religions and ways of life.


All students are taught to think about both “me” and “we” and a big part of our school’s identity is giving back to others. At the centre of the IB curriculum and at the heart of the school is the concept of helping people and becoming global citizens able to use education as a force for good.

As a result of this vision, in 2010 we set up an independent NGO called the Kindred Project which offers a range of real life opportunities for our students to make a difference and we are currently supporting projects in Ecuador, India, Morocco, Spain and Uganda.


Sotogrande International School recognises that the welfare of the child is paramount and takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children and young people in its care.

We recognise our duty and responsibility for everyone in the school community to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people. Everyone at Sotogrande International School understands they have a personal responsibility to notice when a child or young person may be at risk of harm and to pass on their concerns to the Safeguarding Team who can work with other agencies to protect them.

Safeguarding children and young people means protecting them from abuse or neglect. It also means working with other agencies to support families and creating an environment in school where children and young people feel safe and healthy.

SIS es un colegio e internado de Bachillerato Internacional que cuenta con más de 40 nacionalidades, que ofrece el Programa de Primaria (3-11), Programa de Años Intermedios (12-16) y Programa del Diploma (16-18) además de apoyo de idiomas y aprendizaje.

A través de nuestro enfoque personalizado de aprendizaje animamos a nuestros alumnos a abrir sus corazones y mentes a la alegría de aprender, descubrir sus fortalezas, identificar sus pasiones y desarrollar habilidades de aprendizaje sobresalientes. Estamos logrando excelentes resultados, con una puntuación media de 33 puntos en el Diploma.

Cultivamos la sed por el conocimiento. Permitimos a los alumnos a desarrollar las habilidades, el conocimiento y la comprensión a través de programas de aprendizaje interesantes, lo que les permite explorar sus propias preferencias de aprendizaje y nutrir sus talentos individuales. Creamos oportunidades para que los alumnos descubran sus aspectos espirituales, mentales, emocionales, sociales y físicos.

Somos un colegio con un alto nivel de tecnología certificado por Apple, que prepara a los alumnos para una participación efectiva y éxito para el siglo XXI mediante la integración de la tecnología en el aprendizaje y asegurándonos de que todos los alumnos tienen acceso a ordenadores portátiles y de sobremesa.