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We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

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21st  September 2018

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 School Calendar

Monday 1 – Thursday 4 OctoberEC2-P6 Student/ Parent/ Teacher Consultations – 16:00-17:30
Thursday 4 OctoberP6 Unit based trip
Thursday 4 OctoberM1-D1 Meet the Subject Teacher – 16:10 – 18:30 (see Secondary News)
Friday 5 OctoberDay Without Digital (see Whole School News)
Sunday 7 OctoberSotosol Walk and Fun Run (see Whole School News)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you to all parents who came to support our primary swimming demonstrations. These were opportunities for our primary students to share their skill developments with you all.  On Tuesday our Under 19 basketball teams played in a tournament at Aloha where the girls team won and the boys came 2nd. Yesterday a team competed in the Under 19 swimming tournament at EIC. A full sports report for these competitions will appear in newsletter next week.

Tonight, we welcome you all to the Back to School party from 7pm. I would like to remind you that students in M1 and younger must not be left at the party unaccompanied by an adult. Children of this age group turning up at the gate unaccompanied will not be allowed to enter.

This week I would like to spend some time, sharing information about the Advisory Panel.  The Panel was created to allow stakeholders to gather and share views of the community with the leadership team and board.  In the last few visits from Inspired, they have met with the Advisory Panel to listen to their views about different aspects of the school, from the positive aspects to the areas that need improvement.

As we move towards the development of new facilities for the school, the Advisory Panel will be an important catalyst for gathering information and sharing this information with the Leadership team and Inspired Board, as well as passing information back to our community.



The Advisory Panel currently consists of: 1 student representative, 2 staff representatives, 2 representatives of the school leadership team, 2 nominated parents (Head of PTA and Head of Parent Ambassadors) and 2 elected parents.

Last year one of our elected parents departed the school, which means we have an open space for a new elected parent. Ideally we would like a Spanish parent who has a high command of English (please note all meetings are held in English).

In order to be considered eligible for the role, you need to have been in the school for 2 years or more, be able to consider stakeholders views over your own and be prepared to meet on a monthly basis.

I would encourage you to find out more about the Advisory Panel by speaking to our current parent members. Please feel free to send them an email, or arrange an informal catch up if you meet the criteria and are keen to give your time for the development and enhancement of our school.

Sara Hagloff –
Dennis O’Connor –
Nick Jefferson –

If you are interested in applying the process will be as follows.

1. Applicants must be able to muster at least 10 people in support of their application. An expression of interest can be shown by sending an email to with Advisory Panel in the subject and your name and second name clearly defined.

2. All interested parties are invited attend a meeting on Monday 8th October at either 9am or 5pm to meet with some of the existing advisory panel members and ask questions. This meeting will be hosted in the Chiringuito.

3. All interested parties must provide a written statement (1 paragraph) in English and Spanish detailing why they should be elected on to the advisory panel, what skill sets they bring and how they will distinguish between their own views and the views of the community. A recent photo will also need to be sent. These details should again be sent to . This needs to be completed by Wednesday 10th October at 4pm.

4. On Monday 15th October we will open a vote that will last for 3 days. The new Advisory Panel member will be announced in the newsletter on Friday 19th October

I look forward to receiving your expressions of interest.

Finally, an urgent request to parents of all secondary students to check, and if necessary, edit their contact details on Managebac profile. It is essential that telephone numbers, even Spanish ones, include the country prefix. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Jak Kearney

Back to School Party

It’s here, the first exciting PTA event on the calendar for this new school year…the Back To School Party 2018! Tonight from 7pm, the campus will come alive with music and games, food and drink, new friends and old. See you there!


Traffic Safety 

Focusing on pedestrians, we have added clearly marked walk ways along side the parking bays. In the coming months, new zebra crossings will be added to help ensure the safety of all our community. Please take a couple of minutes to watch our safety video and remind yourself of the safest ways to drive around our school

School Photos

Dear Parents,
We are pleased to advise you that we will be taking individual and year group photos over the next two weeks.
The table below shows the schedule for photos.  Please look and note when your child(rens) photos will be taken. On the day of the photo please make sure your child is smartly dressed in their school uniform. If possible could girls come dressed in the winter uniform of grey skirt and white SIS polo shirt (not summer dresses).
Details of how to buy the photos will be communicated in the coming weeks.
SIS Golf Tournament – 6th October Almenara Golf
You can sign up on a board at the gym  from Monday 1 October!


Music and Mindfulness

On Monday we were pleased to host Terry Oldfield and Soraya Saraswati who led a mindfulness and music workshop with Primary and Secondary Students and a number of parents.  The workshop included breathing and singing activities, partner games, a guided meditation featuring whale music played by Terry and a question and answer session with the leaders.  We are sure that the event was a memorable occasion for all those who took part!



Friendly Ladies Hockey Sessions!

Never played before? Haven’t played in a while? Everyone is welcome for a knock around on the pitch for a bit of fun & fitness! Parents, staff and secondary students welcome. Wednesdays 5.30-6.30pm. For more information or to sign up please email

Day Without Digital 

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On October 5th 2018, the school will have its second annual “Day Without Digital”. This means that on this day students and teachers are not allowed to use any kind of technology at all.

The reason why we are doing this event is because we want everyone to reflect and understand the impact technology has on our day-to-day lives and to consider using it in a different way.

We kindly request your support and participation to make the day a success. On October 5th, students and teachers will follow this set of guidelines to ensure the objectives of the day are clearly met and achieved.

  1. Keep your laptops at home.
  2. Keep your mobiles at home.
  3. Be creative, have fun, chat with your friends and bond with them, putting technology aside for a day.

It is an interesting, educational experience.


So please put all technology away for a day and wait till you get home, it is only one day!  You can do it!

Also on this day, there are going to be boxes at the entrance to the school where people can deposit technology items and equipment they no longer use in order for it to be recycled.

Please keep this date in mind.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Many thanks.


The Kindred Project News


The Kindred Project would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed with donations throughout the 2017-2018 academic year. Thanks to your generous contributions, we have been able to support the following local and international organisations with their campaigns and programmes:

This year we will only be taking school uniform and books. As last year, there will be a big brown box by the security office, where you will be able to drop your donations off. We kindly request you bring the above items on the last Friday of every month, during Send a Child to School days.

However, if you have other items you wish to donate, such as: – Clothes & shoes – Toys & games – Furniture & household items – Baby items and products – Sports equipment – Educational and school resources – Sheets, towels, blankets…you can take them to our supported local association in San Roque Apoyo Mutuo –  Telephone: +34 685 243 472 – Address: Calle Velázquez, 11360 San Roque, super easy to find!

Should you require further information or assistance, please feel free to contact us on

Thank you!

Dreaming Dragons

Look out for The Dreaming Dragons Events Company offering games and fun for your children at the Back to School Party this evening.  The students have created some games that are complimentary and others with a small cost.  Also on offer will be delicious candyfloss and popcorn!  The Dreaming Dragons are Sotogrande International School’s social enterprise bringing events and activities to you with a purpose.



PTA News

The first full meeting of the 2018-19 year took place on September 18th and for us as a new team, it was great to begin the academic year with such positivity and enthusiasm amongst the whole committee.

Our Treasurer, Mark Wilsher, gave a financial update with the current balance and the forecast outlay for the coming months. Also brought to the table was the topic of funding – how this is getting a refresh and how financial requests and awarded grants will be handled. We then moved on to the hot topic of the never-ending traffic worries; discussing how this could be tackled in the short term, whilst long term solutions are being reviewed by the school.

The full report can be found here and on our SIS PTA Message board Facebook page.

If you have any suggestions, would like to join the committee or have a concern that you would like help with, please get in touch:


Thank you to the PTA

Thank you to the PTA for kindly buying SIS  its own stage and chairs! This will allow us to give even more opportunities to our students to speak and perform on a stage.



Sotosol Walk and Fun Run 2018

The 14th annual Sotosol Walk and Fun Run will take place on Sunday 7th October to raise funds for The Danii Children’s Cancer Charity, which supports very sick children and their families in an incredible number of ways.



This year there are two courses to choose from: the 5km Danii Dash or the 10 km Danii Dare.

Sotosol tee-shirts and running vests will be on sale at the school gate from 3.30-4.30pm, Monday 1st – Friday 5th October. All proceeds to Danii Children’s Cancer Charity

You can donate even if you cannot make the event by contributing at the gate or via the website


Message from Operations Manager

Annual Plan to combat the Pine Processionary Caterpillar

To combat the pine processionary caterpillar we have an annual plan based on the biological cycle of the processionary caterpillar.

The main approach is to use ecological insecticides that take their effect in the months of October and November. This year, on Saturday 1st October, all the pines on the school grounds will be sprayed with the biological insecticide, Bacillus thuringiensis, this respects the environment and contains bacteria that attack the larvae. A second spraying will be done during the half term week. All the fumigated trees will be identified with a plastic ribbon attached to the trunk.

Spraying this insecticide is an effective measure against processionary caterpillars, and our experience is that it is usually enough to prevent them from appearing in February and March when the caterpillars become adults.

However, occasionally, for weather reasons these measures are not enough and nests form in the branches of the pine trees and then caterpillars disperse to feed and bury themselves in the ground.
If that happens this year, in February / March, we will be responding by using a range of methods:

  • Elimination of pockets where the caterpillars inhabit, cutting them one by one, and then burning them. This work will be carried out by specialised company, using specialist machinery for this purpose. February / March.
  • Removing caterpillars when they come down from the trees using plastic bags placed on tree trunks.
  • Looking for the nesting areas of the caterpillars, unearthing and eliminating them.
  • The playgrounds in affected areas will be made ‘out of bounds’ for students.

La Reserva de Sotogrande offers new exclusive rates only available for Sotogrande school!

We are pleased to announce some great new activities at La Reserva de Sotogrande from September. These activities are designed for children and families to learn new skills and have fun in our fantastic sports facilities.

Cross-fit on the water from 16:30 – 18:00: (Mondays: 12-18yrs, Thursdays: 8-12 years)

  • 1-month pack, includes 1 class per week: €60
  • Individual session: €20

Children´s Sports Programs and the Beach:

  • Free entry to the beach for the parents / siblings of any child participating in the above programs
  • Special kids after-school snack menu available at the beach restaurant.

Special offers exclusively for parents of SIS:

Yoga / SUP yoga:

  • Yoga: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 09:00 – 10:30, €12 per adult
  • SUP Yoga: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:00 – 12:30, €20 per adult

And for all the family: Jetboards Event, Sunday 7th October:

  • Special discounts for parents and children of SIS.
  • Watch out for the sign-up list at the school…limited availability.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy these activities!

For further information and reservations please contact us on: +34 663 020 792



We are beginning to take notice that autumn is here. We started with several sensory activities related to autumn using the light table, observing nature and seeing how the leaves of the trees are changing colour. We take the opportunity to take walks outside and gather yellow and brown leaves. Our classes are transformed and filled with the scents of autumn.

Our sandpit is the chosen play area by most of our children. The sand exerts a powerful attraction on them that is difficult to explain, and watching them play in it is a real pleasure. In the sandbox they develop fine motor skills when using the shovels or rakes and handling the sand with their fingers. Sand develops one of the main senses, that of touch; just by feeling it and letting it drain between the fingers, the child experiences new sensations.

Message from Emma Butler, Head of Primary

 Open Door Swimming Demonstration

This week P1 to P6 parents/guardians were invited to come to an ‘open door’ swimming demonstration. The parents that joined us were able to watch the children practising some of the skills they are learning in their swimming lessons.   Our annual formal swimming gala will be held in June.


October is International School Library Month (ISLM) and, as for the past several years, students from P1 – P6 will be taking part in a Readathon contest, which starts on Monday and will last for almost the whole month. Basically every time your child reads or has someone read to them for 20 minutes*, they should ask an adult to initial a smiley face on the Reading Record they will be bringing home on Monday.

* Note for P1 children, each smiley face represents 5 minutes reading time and for P2 children 10 minutes reading time.

We hope you will support your children in this sponsored reading challenge.



The money we raise with our reading will be channeled through The Kindred Project and will be used to refurbish and purchase some much-needed equipment for the Ssunga Clinic, the only medical facility in the Nabugabo area, serving a population of over 10,000 people and dealing with problems associated with malaria, pneumonia, malnutrition, birth complications, STDs, TB, influenza, burns, ‘soft wounds’, snake bites, amongst many others.

Meet the Subject Teachers -Thursday 4th October 2018, 4.10pm – 6.30pm

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We have pleasure in inviting you to our ‘Meet the Subject Teachers’ event.

The main aims of the event are as follows:

  • To provide an opportunity for parents / guardians and teachers to introduce themselves to each other by “Putting a face to a name”.
  • To provide an opportunity for teachers to share basic information about the course curriculum and assessment to parents / guardians.

Please note​ that this event is NOT an opportunity to discuss individual student progress.

Each meeting will last between 5-10 minutes, leaving ample time to move to your next teacher meeting location. Here is the schedule for each class with attendant teachers and rooms. A copy of this will also be posted in each building with a campus map.

Sheets will be posted in each building listing classes and their students so you can easily find where to go.

It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to arrive at the correct venue on time.

Thank you, and looking forward to seeing you on October 4th!

Kind regards,

Secondary Leadership Team


Four days in the life of a SotoMUNer….

20th of September 2018

A new chapter of history of MUN at Sotogrande International School begins. A new blank page is open… The noise of SIS students leaving for bonding trips changed to the noise of students from other schools arriving at SIS!

Today, the Disarmament & International Security Committee (DISEC) debated the issue of cyber security and protecting against cyber warfare. This is a very real topic as …

Click here to continue reading this fascinating blog.


We are delighted to report that our first MUN Conference was a great success. Congratulations to all the SIS students involved and thank you to everyone who helped in any way to make it possible, particularly our sponsors Helicopteros Sanitarios, Rocio Moreno textiles and Schellhammer Business School.



Don’t forget to sign up for the triathlon outside the PE office; €5 per person.

Teams of 3 or individual if M4 and above.

University & Careers News 

On Tuesday we had two excellent workshops for our business and economics students, courtesy of Andrea Pereira Hult from Hult International Business School. The first session with our D2 Business and Management students engaged them with a business workshop, and then after a short break, Andrea led a session with the D1 class on how to pitch a business, where groups of students were actively engaged in preparing and pitching their ideas to each other.

Both Maria Pinnock-Rolph and Zdenka Lesova, our Business and Economics teachers, were impressed with the sessions and the engagement of the students. This was then followed by a number of interested students meeting for more informal chats throughout lunchtime.

Thanks again go to our teachers for their flexibility and Andrea for the workshops.

Bonding Trips

At the start of each academic year, our MYP and Diploma students take part in bonding trips. The focus of these trips is to provide an oppodunity for students to build friendships, and for the advisors and pastoral leaders of each year group to get to know the students. The trips help to create a strong sense of group identity and are always exciting, rewarding and fun!

What a busy start for the Boarding House!

We have had lots of new students this year and it has been fantastic to see them be welcomed into SIS Boarding House life and to have settled so quickly. There has been lots to keep them busy – only a flavour of what the rest of the year will bring! Go-Karting in Jerez, Boxercise, basketball games, IKEA shopping, Jan’s Quiz Night and some free time in Puerto Banus to list a few of the things that have been going on! This week will see the start of after school activities; watch this space for more news!


We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education, which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding. We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

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