School Newsletter 29.05.2015

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Newsletter 29.05.2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

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Dates for your diary

Whole School


30th MaySotosol Walk
8th June‘Anxiety awareness’ talk for parents (see below)


Week beginning 1st JuneLanguage & Maths assessments P3-P6
4th June P1 unit related trip
11th JuneP1 unit related trip
11th-12th JuneP4 unit related overnight trip



4th-10th June M4, M5 & D1 end-of-year examinations
18th JuneM2 & M3 student led conferences
19th JuneM1, M2 & M3 school trips


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Whole School News

From the Head of Teaching and Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Wow, what a fantastic week we have experienced at SIS.

Monday began with an introduction to the personal project for parents of M4 students.  It is the start of a huge piece of work.  Congratulations to Belen Gonzalez for organizing the event and thanks to the parents who attended to find out more.

Tuesday and Wednesday witnessed our primary sports extravaganzas with two wonderful events.  Deepest thanks to all of the parents who attended to cheer on their children, to the PTA for working hard to provide refreshments for students and parents, to the secondary students who helped to organize the primary students with great care and compassion and of course to the primary and PE team who worked tremendously hard to create the two days.  In the Primary First sports day the Egyptians took the trophy whilst in the Primary sports day the Romans were victorious!!

Students remember to work hard, collecting values stickers as we move into the last month of school, as the Primary House Cup is still up for grabs!

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As well as our wonderful primary sports day on Wednesday, the SIS secondary choir left for their summer tour.  They took in venues such as HogarBetania, Talk radio, Hospital Costa del Sol and Global radio.  The purpose of the tour was to share enjoyment of music with the local community and to give the students further opportunities to sing, as well as to raise awareness for the Sotosol walk on Saturday.

Wednesday evening was a very emotional one with the D2 graduation dinner.  Staff and students celebrated together at La Quinta restaurant.  Many thanks to the D2 students for organising a lovely evening.

On Thursday the M3 community project oral presentations began.  This is the final assessment of the hard work that our students have done.  Thanks to Gara Hernandez and the M3 team who have worked incredibly hard to guide our students in this project.  M1 departed for an overnight Tarifa trip, whilst P3 went on a day trip. The M1 students have been looking at survival stories in Humanities and English. In IDU it is movie-making time.  They will be learning about survival techniques and methods and using the location as a background for their movies. The P3 students are starting a unit on Physical Geography and will be looking at this in Tarifa whilst also enhancing their mapping skills to complete activities. Many thanks to the P3 team, M1 team and Erica de Manzano for coordinating these trips. We also hosted a book fair in the gym. Many thanks to Anne Adamson for coordinating this event; I hope there was something there for everyone.

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Today was our “send a child to school” day where students were able to come to school in home clothes in exchange for 1 Euro.  The money will be used to sponsor students at our sister school in Nabugabo in Uganda.  Thanks to the students and parents for supporting this worthwhile event.

Tonight sees a huge event in the school calendar as our D2 students prepare to officially graduate.  Parents and students alike will be dressed to impress as they prepare for this graduation ceremony.  It is always a deeply emotional event, with performances from D2 students, speeches and farewells.  Many thanks to all involved in the organisation of the event.

I wish you a peaceful and relaxing weekend and hope to see you tomorrow for the Sotosol walk!

Jak Kearney

Parents and Teachers Talk – Monday June 8th 09.00-10.30 

Anxiety Awareness by Antonia Behan

Gain a deeper insight into the cause of anxiety and stress, the role of the home, security and love in prevention of anxiety, and what to do when these key foundations are knocked. Discover why anxiety can develop into a range of ‘anxiety disorders’, including eating disorders, panic, general anxiety, obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviour, and learn what you can do, as a parent, to prevent, manage and treat your child, and when to get professional help.

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This extended talk allows for a question and answer session.

Please notify Antonia if you would like to attend:

Sotosol Walk TOMORROW!

On behalf of the organisers, the ayuntamiento and the local police:

Parents are asked to ensure that they pay particular attention to children when crossing the road at the roundabout near the school and over the bridge at the entrance to Sotogrande costa.

There will be extra marshals at the bridge, however we all need to be aware of road safety throughout the route.

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This year we are pleased to announce that the Sotogrande school bus is being provided to transport runners and walkers from The Hairy Lemon back to the school so that drivers can pick up their cars.  The shuttle bus will leave from the large car park by the double security gates near the entrance to Puerto Sotogrande at 12.30pm and then again after the raffle at 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Someone on the microphone will announce its departure in advance.

A little additionalhelp to Danii’s Charity

On Tuesday 26th May, Miss Bosson’s M2 Advisory Group organised a Bake Sale in support of ‘Danni’s Charity’.Only a small token to help but the students undertook all the organisation, advertising and baking themselves and raised an amazing 78€ from their morning break time sale to primary students.

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SIS fencing success at the II Manilva Castle International Fencing Tournament

The SIS fencing team won a trophy at the International Villa de Manilva Fencing Tournament. The team consisting of Anastasia Pantina, Jasmine Bateman, Alisa Soiref, Jordan Campbell, George Jefferson and Thomas de Lathauwer all received medals and the team emerged as overall winner. More than 120 athletes from the principal cities of Andalusia participated in this tournament, which coincided with the XV fencing circuit test Geronimo Sanchez de Carranza. Congratulations to all members of the fencing team who have represented SIS with great success.

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Please Vote!
The M2 and M3 ELD class has just submitted an entry to the ‘Time Capsule Competition’ run by Oxford University Press. We now need your help to gather votes to try and win the competition.
The brief was to create a video explaining what they would include in their time capsule and why. The whole project has been led and created by the students themselves, from the scripting, to the filming, to the video editing. A special mention must go to Carlos Ramirez, who has been an impressive chief editor.
To vote for the SIS entry, go to the following link and vote for Mrs. Mungles’ M2 and M3 ELD class:
We would love it if you could post a link on your social media site and help the class to gather as many votes as possible! Voting will close on June 1st. Thank you!

Santa Maria Polo – Charity Family Day

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Primary School News 

P1 Visit to La Pequeña Africa

Last Friday May 22, we visited La Pequeña África with P1. They had the opportunity to share and practice together, talking and listening in Spanish. They also enjoyed a day in contact with nature.

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P2 taking action

Their sale was a great success!

Last Wednesday the students managed to raise a fantastic 424 Euros.  This money will go to the Kindred Project and will be going on to help in Nepal.

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Throughout the sale the P2 children worked hard to sort all the items into different prices, prepare and set up the stalls and collecting money and giving change.

On Friday the children enjoyed counting money and they were all very surprised by the amount they had raised.  As well as being a fitting end to their ‘Who we are’ unit, ‘Helping’, it was also a natural introduction to their next ‘How we organise ourselves’ unit, ‘Money’.

Well done, P2!

P3 Tuning Into Their New Unit

This week P3 began their new unit of inquiry.  We were fortunate enough to be able to go on two trips to engage the children’s interest, to provoke their thinking and help them make the connections between the two themes of the unit, which is entitled Physical Geography and Settlements.  The first trip was to Pinar del Rey in San Roque.

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We visited the river and then walked across the park to set up camp in four teams in the forest.  The children thought about the different requirements of human settlements, e.g. homes, schools, cooking equipment, and the physical geography e.g. water sources, which influence these settlements.

Our second trip took us to Tarifa, where we spent some time looking around the town at land uses in the settlement.  We then wandered down to the beach and walked to the island so that we could observe and comment upon the physical characteristics of the area.

The children had a wonderful week, and are now looking forward to taking action and deepening their connections as we continue this new unit.

P6 Overnight Transition Trip

Last week, as part of their transition to MYP, P6 went to Huerta Grande on their residential trip.  It was a great opportunity for the children to get to know their new teachers in M1.

Over the two days the students had a fantastic time, testing their limits, rock climbing and having fun,river kayaking.  In the evening, they were treated to a disco, where they had the opportunity to burn off some energy and show off their moves on the dance floor! They went to bed exhausted but were up bright and early ready for the trip to Tarifa in search of whales and dolphins.

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They certainly were not disappointed! They were very lucky to see Sperm Whales close up. There were also numerous Pilot Whales and dolphins, which swam alongside and underneath the boat!

All the P6 students did themselves proud. Their teachers have expressed what a pleasure they were to take and how they all demonstrated our school values on such an exciting and educational trip.

Two Primary Sports Days

On Tuesday and Wednesday Primary celebrated their annual Sports Days! These are team events where all our students are all involved and all took part in many different sporting activities. This year our athletes definitely showed their families and friends how much their skills have developed in sports.

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Well done to all our EC1 to P6 young athletes for their good sportsmanship, effort and commitment.Thank you also to all our cheering spectators, teaching and support staff, M2-M3-M4 student helpers and PTA. An extra special thank you goes to our Primary Leader in PE, Miss Eugenia.

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A shared celebration of stories

P3 Spanish students read their own stories to students in P2 class.

A marvelous reading workshop!

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Secondary School News


Preparation for Work Experience and university applications

This week the current M5 (DP2017) created their cloud folders to ensure that they collect together everything they need for their future university and career choices. This is in support of the Work Experience programme that Mr. Moore is organising with the M5 Advisory team.

Their to do list can be viewed here.

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Different students will need to complete different sections​ dependent upon their future applications​ and have been set a deadline for uploading the required information of June 16th. All of this information enables the students to take a proactive lead on being fully prepared as they move into their Diploma years.

USA Applicants Round 4

Tuesday was the fourth and fina

l meeting this academic year for M4-D1 application preparation for US Colleges. There have been two key strategic developments for US applicants and these were explained to students during this session.

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The first is that the Khan Academy SAT Preparation will go online on June 2nd and the second is the CIS register that will help US Colleges in particular find our students who wish to study in the US. The current SAT Khan preparation courses can be found here.

All interested M4-D1 students have now been contacted and more information supporting US applications can be found here.​

Jason Mungles

University & Careers Coordinator

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The Kindred Project News

SIS Choir Summer Tour

What an up-lifting event! The SIS Choir Summer Tour was simply phenomenal, touching the heartstrings of the many tireless people that work day and night to support those in need. Magic spread as people from so many different backgrounds and ages came together, surrendering to the spell of our student’s voices and repertoire, which included the inspiring version of India Arie’s “Thank You”. The choir members showed an impressive level of professionalism and commitment in what was an intense tour that covered the San Enrique Old Folks Home, Hogar Betania’s Centre for Social Exclusion in La Línea and the Paediatrics Ward in Hospital Costa del Sol. Not only did the students share their voice, but they also brought with them much-needed items such as baby products, games and books. As a special treat, the choir got to perform at Talk Radio Europe and the New Global Radio! The Kindred Project and all our local partners want to thank YOU for up-lifting our spirits!

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Social entrepreneurs “Dreaming Dragons” support our Nepal Emergency Appeal

Thirty-four days have already gone since the first devastating earthquake struck Nepal! Student-led awareness and fundraising activities continue to pop-up around our school community to support our Kopan Monastery School partners as much as possible to help alleviate a little of their suffering.

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Friday’s Mufti Day turned into the perfect scenario for our Dreaming Dragons social entrepreneurship business to pop-up! Various M3 and M4 GCP students planned and led a rich array of fundraising activities, which created a super buzz during our morning and lunch break. We thank M3 and M4 GCP students and staff for organising such a lively pop-up market for a great cause!

If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with the activities carried forward by Kopan Monastery School, simply click on the following link: Nepal Emergency Appeal

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