School Newsletter 24.04.2015

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Newsletter 24.04.2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

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Dates for your diary

Whole School



29th & 30th AprilEvening production of Moulin Rouge at San Roque theatre
29th April‘Send a friend to school’ day – 1€ donation in exchange for wearing home clothes
30th April No formal school – individual student/parent/teacher conferences at scheduled times throughout the whole day. No school bus service today.
1st MayNational holiday – no school
9th MaySIS Film Festival
16th MayPrimary Spring Fair / Family fun day
19th May PTA meeting
30th MaySotosol Walk







29th April EC2 Unit related trip
4th-5th MayP5 Overnight unit related trip
13th May P6 PYP Exhibition for parents and school community









26th April D2 students Environmental Systems revision session 10am- 4pm with Mrs. Kearney
26th April D2 students Higher Level Biology revision session 10am – 4pm
27th April Information meeting for parents of M3 & M4 students about new MYP elective choices – 9.00 am in the theatre




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Whole School News

From the Head of Teaching and Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Friday 17th April our M4 students held a social entrepreneur event under their Dreaming Dragons initiative.  They showed a film for M3 students, sold cakes, snacks and operated their pop-up shop to raise funds for Hogar Betania. Many thanks to Valentina Stirling, Reshma Jagmohan, Margaret O’Farrell and all M4 teachers who supported this event.

Over the weekend I ran a revision session for D2 Maths Studies students.  There was 100% turnout and I really value our students’ determination, drive and commitment to their revision programme. Our Moulin Rouge team was here en masse as preparations were underway for the show that takes place next week.  Thanks to the students, staff, musicians, choreographers, directors and stage crew who worked tirelessly on Saturday and Sunday! I would like to remind you that ticket sales for Moulin Rouge are taking place every weekday at break time, and from next week every afternoon at the gate from 3.40 – 4.10 pm. The show starts at 6.30pm at the San Roque theatre next Wednesday and Thursday, with doors opening at 6pm.  I will be attending on Thursday and am very much looking forward to seeing you there.

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On Monday 20th our M5 students began their interviews to move into D1.  This is a very important time for these students.  I have been very impressed by how they have been prepared, using Unifrog to look at different courses of interest at university, different university access requirements and restrictions.  The process is very time consuming and I value the flexibility of both staff and parents to allow the process to occur.

On my walkabout this week, I learnt about democracy in P4 and their artistic expressions of this over history.  With P3 I caught up on their learning reflections from their trip to Castellar and learnt through an experiential learning exercise how humans are the most dangerous animal on earth.  Also this week I have been really impressed by our diploma teachers’ creative and innovative ways to keep the revision for diploma exams fresh, engaging and motivating.

Throughout the Easter holiday and this week our M3 students have been running events for their community project.  This aspect of service learning is critical in our mission.  It allows us to use education as a force for good and educates our students about those in need within our local community.  I wish to thank the parents and staff who are supporting the M3 students in their community venture.

Have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend,

Jak Kearney.

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Moulin Rouge – 29th & 30th April at 6.30pm

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Our Moulin Rouge cast have been working hard to put the finishing touches to the show and we are now on the countdown for ‘curtain up’ next Wednesday 29th April! The students’ energy and commitment during our weekend rehearsals was showmazing! Some magic moments in rehearsals with The Duke still steely and composed after a rather dramatic proposal to our heroine Satine, and our Gentlemen rocking it in their red to Roxanne.

Tickets are flying from the box office fast, so snap up a seat soon! This is going to be a show to remember.

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Tickets (Adults 10€; students 5€) are now on sale from our Box Office.

Telephone 956795902 (payment by Visa or Mastercard) or buy in person (cash payments) at SIS reception from 11.00 till 11.20am every day (morning break).

Tickets will also now be on sale at the gate from 3.40-4.10pm everyday.

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With thanks to Marbella International University Centre, which is kindly sponsoring the event programme. MIUC offers Bologna accredited BA and MA programmes in the field of Media, Communications, Politics and Business, with a strong focus on international and global aspects of knowledge, skills and competencies.

Message From The PTA: Traffic in the mornings

Thank you to all the volunteers who help on ‘traffic duty’ in the mornings. As we start this new term we would like to send out these reminders/procedures for the morning drop off zone:

It is a drop off zone, NOT a waiting zone or parking zone.

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Please be as quick as possible as there is always a queue of traffic behind you.

If you need to watch your child through the school gates, please think about parking and doing it from there – not in the drop off zone.

Absolutely NO U-TURNS – very dangerous at the best of times, even more so when there are children trying to get to school.

For the safety of all our students please keep to these procedures and help those who are on traffic duty.

Yearbook Advertisement Opportunities

We have started work on the 2015 Yearbook and would like to offer to SIS parents first, the opportunity to promote their business by advertising in this year’s yearbook.

As you know, it is a very important keepsake for students who are leaving us and for everyone a supremely enjoyable summary of the school year. It is created by SIS students with the guidance of their teachers and is a very attractive and valued souvenir, which is distributed free to all SIS families.

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To give more visibility to the advertisers and make the Yearbook a useful reference source for parents, this year we are creating a guide at the end of the book where all advertisers will be grouped by sector and easy to find with a user-friendly contents table. Please email for prices and information.

Family fun day

SIS Primary School and the PTA would like to invite all family and friends of SIS to a

Family Day / Spring Fair on Saturday May 16th from 1:00 – 4:00pm.

During the afternoon there will be an opportunity to take part in many different organised activities and games, socialise and catch up with friends, listen to some performances from our Primary Students and enjoy a barbecue and drinks.

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The Primary Student Council will be selling tickets at the school gate before and after school from Monday 4th of May onwards. Tickets will also be on sale on the day.

Ticket price is 5 euros for children aged 2-10. This will include an ice cream, session on a bouncy castle, face painting, a cupcake decoration competition and many more activities and games.

Entrance is free for adults and children over 10.

This really does promise to be a family fun day and we hope very much you will all be able to join us.

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Primary School News

The PYP Exhibition unit is here!  

Weeks of preparation have led P6 to this point.  They have been guided to explore the possibilities of this year’s theme to enable them to decide on areas of interest and their own personal focus.  They worked in groups writing possible central ideas, then analyzed, combined and rewrote them to create one statement that reflected the ideas of everyone. They have each written their own questions based on key concepts and many spent time during the Easter holidays beginning researching and thinking more deeply about their ideas.

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Between now and 13th May, Exhibition Day, the students will be planning and organising their inquiries and deciding how best to share their learning.  In order to set the scene for learning, time was spent on Tuesday to reach class agreements about which values they felt were most important to demonstrate during the exhibition unit.  The children then discussed in groups which skills they may require to demonstrate these values.  Here are some of the results of their work:


Thinking Skills

Take apart information and work out what it means. (analysis)

Put information from different sources together to create something new. (synthesis)


Communication Skills

To listen and be prepared to change your mind. (listening)

To respect and be polite when other people are talking. (non-verbal communication)


Thinking Skills

To make judgments or decisions based on your questions, the exhibition rubric and essential agreements. (evaluation)

Make use of previously acquired knowledge in practical or new ways. (application)


I will show curiosity in what I am going to find out and collecting data from a variety of sources.


To show I am committed to my own learning, and have confidence in my own work.


I have to have creativity to think of my own stuff or ideas and independence to think of my own not others.


I will show I am committed by using my time effectively and appropriately, planning and carrying out relevant activities but also enjoying learning and willingly putting effort into the process.

PE End of unit celebration

On Monday, P3 celebrated the end of the PE Games Unit at Torreguadiaro beach. The students played various team games all together on a bright sunny day. Exercise, good weather and friends made this day a perfect school day!

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EC1 First School Trip

This week EC1 went on their first out of school experiential trip to a farm in San Pablo. The children had a wonderful time. They were so excited about going on the big school bus and were fascinated when observing and learning about different farm animals and how the farm works.

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During the excursion the children had the opportunity to milk a cow, ride a horse, make bread and take part in an aroma workshop.

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Secondary School News

Please note that there will be no classes for secondary students next Thursday, 30th April.

Parent Consultations Day – All Secondary 

Parents of students from M1 through to D1 are cordially invited to the Parent Consultations, which will take place next Thursday, 30th April.

Students have been given sign-up sheets to make appointments with their teachers early next week. Students are encouraged to attend these meetings along with their parents.

SIS MYP Flexible Pathways 2015-16

M4-M5 Electives

The MYP’s holistic philosophy of education provides the basis for a broad and balanced curriculum. SIS believes in providing opportunities for students to find their unique talent, be this in sports, arts, languages, sciences or beyond.

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Last Monday, 20th April, Mrs. Belén Gonzalez (MYP coordinator) and Mr. Kevin Stone (Head of Middle School) introduced M3 and M4 students to our exciting new MYP flexible pathways, options and electives courses, which will begin in September 2015.

This coming Monday parents and guardians are formally invited to attend a brief MYP Electives Information meeting in order to help families make informed choices.

This meeting will be held in the theatre at 9.00am.

Students’ subject choices should reflect students’ plans for further study, including adequate preparation for the Diploma Programme and beyond, where appropriate.

The deadline for students to hand in their MYP 2015-16 electives is Monday 4th May 2015.

Key date summary:

9:00am Monday 20th April – Student Introduction, venue Timber Building

9:10am Monday 27th April – Parent Information Meeting, venue Theatre

9:00am Monday 4th May – Deadline for students to return ‘MYP Electives Form 2015-16’ to their advisors.

Educational exchange visit

Last week, as part of the Spanish educational exchange with the SEK Alborán international school in Almería, some of our SIS families hosted Spanish students. Everyone involved had a lovely time! They enjoyed school trips and cultural activities. A wonderful experience we are sure some of them will be happy to take part in next year!

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PTA News


The next monthly committee meeting will be held on 9th May at 9.00 am in the cantina. All parents are welcome to attend.

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Fundamentals News

Signs of Spring

Our Little children went out around the building searching as if they were detectives, for some clues for the start of spring season. They paid attention to the different scenarios, observing the colour of the sky, the birds and butterflies movements, sounds, flowers and new odours. Back to school, the teacher had prepared the projector, in order to let the children make some shapes using their bodies as part of the spectacle, taking advantage of the shades generating through it, making records of the experience drawing the shapes of those images.

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The Kindred Project News

Cultivating Courageous Compassion

SIS and The Kindred Project are delighted to invite you to a teaching on “Cultivating Courageous Compassion” led by Buddhist nun Ven. Robina Courtin, on Tuesday 28th April, from 11:00am to 12:30pm in the school theatre.

Ven Robina became a student of Lama Yeshe and was ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun at Kopan Monastery in 1978. She has worked full-time for the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) in several roles; editorial director of Wisdom Publications, editor of the magazine, Mandala and director of the Liberation Prison Project. Since 1987 Ven. Robina has taught Buddhist courses and retreats at FPMT centres worldwide. Well-known for her intense energy and no-nonsense manner of expressing her profound understanding of Buddhist philosophy, Ven Robina is the subject of an award-winning documentary, “Chasing Buddha” and a film by Christine Lundberg called “On the Road Home”. For more information visit

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We are extremely lucky to have Ven. Robina at SIS and believe it is an opportunity not to be missed! Her talk goes hand-in-hand with SIS’ mission statement, links to perfection with our global citizenship values and strengthens The Kindred Project’s purpose.

Should you be interested in attending Ven. Robina’s talk, please send an e-mail to:

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